OUR OPINION: Congress sustains high drama on highway funds

The U.S. Senate on Tuesday afternoon on a bipartisan vote sent back to the House a bill that would provide a short-term fix paying for the...

Even humility has limits. Let’s imagine that a billionaire friend has hired the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra to perform at his estate, and he has invited you to be the only guest. Some of the most talented musicians on earth will fly 5,000 miles to play in an acoustically perfect amphitheater your friend has had built […]

When historians look back on 2014, they will note not just how flagrantly Vladimir Putin disregarded international law or how stubbornly Gaza and Israel kept firing missiles at each other. They will also be puzzled at how poorly the United States handled its economy. They undoubtedly will conclude that 2014 was a year of missed […]

NPR interviewed a guy who’s out there hunting for true quiet. I picture him with a recorder slung over his shoulder, a microphone with a long handle in his hand, and headphones over his ears, as he steps over briars and ducks under limbs in search of the sounds our ancestors took for granted. In […]

They say that the Mississippi Delta begins in the lobby of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis and ends at Vicksburg’s Catfish Row. For the three of us on this funky food tour, the Delta begins in a Memphis alley and ends at a KFC near the military park in Vicksburg. My new husband’s old friend […]

Two important elements in the long-term surface transportation plan for Northeast Mississippi open this week, the new Highway 6 link from Tupelo into Pontotoc County and a segment of the Northern Loop/Barnes Crossing West road, connecting U.S. 78 and North Gloster Street in Tupelo. Highway 6 opened Thursday morning; Barnes Crossing West opens with a […]

All right, class: Let’s gather for a little review. “They’re” is a contraction of “they are.” “There” is a place. “Their” indicates ownership by them. Good tenets sustain philosophies. Good tenants pay rent and don’t put their fists through walls. Capitol buildings are in capital cities. Both are funded by lots of taxpayer capital. “You’re […]

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas plans to order 1,000 National Guard troops to his state’s border with Mexico in an effort to stem the tide of immigrants illegally entering from Central America, dispersing around the country once they’ve made it into Texas. Critics will call it a stunt and accuse Perry of showboating, but at […]

Do you agree that adequate highways and urban roads are essential for safety and prosperity?

Debris removal in areas of Tupelo and Lee County damaged by a fierce late April tornado is nearing or has been completed in the phase of reimbursable contract work approved by FEMA and MEMA, with streets, roads and neighborhoods hit by the storm in vastly better physical shape. More than 352,000 cubic yards of storm-generated […]