Police Chief Bart Aguirre’s intention to equip every Tupelo Police Department patrol officer with a body camera would put advancing technology to work for accuracy in the business of law enforcement. Like all technology, it is not flawless, but usually helpful. Aquirre is not alone among chiefs of police in Northeast Mississippi in pursuit of […]

If you visit Mount Olympus, you will see scores of crumbling statues to false gods once worshipped by ancient Greeks. The same is true in Rome, where statues of political gods, notably those named Caesar, lay in ruins. We are more sophisticated today. Moderns don’t bow to Zeus. Many of us, though, put our faith […]

Dear member of the high school Class of 2015: Greetings. Congratulations. Attaboy. Attagirl. You have probably heard countless people say the four years you just completed are “the best years of your life.” Do not fall into the trap of believing them. We can hope they mean that your high school years are supposed to […]

Ray Rice violence case outcome disappoints many agencies S.A.F.E. Inc. and other agencies that provide services to domestic violence victims are disappointed that the charges against Ray Rice, former Baltimore Ravens NFL running back, were dismissed Thursday by the New Jersey court system. According to New Jersey’s pretrial intervention website, the pretrial intervention program (PTI) […]

Do you approve of the plan for remaking downtown Tupelo?

The long-discussed big plans for Tupelo’s central downtown begin to take shape next week with work on West Main Street between Green Street and Broadway, bringing additional reality to the $11.5 million project connecting downtown with the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum in east Tupelo. The project will be disruptive downtown during its construction phase, […]

In writing a biography of the late U.S. Sen. John C. Stennis, Don H. Thompson – who earned a doctoral degree in forestry from Mississippi State University – did not attempt to produce an exhaustive, comprehensive, three-inch thick account of the life of one of Mississippi’s most fascinating public servants. No, this profoundly readable book […]

Haley Barbour recently told a black audience at Jackson State University that his goal was to see more racial diversity in the state’s two political parties. “Pepper and salt” is the way he described it. What a laugh. The state’s master political engineer couldn’t be better satisfied with the current shape of the two parties. […]

Does Tupelo need super high speed Internet to remain competitive?