OTHER OPINION: Thank Obama for careless austerity

By Colorado Springs Gazette

When skies are quiet over the Air Force Academy graduation in May, think about the opulent lifestyles of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden – the men who imposed a careless austerity program on the rest of us.
Air Force Thunderbirds are an annual rite of passage from spring into the spectacular days of summer in the Pikes Peak region. They practice over Colorado Springs and surrounding communities for days, leading up to the traditional flyover and air show after the academy’s spectacular graduation ceremony. Families and neighborhoods organize parties in yards and parks as booming jets pass overhead, performing death-defying maneuvers.
Not this year, thanks to Obama’s sequestration fiasco.
When politicians and bureaucrats face new fiscal limitations, they want the public to feel it.
By shutting down air shows, government officials save no substantial expense relative to $85 billion that must be cut by order of the sequestration law. It is a cutback that will get the public’s immediate attention and, they hope, make taxpayers realize how much they love government spending.
While we’re at it, we will keep a watchful eye on the White House – even though we cannot visit. Americans should expect their president, the inventor of sequestration, to embark upon his own symbolic frugality. They should urge cancellation of his family’s summer vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, which would save considerably more than grounding a Thunderbirds show.
We’re all going to feel Obama’s sequestration, some more than others. If ordinary Americans should take one for the cause, so should the president and other White House officials who advocated this crude tool for a slight reduction in growth of government spending.

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