More than two decades ago while working at the Daily Journal, a fellow reporter by the name of Jane Hill handed me a book and said simply, “You should read this.” Knowing that Jane and I shared the same mental aberrations when it came to our perspectives on the world, I took it. I don’t […]

Christian takes offense at comments about letter In response to a letter to the editor, written by my pastor, Bro. Michael Lumpkin, on Dec. 10, 2014, I take offense in the negative comments he received online in regard to Christianity. As far as I could tell all of the responses were negative, with none in […]

Will first-rate buiIdings and sports facilities help Ole Miss and Mississippi State attract more and better students?

Capital construction projects totaling several hundred million dollars on the campuses of the University of Mississippi and Mississippi State University created or will create hundreds of jobs with positive impact on the surrounding areas’ economy. The federal government multiplier of 8.34 jobs per million dollars of investment would equal more than 3,300 cumulative jobs for […]

I know what Mississippi teachers want for Christmas. They want Santa to haul politicians who think they know how to teach back with him to the North Pole and feed them to the reindeer or something… anything to keep them out of classrooms. Seriously. Do members of the Legislature go over to Highway Patrol headquarters […]

“The report is full of crap.” Thus spake Dick Cheney, on Fox News last week, when talking about the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on torture that occurred during his vice presidency. The line might have been funny, if Cheney were the funny sort, because the report talks about treatment of detainees that involved “rectal feeding.” […]

Is it fair to shortchange schools at a time when standards have been raised and districts asked to do much more to get Mississippi’s lagging educational performance on the upswing?

Mississippi’s public schools aren’t getting the money they’re supposed to get under a law passed by the Legislature but which the Legislature largely has ignored. State leaders shrug their shoulders and say there isn’t enough money to make real progress toward abiding by the law. Too often the argument about school funding is wrapped in […]

Of course, it has a name that fits our self-absorbed society – it’s called “distracted walking.” Consider it a second cousin to “distracted driving.” The latter concept is one that’s been around longer and is more familiar to a larger audience of Americans. If you drive while eating, talking on the phone, texting, surfing the […]