Energy politics underlie the explosive Ukraine crisis, as Europeans weigh U.S. calls for tougher sanctions against the ability of Russia to disrupt gas supplies this winter. The dilemma for European governments increased this week, as the Obama administration announced strong new penalties against the Russian energy and financial sectors. Europe’s initial response was tepid, in […]

A baby boomer has told me multiple stories about growing up in Tupelo as a free-range kid, who walked, ran or rode his bike all over town for fun and distraction. One day he and his friend found some dynamite. Yeah, they got their pyrotechnic jollies with a dilapidated structure – everything went BOOM! No […]

My hair stylist, Joyce, is at the beach on holiday, and I want to stick my head in the sand. I should have made an appointment last week. Why is hair at its best one day, then at its worst the very next? Our heads should come equipped with something akin to a car’s oil […]

Tupelo’s Convention and Visitors Bureau continues exceeding itself, this week announcing a planned 2015 budget of more than $3 million, a record and a 9.8 percent increase over 2014. The CVB’s revenues rise mostly from a special 2 percent tourism tax in effect since 1986 on hotels and since 1990 on restaurants. The tax is […]

It may be too soon to label it a trend and there is insufficient data to confirm it, but President Obama and his party may be losing their iron grip on their most loyal and enthusiastic voting bloc: African-Americans. Last Friday in Chicago, a group of black residents of the city’s South Side, staged a […]

I was sitting quietly the other day – one of the few breaks I’d had in a very busy week – and was just delighted to be reading something that wasn’t work-related. One story I came across through a friend’s Facebook post was about a restaurant that had been getting increasing numbers of online reviews […]

Do you agree that the Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau is effective in promoting the city for maximum visitor and tourism revenue?

The North Lee County Water Association’s members/customers should thank members of the board of directors who asserted themselves and insisted on having an open meeting today in spite of an email from board president Terry Anderson canceling the scheduled meeting, citing concerns about an open meetings law. Board members who support going forward with an […]

In the hot “Freedom Summer” of 1964, President Lyndon Johnson telephoned FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and ordered him to move a massive team of agents into Mississippi to crack the case of three presumed dead young civil rights activists missing in Neshoba County. Hoover came in person to Jackson and then visited Gov. Paul […]