OTHER OPINION: Property owners have ‘no-gun’ rights

By The Nashville Tennessean

We support our right to own a gun. But when did the rights of gun-carrying citizens outweigh the rights of others?
What aspect of the decision by a property owner forbidding the possession of a firearm on their property denies the right to own a gun?
What aspect of the decision by a business owner to ask a prospective employee if they carry or keep a firearm in their vehicle denies the right to own a gun?
In fact, by pushing legislation that authorizes punitive damages against businesses and property owners that “knowingly and willfully” deny someone from having a gun on their property, the gun lobby is saying that my rights as a gun owner trump your rights as a property owner.
No, they do not.
HB 3559 and HB 3560 are bills that push well beyond the constitutional right to bear arms. These bills take rights from property owners, and take away the quite practical need that businesses could have to know whether their employees carry firearms – they make even asking a question about gun ownership illegal.
Business owners and property owners should not be prevented from restricting the possession of firearms on their property.
The gun lobby would have us believe that it is no one’s business but the gun owners’ whether that gun is accessible on my property; and would say to us that any who think differently are for eliminating gun ownership.
Grow up.
House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick introduced HB 3660 to address the needs of property owners. Should legislators be overcome with the need to vote on guns, this bill is far more rational.
But we would hope that legislators work harder on issues that improve the economic and educational opportunities of our citizens.
-The Nashville Tennessean

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