Chris McDaniel appears determined to continue his sideshow in the U.S. Senate race, yet most Mississippians – some die-hard McDaniel supporters excepted, of course – are ready to move on. McDaniel and his campaign have claimed rather boldly that incumbent Thad Cochran and his supporters “stole” the Republican runoff election from him. This is a […]

Casey Spradling seemed to be everywhere, all the time. Since we met 13 years ago as college freshmen, we seemed to always bump into each other. We had many of the same classes at Itawamba Community College and ran in similar circles while at Ole Miss. After graduation, I never was surprised to run up […]


Nobody promised preserving our civil society would be easy. Two young males dressed in hoodies and blue jeans with their faces covered shot Meridian civil rights leader Roscoe Jones while trying to steal his car. A 16-year-old youth was arrested for gunning down an 87-year old man in broad daylight in a Meridian grocery store […]

Has Chris McDaniel convinced you that the result of the Republican U.S. Senate runoff he lost to Thad Cochran should be challenged?

MEMA and FEMA, the state and federal emergency management agencies, updated tornado relief figures last week for Mississippi, showing $19.7 million has been granted or loaned for recovery from tornadoes that hit Northeast Mississippi and Winston County/Louisville in late April. Twelve Mississippi counties were certified for emergency assistance from the storms that happened in the […]

Back in 1995 in the film “The American President,” Michael Douglas delivered a speech answering a rival that for many defined the cynical, hardball nature of politics in our country when he said that his opponent was “interested in two things, and two things only: making you afraid of it, and telling you who’s to […]

Minor’s commentaries seen as insulting Confederate past In recent weeks weeks columnist Bill Minor has made disparaging remarks regarding the Tea Party, state Sen. Chris McDaniel’s campaign and the Sons of Confederate Veterans. It must be a very fine thing to spout one’s opinion, even left-wing and liberal opinions, no matter how erroneous and vile, […]

This letter is not about an election. I am a give to Caesar what is Caesar’s type of person. I vote because it is my civic duty, and pray for forgiveness half the time I vote. I am not affiliated with either party. But it grieves me when I see a step in the right […]