As legislators gather in their working groups to study programs and budgets, they should also take note of long-term phenomena with significant impacts. One of these is a downward spiral that can cripple communities. It’s named “The Iron Circle of Poverty.” It’s called the “iron circle” because it is extremely hard to break. Few communities […]

Try the anti-Clinton vote on November I wanted to comment on the provocative cartoon that appeared at the top of the Journal’s opinion page on July 17 concerning the simple solution to Hillary Clinton’s email problem. The solution is simple. Tell the truth. I was not aware of the law is simply not acceptable. Our […]

Last weekend, President Obama keynoted an interfaith service honoring the five Dallas police officers slain at a July 7 protest in the city. However, local leaders of law enforcement and faith revealed the true resilience of the Dallas – and, hopefully, American – spirit. The Rev. Dr. Sheron C. Patterson, minister of the United Methodist […]

Give or take a few mornings, for decades I’ve awakened around 5 a.m., I have stumbled into the kitchen, put on a pot of coffee, strolled down the driveway with dogs in tow, grabbed the paper out of the Journal box, poured a mug of java with a dash of vanilla creamer and perched atop […]

If you had stopped by the house this past week, you might have thought me a super villain. I spent the bulk of my after-work hours in a recliner with an orange kitten in my lap, and I contemplated the end of the world. Actually, I was watching the Republican National Convention, except when I […]

Most of us, if we are lucky, have one place in our lives we have seen that exceeds all expectations, that we keep in our minds like an escape hatch from the dreary routine of daily existence or failed dreams. France is mine, a personal Magic Kingdom. I know, I know. It’s not perfect, never […]

Do you think health care in Mississippi is improving?

Northeast Mississippi health care and health status in a new health system report validates two hospital referral regions encompassing virtually all of the northeast counties with some improving scores. A comprehensive report issued by the Commonwealth Fund of New York placed the Tupelo region and the Memphis region (which includes Holly Springs, Corinth and Ripley) […]

If you were to ride shotgun in my car right now (hold on, let me throw everything in the passenger seat to the back) you’d probably get a feel for my interests or personality just from being in the vehicle. On the dash, there’s usually a notepad and pen, ready to be scooped up in […]