During the Thanksgiving season I normally give thanks to my grandparents for fleeing Russia in 1905 and to America for taking them in. But this year, given the hysteria over Syrian immigrants, I want to pay tribute to some voices of sanity who are standing up for American values and upholding our long tradition of […]

We like to believe our worst mistakes are behind us, and maybe that’s a good way to approach the unknown. What could be wrong with going boldly into the future, sure in the knowledge that events will play out in our favor? History’s full of people who needed only a tall ship and a star […]

The world’s problems are best solved with old friends around a warm fire in the kitchen stove in Fishtrap Hollow. Three of us sat talking about France, dogs, the Middle East, good sausage, the Ottoman Empire, giblet gravy and other complex matters, less confident of our own pronouncements than we might have been a week […]

Thousands of Christmas shoppers and bargain hunters seeking gifts for themselves will have filed many local, regional and national chain stores by early morning today. However, some people choose to shop locally exclusively, and some studies show local shopping has a different and stronger effect in economic impact. Clearly communicating the importance of the “local […]

President Obama has put a new twist on the Islamic invasion now taking place across Europe and the United States. Speaking to reporters last week during his visit to the Philippines, the president compared Syrian refugees to “tourists,” saying they are no bigger a threat than people who come to sightsee and visit attractions. Seriously? […]

Roger, Walter and I were picking the first of the frost-sweetened collards to complete the order he had from one of the grocery stores in town. After stooping for half an hour to snap off the big leathery leaves and bunch them with rubber bands around the stems, we took a break and sat on […]

Issued by President Washington Whereas, it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits and humbly to implore His protection and favor; and Whereas both Houses of Congress have, by their joint committee, requested me “to recommend to the people […]

In the wake of the pitched battle over Initiative 42, the expectation after the election was that lawmakers would be moved to address a more robust effort to fund the Mississippi Adequate Education Program. But state revenue collections suggest that lawmakers may well face yet another revenue shortfall during the 2016 legislative session. That’s based […]

Robert E. Luckett Jr., assistant professor of history and director of the Margaret Walker Center for the Study of the African-American Experience at Jackson State University, has captured a previously-unexplored story of the 1960s civil rights era in Mississippi in a critical book about the state’s late Attorney General Joe T. Patterson. In the book, […]