Can intervention teachers be helpful with students who have difficulty with subjects like English and mathematics?

The Tupelo Public Schools this week began an aggressive classroom response to help children in kindergarten through fifth-grade schools overcome specific problems they encounter in the learning process. The district has hired and trained 37 intervention teachers who will work in small groups with struggling students and assist regular classroom teachers. The extra cadre of […]

In the opening days of the 2015 legislative session, it appears Speaker Philip Gunn, R-Clinton, has solidified his power in the Mississippi House. During the first three years of his initial term as the House’s presiding officer, Gunn struggled on certain controversial issues to garner full Republican support. But on the first two such issues […]

I didn’t watch a single National Football League game this season and, if I do turn on Sunday’s Super Bowl between whichever teams are playing (I honestly don’t know), it’ll be for the clever commercials. It’s not that I don’t like football. I watched a ton of college games this past season including every Mississippi […]

Should taxpayers’ money be kept within the tax-supported public education system?

Debate over how best to deal with improving education of special-needs children in the Mississippi public schools came in the 2014 legislative session when the two chambers could not agree on a bill. The 2014 debate was long and at times heated, and the voices and visiting parents of special-needs students added to the emotional […]

Let’s say a Mississippi town is selecting a new police chief. Applications have been taken, finalists selected and the town council is holding a closed-door conversation about who should be offered the job. Let’s say the stand-out applicant in terms of qualifications, experience and recommendations is black. Had a great interview, too. But let’s say […]

After having spent the last week at Walt Disney World, I’ve been greeted with a lot of, “You didn’t bring anything home with you, did you?” No, you’re thinking of the other happiest place on Earth. Or, at least it was. Disneyland in Anaheim, California, is facing an outbreak of measles cases, which has spread […]

Does the requirement of obtaining an annual vehicle inspection sticker in Mississippi improve traffic safety?