The seemingly endless cycle of tuition increases will continue next fall for students at Mississippi’s eight public universities. It wasn’t unexpected. The state College Board had set in motion a two-year plan last year, and reaffirmed the second-year increase with a vote last week. Tuition is going up an average of 3.2 percent across the […]

If anyone was expecting Gov. Phil Bryant to appoint a state Department of Corrections contract review task force panel that was a Republican rubber stamp crew, they are likely disappointed. Instead, Bryant appointed a strong bipartisan group of reviewers who have strong principles and who won’t worry about offending anyone. In the wake of the […]


Did you catch the drift of the news stories about the extra money the Legislature expects to have for next year? Andrea Williams, WTOK-TV, “Next year Mississippi lawmakers will have more money to spend.” Bobby Harrison, the Daily Journal, “The Mississippi Legislature will have $170 million more to spend during the 2015 session.” Iris Barnes, […]

Should the Mississippi Legislature fund a greater share of university expenses to slow the rise in tuition and other costs to students?

Gov. Phil Bryant’s proposal to increase advertising and promotional spending for Mississippi tourism statewide needs an open-mined review in the 2015 session because it would pair state and local resources to maximize impact. Bryant proposes to increase spending through the Mississippi Development Authority by $5.1 million for marketing and advertising tourism destinations and Mississippi’s appeal. […]

Gratitude often comes out of difficult circumstances, which have a way of making us see clearly the things around us we should be thankful for every day but don’t think about often. Tupelo’s status as an effectively functioning community is one of those things that keeps coming to mind in looking back over the 12 […]

A centerpiece of President Obama’s strategy for defeating the Islamic State is mobilizing tribal fighters to join the Iraqi military in retaking Anbar and other Sunni-dominated provinces. But new research shows the jihadists have been working since 2009 to gut the very Sunni tribal leadership on which Obama’s rollback depends – making the U.S. campaign […]

WWII memories keep deeds in perspective An important event in history is quickly approaching, the Anniversary of Dec. 7, 1941, a date we as Americans must never forget or brush aside. As President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “A day which will live in infamy.” Of course I am referring to the Japanese attack on Pearl […]

Question: What do you call a 53-year-old who’s never cooked a Thanksgiving turkey? Answer: Just plain lucky. Turkey basting veterans have told me time and time again that preparing a large bird for the annual celebratory feast is not difficult. But I remember watching Julia Child’s bird brining episode. There were more steps than bike […]