It’s 1 a.m. and sleep won’t come. I make coffee, and settle in with a book of Wendell Berry poems. Berry is a Kentuckian, one of many accomplished “Southron” poets from the Dark and Bloody Ground, and a fine heir to the tradition of the Vanderbilt Agrarians. His vivid verbal imagery, irrepressible optimism, and Jeffersonian […]

Thank legislators who voted against vouchers I want to publicly thank all the lawmakers who voted against the special education voucher bill this session. The vote being so close was shocking. We are just shaking our heads seeing people who should know better get so easily bamboozled. The bill was clearly folks with an agenda […]

Holy Week, which begins Sunday and unfolds toward Easter, requires a choice on the rugged road that passes by the cross, the universal symbol of Christian faith and experience. After the scriptural narrative describes the welcoming crowds on what history has named Palm Sunday, the situation turns uglier and darker for those who believe that […]

As the Mississippi legislative session closes, political eyes are watching the U.S. Senate race. Not only are Mississippians watching this race, but political observers from all over the nation. Nationally known Tea Party-backed groups are sending money and political ground troops into the state to back state Sen. Chris McDaniel as he challenges U.S. Sen. […]

I have a herniated disc in my neck, and pain’s been shooting down my right arm for about two weeks. I’m not looking for sympathy. It’s just that this has been the dominant thing on my mind. It isn’t a big deal in the Grand Scheme of Things because I have access to 21st century […]

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. Six inches of snow out the window where the azaleas ought to be. I am in Colorado for a few weeks, and my dogs are back home in Mississippi. My work computer has taken on a life of its own, with so-called “pop-ups” pestering me like door-to-door hawkers. So, naturally, I gravitate […]

Silver Airways, the replacement for Delta Air Line’s regional service from Tupelo to Atlanta, ended a troubled 19-month run as passenger carrier of record with an official notice on Wednesday that it’s terminating service in Tupelo, Meridian, Greenville, Laurel-Hattiesburg and Muscle Shoals, Ala. Its service will continue, however, until another carrier is found. The Fort […]

The United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights asserts everyone’s right to “freedom of thought, conscience and religion,” as does the U.S. Constitution in different words. One controversial manifestation of those freedoms is that of the conscientious objector. Sovereigns traditionally require citizens and aliens alike to fight wars, good or bad. Conscientious objectors, rather than […]

After his spectacular, but predictable, failure to move forward the “peace process” between Israel and the Palestinian side, Secretary of State John Kerry says the United States will now “evaluate” its role in the Middle East. Let me help: The peace process in the Middle East isn’t working and it can’t work when one side […]