She must have been in her 80s, a woman small in stature, attempting to maneuver a walker through the aisles of a clothing store. I was nearby, sifting through a sales rack. Two clerks stood a few feet away. They glanced at the lady but continued to talk about their frustrations with a supervisor and […]

On Jan. 10, the Weather Channel broadcast an extraordinarily rare headline: “Coldest Temperatures of the Century for Some.” It was referring to the “Polar Vortex,” that swept into states as far south as Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia in the early days of the new year. On the flip side, scientists at the National Oceanic and […]

Musgrove’s lawsuit isn’t about fully funding MAEP In response to a column by, capitol reporter Bobby Harrison, there’s a big difference between the Better Schools, Better Jobs push for full state funding of K-12 without new taxes and a lawsuit going after funds the school districts were promised but never got. Better Schools, Better Jobs […]

Last April, heads began turning in Davidson, North Carolina, when St. Alban’s Episcopal Church unveiled a new sculpture – a homeless Jesus, lying on a park bench, wrapped in what appears to be a single blanket. Reaction has been strong, both positive and negative, and that’s probably what Jesus would want: honest response. The statue, […]

Forgive me, but I’m late for the party, or in this case, the wake. Like many of you, I’ve lost a much-admired celebrity. My wife came with crying eyes and told me Robin Williams had died. I didn’t react much at the time, and I was puzzled by that. Where was my celebrity grief? I’d […]

President Barack Obama gave vent this week to an uncharacteristic show of emotion over the barbaric beheading of American journalist James Foley by the militant jihadi group the Islamic State. He denounced the group as a “cancer” in the region and accused it of rampaging “across cities and villages, killing unarmed civilians in cowardly acts […]

ST. FRANCISVILLE, La. I’ve met some brave people in my life: survivors of war, politics, natural disasters – and one heroic woman in the Mississippi Delta who lived most of her life in an iron lung. I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone braver than the beautiful and elegant Anne Butler of this enchanting Louisiana […]

Today’s formal groundbreaking celebration for a new Mugshots restaurant in downtown Tupelo’s Fairpark District further confirms the vision of Tupelo’s leaders who saw in a nearly derelict parcel of land in the city’s heart the potential for an extensive new generation of investment reflective of 21st century expectations, preferences and possibilities. Mugshots, which has 11 […]

U.S. airstrikes that have helped Iraqi and Kurdish forces recapture a strategic dam and halt, at least temporarily, the advance of ISIS terrorists on the Kurdish capital of Erbil are a welcome pushback against a relentless enemy that for a time seemed invincible. But it may be of no more strategic significance than Jimmy Doolittle’s […]