Current quibbling over what Jeb Bush meant when he said it’s time to phase out and replace Medicare – as opposed to “attacking the seniors,” as one woman at a recent event bellowed out – will soon seem quaint against the realities of our future. Never mind projections that the program will only be able […]

You’ve got to admire Herb Frierson. There aren’t many straight shooters in Mississippi politics anymore. Back in 2013, the House Appropriations Committee chairman called the increasing number of tax breaks coming out of the Republican legislature a big problem, noting the legislature had no way to determine the cumulative impact of such cuts over time. […]

Church Street School would provide great storm safety I have been reading recently about the proposed storm shelters being built here in Tupelo. It made me think of our days after the tornado of 1936 when we were told to go to Church Street School in the event of an impending storm. Church Street School […]

There are multiple options for what to do with your car after a car wreck and repair. This infographic shows a couple of the options that all car owners have post-wreck. Unfortunately, cars do typically lose value after a wreck. Drive safely, friends! Via: Zogby Personal Injury LA

Ninety minutes may seem insignificant in the context of a months-long campaign, but that hour and a half in front of voters who want to know candidates’ positions on issues such as education holds potential to influence outcomes. Candidates running for the open House District 17 seat will face themselves and voters at 6 p.m. […]

Newspapers, by in large, haven’t done the best job of promoting themselves over the years. You likely won’t see any in-house promotional material from a newspaper using slogans like “on your side” or “coverage you can count on” – the same lines used by many local broadcast stations across the country. But why is that? […]

“He acknowledged the truth, he gives (allegiance), the order has been given, his heart beats, he accepts, butterflies kick in. … The target is given, the anticipation is over, a sense of relief.” With this stream-of-consciousness narrative, an Islamic State fighter using the name of Abu Abdullah Britani posted this call May 10 on Twitter […]

Crawford’s wrong about customers’ obligations In response to the Bill Crawford column, July 20, 2015: Misinformation is the worst kind. Mississippi Power used to be a beloved part of South Mississippi. However their corporate culture has transformed itself over the past few years. In the past it did not threaten its customers, subject its customers […]

Mary Thomas read the following to the Tupelo City Council during Tuesday night’s session. The scene gave me pause: An elderly African American gentleman was pushing whom I assumed to be his grandson on the merry-go-round at Fairpark. Generations apart, they both played under the shadow of Mississippi’s state flag. The more things change, the […]