Mississippi is going to have a contested governor’s race in 2015 after all – well, after a fashion. The entry of successful Madison attorney Vicki Slater into the race guarantees incumbent Republican Gov. Phil Bryant an opponent. But can a Democrat win a statewide election? First, a trip down memory lane. A quick review of […]


Race persists as a predominant part of Mississippi life. There are the disparities revealed by objective facts: Most Republicans are white. Most African-Americans are Democrats. All statewide elected officials are white. Most prison inmates are black. Most wealthy Mississippians, business owners, bank executives, physicians, and plant managers are white. Most poverty-level Mississippians and non-elderly Medicaid […]

Racial violence shows the worst obscenity Jody Brown’s heart is breaking over the immorality and shame to Tupelo of the popularity of an R-rated movie with “unusual behavior.” Ignore the movie. What good does he think will come of shaming people? Real obscenity is shown in a CNN video of three white men who were […]

Mississippi’s counties operate with networks of collaboration and cooperation, including with the help of multi-county planning and development districts. The districts operate across the state as enablers and faclitators of many kinds of programs, projects and services helping thousands. Three Rivers Planning and Development District Inc. (Three Rivers), has a core service area of Calhoun, […]

Channel-surfing the nightly cable news, one is reminded that certitude is the enemy of sanity. On both Fox News and MSNBC, conversation has centered lately on the proposed war against the Islamic State and President Obama’s related summit with religious leaders. On Fox, the summit was viewed as an exercise in “community organizing” that was […]

The public rift between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the Iranian nuclear issue is often described as a personality dispute. But a senior Israeli official argued that the break has been building for more than two years and reflects a deep disagreement about how best to limit the threat of a […]

Special legislation opens doors for expert assistance A recent editorial in The Daily Journal, “Special-needs legislation must have accountability,” recognized the various issues that parents of children with special needs, like myself, face in trying to get the best education possible for our kids. While less than 23 percent of children with special needs graduate […]

I don’t know how else to describe it other than abusive, these mean-spirited accusations launched against Mississippi teachers by our governor, lieutenant governor and some members of our state Legislature. It saddened me to pick up the paper almost daily and read a diatribe of verbal attacks against this profession when very few of the […]