Keep your eyes on the real issues come Election Day Let’s face it Trump, isn’t perfect. Trump is not after money (he has that) or power (he has that). He truly wants to make “America Great Again.” Not one of God’s top men was perfect or without sin. 1. Abraham lied – Pharaoh was afflicted […]

Thousands of participants are expected early today in downtown Tupelo for the 2016 staging of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, one of many similar events across the country this year to raise awareness about breast cancer, provide support for people in the region impacted by it, and to encourage research for a […]

Bookstores (especially used bookstores) are the flame to the moth of my curiosity. My favorite haunt is Greatest Hits on West Jackson. It is always clean, the stock is categorized, and there’s enough turnover of inventory to keep it interesting. From classic works to little known jewels, they offer good books at a fair price. […]

We’re wading into a controversial subject today. Don’t worry because our toes might get wet, but our ankles will be fine. Intelligent people on both sides of the climate change issue have been trying to sway their opponents, but about all they accomplish is inflaming each other. I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind, but […]

She called it her “Sleeping Beauty Castle,” and that name is apt. If you saw this storybook chateau in the U.S., you’d figure Disney built it. You’d drive a thousand miles to look at it. From my French rental in the Dordogne, it is less than 10 miles. The problem is distinguishing it from all […]

The Chickasaw Nation, for the first time since removal to Oklahoma from its homeland in the early 1800s, will make a cultural return to Tupelo on Oct. 28 in the downtown Fair Park District. The celebration will include more than 50 Chickasaw cultural demonstration booths, live music, traditional food, artists and scholars coming to what […]

Mississippi has long been considered a conservative state. We have earned the label because of who we elect and how those elected work to drive fiscally conservative policies. As of late, these policies have resulted in cuts to programs providing basic services. For example, funding reductions issued to the Mississippi Department of Health budget reduced […]

Extremely random codgertations that shot across my bow this week: • Stuff started falling out of the sky last Friday. It had been so long, we almost called 911. The good news is the dust and pollen got washed out of the atmosphere. The bad news is the grass needs mowing again. • The internet […]

The 2016 campaign: It is about Congress Oh please. This is not about Hillary or Trump. This is not about Republicans or Democrats; not about morals or the media, or debates or polls. Not about Putin, hackers or the FBI. All of this sound and fury is about an ideologically paralyzed Congress who can’t – […]