Make public restrooms standard with the law How many times have you been in this situation? You are out shopping and you or your child MUST go to the restroom? The business you are in has a sign that reads “No Public Restrooms”? Even in an emergency, they say no. I had this happen in […]

Please forgive me. A floral wreath still hangs on my front door, a home decor faux pas. The fake, faded peony-like flowers are covered with flakes of fine sawdust, remnants from a crew of carpenter bees with an enviable work ethic. From May on, these critters refused to take a break from boring holes in […]

I am writing this column before the Ole Miss and Memphis game Saturday. So the rest of what I have to say is under the assumption that the Rebels took care of business. That being the case, we can now move on to what, historically speaking, will be the most anticipated weekend of college football […]

Without prior knowledge or intent, I recently was inducted into a club I had no interest in joining, especially in light of the $200 initiation fee. In fact, I had no idea I had joined until the bill arrived notifying me that a camera had caught me exceeding the speed limit somewhere along the route […]

“Wait.” To 21st century ears, that’s a four-letter word in more ways than one. Many of us find it hard to deal with any waiting, but especially when it involves years of unmet expectations. It seems sometimes that we wander in a parched land while we wait, lonely, to cross paths with someone with whom […]

I’m a fan of aphorisms, those sentences or short paragraphs that carry heaping helpings of truth. They can be funny, insightful or sobering. The main thing is I can recognize something within and say, “That’s what I would’ve said, if I only knew how.” • “I love quotations because it is a joy to find […]

I was not hunting for the World’s Largest Czech Egg when I tooled into this town of 800. I was hunting for lunch off of Interstate 70, preferably at someplace not owned by a chain. Made From Scratch in the heart of town was recommended by the postmaster. He was right. The homemade pie was […]

Mississippi, so far out of the mainstream on many positive measures, tragically must come to grips with its status and statistics related to HIV/AIDS. The incurable disease rate of infection in Jackson makes it the fourth highest rate of HIV infection of any metropolitan area in the nation. That’s the unvarnished scientific fact from the […]

On his Fox News show Monday night, Bill O’Reilly suggested using mercenaries to fight the Islamic State (ISIS) instead of U.S. ground forces, which President Obama has repeatedly vowed not to deploy. The use of mercenaries is as old as warfare itself. Alexander the Great used them. King George III hired German mercenaries to fight […]