We Coffee Clutchers were soaking up the autumnal ecstasy that was spilling all over the side porch at Arthur’s. It just seemed too glorious a day to sit inside, even just to grouch. After we’d marred the afternoon sufficiently by chewing on Ebola, politicians, taxes, loose dogs and loud roosters, Mark wondered aloud why so […]

The Tupelo Public School District has come a long way in a short time. Though he is quick to share the credit, the leadership of Dr. Gearl Loden as superintendent the last two and a half years is a big reason why. Loden’s work has been recognized by the Mississippi Association of School Administrators, which […]

Conventional wisdom is that Thad Cochran is following conventional wisdom as he seeks a seventh term in the United States Senate. Conventional wisdom is that the Republican Cochran is a heavy favorite against his Democratic challenger, Travis Childers of Booneville, so he has everything to lose and nothing to gain by engaging in a debate. […]

Wretched excess by government can be beneficial if it startles people into wholesome disgust and deepened distrust, and prompts judicial rebukes that enlarge freedom. So let’s hope the Federal Communications Commission embraces the formal petition inciting it to deny licenses to broadcasters who use the word “Redskins” when reporting on the Washington Redskins. Using the […]

Some issues are important enough to pursue even against daunting political odds. A new coalition has emerged seeking approval by the Legislature and Gov. Phil Bryant of an expanded Medicaid eligibility in Mississippi, which could bring an additional 300,000 Mississippians, mostly working people who don’t make more than 138 percent of the federal poverty level, […]

So unpopular is President Barack Obama these days that the (D) following Democratic candidates’ names might stand for Denial. And, so desperate are political pundits for any fresh news crumb that a molehill quickly becomes a mountain. One ill-chosen word – or, worse, failure to answer a reporter’s question – and the candidate is suddenly […]

My TV died just recently forcing me to do something drastic, namely pick up a book and start reading. The first book I pulled off the shelf was Jules Verne’s, “Around the Moon.” Although written in 1870, before even the first steam-powered cars or before anyone had even dreamed of airplanes, let alone spaceflight, I […]

Many in Congress run for money and power Amen to Mr. Wilkinson of Amory for his concern about our Congress. I feel the same way. I wish more people would realize “that is why most candidates run for Congress.” It’s for the money, power, and prestige. I vote against some candidates because they have been […]