Freedoms eroded in government growth Hats off to William Hill of Woodland. It could have not been said better about moral imperatives. Before Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, only the elderly and the disabled received help from the government. Everyone worked and paid for what they received. Now it is better for one to not work […]

For parents of today’s students in the Tupelo Public School District, educational excellence at all levels throughout Northeast Mississippi has always been a fundamental expectation. That expectation, not to mention the condition, was intentionally created through voluntary, community-based work that began as early as the 1950s. From the creation of a privately funded vocational development […]

President Barack Obama got it two-thirds right when he said that the delayed confirmation of his attorney general nominee, Loretta Lynch, is owing to Senate dysfunction and Republican stubbornness. He left out the part about Democratic intransigence and at least one incident of “wacko-birdness” from the left. When John McCain originally used “wacko-birds” to describe […]

March 12-20, my lovely and talented wife Alison and I had the privilege of leading a group of 53 Americans on a pilgrimage to Israel, commonly called the Holy Land. I believe it was my 20th time to do so. We always go in March because it’s typically nice weather. This time we happened to […]

People of varied perspectives sometimes seek to establish common ground with different beliefs by asserting that all religions are pursuing the same ends – basically a more just, peaceful and generous society. Many religions even point to Christianity’s founder, Jesus of Nazareth, as a great teacher and a laudable example. It is true that Jesus […]

If you’re confused about whether a nuclear deal with Iran would be good for America – or for Israel – join the club. The club, that is, of folks who are debating the benefits of a deal versus the costs. For unyielding critics of any deal, especially in Congress, such analysis is irrelevant. Their minds […]

Parry (Robin Williams) and Jack (Jeff Bridges) are naked under the stars in the middle of New York’s Central Park during a scene from “The Fisher King.” As written by screenwriter Richard LaGravenese, Parry tells a story. “It’s a story of the Grail myth,” Parry says, “And although there are several variations, my favorite begins […]

When I was a child, I wanted to be, at various times depending on the day and the strength of the Sunday School lesson, a veterinarian, or a missionary, or perhaps a veterinarian missionary saving pagan animals on farms in faraway places with strange-sounding names. Got a sick duck in Djibouti? I’m your woman. A […]

Do you agree that competing for All America City honors creates its own reward?