Every time my family would get together for Thanksgiving dinner growing up, my dad would always makes it a point to get us to share what we were most grateful for in the past year. As a kid, and especially a teenager, I always found that to be one of my least favorite Guajardo family […]

Diplomatic negotiations on Syria got lost in the aftermath of the Paris attacks a week ago. But the talks have made surprising progress – and they may prove a crucial part of any successful strategy for combating terrorists from the Islamic State. Secretary of State John Kerry managed to gather all the major players – […]

United States needs to reassess its goals When President Obama started his terms one of the first things he did was take a world tour and apologize for things the American people did wrong. Now all he wants to do is take in all the people from all over the world who hate us and […]

The Islamic State’s ruthless murder of innocent civilians is a heartbreaking reminder of the hate that exists toward those of us that love freedom. Following the devastating attacks in Paris and Beirut that claimed nearly 200 lives, the message is loud and clear: We cannot let our guard down. • President Barack Obama should heed […]

One week, Beirut and Paris; the next week, Mali. The nightmare is young. Where next? The pace and threat of terror seem to have picked up, each incident feeding on the previous. Fear takes hold, momentum builds. Rhetoric flies in the face of reason, until all reason abandons the field. But then, how do you […]

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” – Anonymous ––––– Each time I’ve heard former governor William Winter speak in recent years, he has emotionally begun his remarks by apologizing for not doing as much as he could to fight segregation and racial hatred in the late […]

The approach of the American Thanksgiving season is challenged in some ways and among some people because of the horrific events in Paris, Beirut, Mali and other places, acts of death and carnage born in the unfathomable hatred of killers who come from far outside the behavior of the sane and civilized. People, families and […]

The Smiths’ home had been on the market a long time. It was a beautiful property priced right, but it just seemed that it would not sell. The Smiths were desperate. Finally, they dug a hole in the front yard, planted an item and said a prayer. Their property sold the next week. The dream […]

I saw this posted on Facebook: “I’ve got a bowl of 10000 m&ms, 10 are poisoned. How many of you bleeding heart liberals are gonna grab a handful?” Fine question, CowboysDerek, and a strong argument. If we let 10,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S., some terrorists probably will come with them, and innocent Americans will […]