The trouble with Republicans running the show in the Mississippi Legislature and the U.S. House is that they are not dedicated to making government work. They are dedicated to crippling government so that it doesn’t work. Another word for that is anarchy. Start with Mississippi. A perfect example is a top issue right now: adopting […]

The Daily Journal’s coverage of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is just one element in a nationwide movement to make Americans aware of the risks, symptoms and consequences of breast cancer among women and men. Tuesday’s first installment of The Pink Project in the print and online editions of the Daily Journal will continue every Tuesday […]

Public education in Mississippi, kindergarten through 12 grade, garners $2.54 billion of the total $6.26 billion state-support budget or $2.54 billion of a total $11.8 billion state budget – depending on how the state budget is defined. Now some might say that is a lot of money going to education – and it is. But […]

I was going to begin by saying that science marches on but then it occurred to me that science doesn’t really march, it meanders. It wanders down one path until it reaches a dead end then backtracks and tries another until it finally reaches a place where the conclusion is sustainable, unquestionable and reproducible by […]

Where is accountability for public education In the 1960s, politicians in Jackson promoted the legalization of liquor and set up of the Alcohol Beverage Commission to voters on the pretext of funding public education. In the early 1990s, the same justification of legalizing gambling was generally used – fund public education. Did education receive those […]

Do the adult women in your family have regular check-ups and self-examinations for breast cancer symptoms?

Do you have friends or relatives who have been Medicaid patients/clients?

Mississippi’s vast Medicaid-eligible population makes it among the costliest items in the overall state budget, but even though its bill to the state is projected to exceed $1 billion for the first time this year, nearly 74 percent of its total $4 billion-plus program is paid by the federal government. Elected officials in both parties […]

In “Lonesome Dove,” the cowboys crest a hill and see a gentle valley with ample timber, grazing and water. “This will do,” is how they end their months-long cattle drive. They had found a place to settle down, seek prosperity. In 2015, they’d need to know more – a lot more. We live in a […]