Among the family treasures my siblings and I divided up after my mother died, there was a sewing machine drawer full of postcards. She may have neglected to save one at some point over her nearly 90 years, but I doubt it. Nobody else wanted the cards, which were packed tight as tongue-and-groove lumber in […]

Mississippi State University police and officials responded efficiently and calmly Thursday in the arrest of a student who allegedly threatened to harm himself and others with a gun near the center of the 21,000-student Starkville campus. No injuries were reported and university officials said there is no evidence that shots were fired, although social media […]

When Ronald Reagan announced in November 1994 he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, even some of his most ardent political opponents paused to wish him well. It was the same last Thursday when former President Jimmy Carter, who will soon be 91, held a news conference in Atlanta to announce that a cancer first […]

My late brother-in-law, a lifelong St. Louis resident, used to call us every time the Weather Channel voiced the word “Mississippi” unless it was immediately followed by “River.” “We’re fine, Butch,” we’d assure him. “We’re 300 miles from the Gulf Coast.” We reminded him each time that the only threat from hurricanes in Oxford is […]

Newspapers faulted for various failures Today’s newspapers whine because they have become irrelevant. But there are many reasons for it. They constantly focus locally and bury the key world news stories inside in one-column bits and pieces. Newspapers also are a divisive force by their failure to present differing viewpoints to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton […]

Will you ask any candidate between now and November about specific issues in the 2015 campaign?

Tuesday’s party primary runoffs statewide almost wholly completed the fields for the November general election, and it marks a shift in the campaign away from politics of personality and name recognition to the issues related to each office and for the 2016 legislative session. Campaigns within counties have only the barest connection to issues identified […]

The inaugural Mississippi Book Festival was an unqualified success – one that surpassed the rudimentary shade tree estimates of just how many Mississippians would sacrifice an extremely hot Saturday to attend an outdoor festival for the purpose of celebrating reading, writing and the state’s impressive literary accomplishments of past and current authors. As it turned […]

Those, specially opinion writers, who pedal the GOP argument that Initiative 42 is some untried scheme giving a lower court judge power to take control away from the Legislature over school funding are doing a disservice to students in the state’s poorest school districts. Plus, they are blind to why 200,000 Mississippians signed a petition […]