A photographer friend, Marc Lamkin, whose specialty is seeing what others don’t, paid a visit here when I was far away and hadn’t been around in months to smooth the covers or weed the beds. It was his idea, and I had to be persuaded. He made me a little book with his photos. I […]

Tupelo’s City Council seized a rare opportunity Tuesday night with a 5 to 2 vote for the purchase of 76.2 acres of undeveloped land between Lawndale Drive on the east, the intersection of Bryan and Monument drives on the west, Ida Street on the north and acreage on the south end near Lawndale Presbyterian Church […]

Collaboration among community leaders is one of the keys to success in moving an area forward. But what if leaders don’t seem to want to collaborate? What if they are more concerned with their own territory than the community as a whole? What can be done to get them together? One good place to begin […]

Dear graduating high school senior, You will get all kinds of advice this season. Some will advise you that anything other than a four-year college is a waste of your life – and, depending on your grades and skills, that anything less than a top-flight school is a major error. Others will suggest community college […]

Has the city made a good decision in agreeing to purchase 76 acres of undeveloped land bounded by Lawndale, Ida, Bryan/Monument and neighbohoods to the south?

Gov. Phil Bryant’s signing on Tuesday of a $250 million bond bill for specific projects in many cities and counties statewide implements the good, bad and marginally beneficial. The package of bonds passed, but not without detractors and critics including state Treasurer Lynn Fitch, a Republican. Fitch said the bill contains items that should not […]

Don’t take this statement the wrong way or interpret it as one that is short on sympathy for the mentally ill in Mississippi. That’s not at all the case. But by any reasonable standard, the funding of public mental health treatment in Mississippi over the last 20 years or so has been, and there’s really […]

President Obama’s visit later this month to Hiroshima and the blast site of the first atomic bomb exploded on a civilian target naturally reopens old moral questions. Did President Harry Truman make the right decision to drop the bomb August 6, 1945 and open a horrible chapter in the history of warfare? My answer is […]

Substitute ‘intoxication’ in talks about new district Our Tupelo City Council will likely be considering a city ordinance referred to as a “recreation district” for downtown Tupelo. When this topic is discussed in Tupelo, the political euphemism should be removed so that the topic can be discussed accurately and honestly. In honest terms, it should […]