School bond issue should be defeated These are the facts on the $44 million bond issue: Tupelo Public School District states that’s what it is going to take to bring the real estate up to date. TPSD claims that was caused by the Legislature not fully funding schools. Could it really be caused by the […]

Will Tupelo Public School District voters approve the $44 million bond issue on April 28?

A major test of Tupelo’s civic health will occur a week from tomorrow when voters decide the fate of a $44 million bond issue for the Tupelo Public School District. Passage of the bond issue – which would not mean a tax increase – would affirm Tupelo’s historic can-do attitude and desire to keep the […]

If you aren’t accustomed to hearing the term “income inequality” as part of your political lexicon, then perhaps you should begin to get used to the phrase because you’re going to hear a lot more about it. In formally launching her bid for the Democratic nomination for president, Clinton said cast herself as the champion […]

Ready or not, Dr. Glenn Boyce has been named IHL Commissioner. He steps into the hot spot abandoned by MUW president Dr. Jim Borsig and recently vacated by now University of Nebraska system president Dr. Hank Bounds. A high performer for nine years as president of Holmes Community College, Dr. Boyce came into the IHL […]

April is Alcohol Awareness Month Since 1987, April has been designated as Alcohol Awareness Month. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, most adults who drink alcohol, do so in moderation and are at low risk for developing problems related to their drinking. Moderation, however, is essential. Over the course of the […]

Mississippi has historic and continuing interests in the economic health of African-Americans because our state’s black population is the largest by percentage of all the states. A report released last week by the Congressional Joint Economic Committee shows what it describes as “broadening and persistent inequities in employment, income and wealth among blacks.” Mississippi’s stake […]

Whether we think of Tupelo as “urban” or not, it’s the largest Mississippi city in the quadrant of the state east of Interstate 55 and north of Interstate 20. That’s a lot of territory. It’s a micropolitan rather than metropolitan area, yet Tupelo and the immediate vicinity do have characteristics similar to metro communities – […]

Will the Middle East be as unstable 10 years from now as it is today? I asked that question this week to a class of students at Harvard’s Kennedy School. About half answered yes – that things will be as bad or worse, no matter what America does. These Harvard graduate students sense what many […]