Before the Common Core State Standards had been fully implemented in Mississippi and the first test gauging the results administered, Gov. Phil Bryant labeled the standards “a failed program.” It was an obviously premature declaration based more on political currents than on any objective analysis of the standards’ effectiveness. Thankfully, the chairmen of the Senate […]

Far more than the Byzantine political considerations, the Cochran nursing home photo uproar raised issues that have absolutely nothing to do with politics and everything to do with privacy and protection. Both my late parents required nursing home or assisted living care in their final years. The future generations projected to live longer and with […]

Many of the people who supported local option legalization of beer and liquor in Mississippi, beginning in 1966, probably would be surprised by the recent string of legalization victories in formerly dry counties and cities in Northeast Mississippi. Lee County/Tupelo became one of the first statewide to approve legal beer and alcohol after the Legislature […]

Childhood memories are burned in my mind like no others. Maybe it’s because the database was just being built and wasn’t overloaded as it would later become, making the brain’s record of those times less of a fog. Recollections of childhood buddies and teachers are especially vivid and clear. That must have been why it […]

Talking to young tech entrepreneurs gathered at a conference here, you hear the hunger for change that is pervasive in the Middle East. They’re frustrated and angry about the status quo, not least because they fear it has helped spawn the extremism of jihadist groups such as the Islamic State. “Youth in Egypt want change […]

Make public restrooms standard with the law How many times have you been in this situation? You are out shopping and you or your child MUST go to the restroom? The business you are in has a sign that reads “No Public Restrooms”? Even in an emergency, they say no. I had this happen in […]

Please forgive me. A floral wreath still hangs on my front door, a home decor faux pas. The fake, faded peony-like flowers are covered with flakes of fine sawdust, remnants from a crew of carpenter bees with an enviable work ethic. From May on, these critters refused to take a break from boring holes in […]

I am writing this column before the Ole Miss and Memphis game Saturday. So the rest of what I have to say is under the assumption that the Rebels took care of business. That being the case, we can now move on to what, historically speaking, will be the most anticipated weekend of college football […]