Every year Haley Barbour was governor, he proposed far less in spending on education than the amount that finally was approved by the Legislature and that he signed into law. If the then-governor had had his way, education would have been underfunded under the formula in the Mississippi Adequate Education Program far more than the […]

If you’ve ever seen the movie “The Dish” then you know the Parkes telescope. If you’ve never seen the movie I highly recommend it. It’s a very funny, poignant and true account of the Australian radio telescope’s role in delivering to the world the video of man’s first steps onto the moon back in 1969. […]

Make urban violence a series of games A friend of mine had an interesting idea. Since demonstrating, destroying and ravaging cities seems to be the popular thing to do, why don’t they make a national sport out of it? Set up contests to see who can destroy buildings, loot stores, destroy lives and ravage assets […]

Have the recent college graduates you know had success in finding permanent employment?

Daily Journal Business Editor Dennis Seid’s reporting this week on a strong job market for recent college graduates reflects a substantial body of data gathered by a large, diverse group of businesses who monitor the employment market, some calling it the best market in years. Seid reported that hiring of college graduates is expected to […]

When they cranked their patrol cars to start their shifts on the Saturday night before Mother’s Day, Hattiesburg policemen Benjamin Deen and Liquori Tate knew he was out there. Officers hope and pray for routine shifts. But in the tiniest towns in America and in the biggest cities, they know they are entering minefields. They […]

I mentioned in a column last week I had a birthday coming up. Thirty came and went. My friends and family thought they would have some fun and pull one over on me and set up a surprise party in my honor. I’m not big on surprises. I’m not big on parties. Heck, I’m not […]


Vicksburg National Military Park will observe the conclusion of its Civil War Sesquicentennial on Monday, May 25, 2015, with two memorial services and a concert. At 9 a.m., a wreath laying, rifle salute and playing of “Echo Taps” will be held to honor the over 17,000 Union dead buried in Vicksburg National Cemetery. At 11 […]

Mississippi voters will decide in November whether to give the Legislature a constitutional push to obey its own laws. Initiative 42 seeks to get the state closer to following the K-12 school funding formula contained in state law under the Mississippi Adequate Education Program. MAEP, most people who follow the news know by now, has […]