Mississippi, with four other Gulf Coast states, has agreed to a reasonable and large settlement with BP, the petroleum giant, for damage inflicted when its Deepwater Horizon well broke and gushed 134 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. The flow was unchecked for months, with the oil eventually spreading […]

Am I allowed to repeat myself when it comes to the negotiations over the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal? Why not, since that is what Iran’s leaders are doing. They are repeating themselves by refusing inspections of some of their facilities where only a fool would believe nuclear weapons are not under construction. They are repeating themselves […]

One of the most poignant moments in the four-day Kairos prison ministry missions comes during a talk that emphasizes that the inmates, despite geographic and emotional isolation from family and friends, are not ships adrift in the sea. After the speaker shows by scripture and example that those who are in Christ have communion with […]

Why not use the real Confederate flag? I read something that really made sense to me. People who say the flag is not a symbol of hate that it represent the honorable solders that fought in the Civil war. Then why don’t they use the true Confederate flag instead of the Confederate battle flag? Here […]

Do you agree that texting while driving is potentially deadly and needs to carry a monetary fine?

Holiday weekend drivers, beware. The Mississippi Highway Patrol and other law enforcement can use their beefed-up presence and enforcement with a newly implemented law prohibiting all texting while driving. The law gives officers wide discretion with probable cause in issuing citations. The fine during 2015 is $25. On July 1, 2016, the fine increases to […]

Gil Carmichael, the 88-year-old Meridian businessman and former GOP gubernatorial candidate, is one of a disappearing band of Republican progressives. He says it’s time for the embattled Confederate-image state flag to go. But along with it, the unloved 1890 horse and buggy state constitution must go. Aside from the constitution’s notorious suppression of black voters, […]

First-term first ladies are often shadows to their more-important husbands, dabbling in lite fare to avoid criticism and picking safe projects to shield them and their families from the inevitable slings and arrows. The safest bet has been to keep interests close to hearth and home – the universally approved place and role of women. […]

Mississippians voted to keep the Confederate flag emblem The free people of a free state are being forced to change the flag that the free people of a free state voted ovewhelmingly to keep. Kevin Thornton Sons of Confederate Veterans Iuka ––––– Which history symbols must go and which can remain? The question of whether […]