As crews continued making progress on the construction of new sidewalks near a Tupelo elementary school this week, the ongoing benefits of a partnership between the city and its school district became even more apparent. In 2012, the Mississippi Department of Transportation awarded the city of Tupelo a grant from its Safe Routes to School […]

Many top U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin directed a secret intelligence operation for the purpose of discrediting Hillary Clinton, thereby helping Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election. Hillary Clinton has done more to discredit herself, going back to her time as first lady of Arkansas, than the Russians could […]

Here is a little trigger warning for readers tired of the issue – I’m writing about online sales taxes again. So what’s new? Well, at of the beginning of the new year in 2017, the 45 states and the District of Columbia – those that collect sales taxes – are still struggling to capture lost […]

Residents of the Baldwyn School District spoke loud and clear last week when they overwhelmingly supported a $2 million bond issue to fund construction of a career and technical education facility aimed at providing students an opportunity to succeed in college and the workforce. The bond issue passed with 85 percent support last week with […]

The legislature creates a new agency and before there is time for the furniture to be broken in and the freshly painted walls to dry there are a cries the agency needs additional taxpayer funding. Conservatives would argue the aforementioned scenario happens all too often. That is why they continually fight, they say, to control […]

Unless you’re a 400-pound 19-year-old sitting on your bed with the drapes closed on your computer 24/7 or President-elect Donald Trump, you know that the U.S. intelligence community (both of them and their wives) have definitive proof that Russia was behind the computer hacking attacks on the Democrats in the last election in an attempt […]

The recognition of one of Tupelo’s major historically black communities with a permanent marker sends a strong message that our community treasures its past while still keeping an eye on its future. Last week, city and community leaders gathered to unveil a historic marker recognizing Shake Rag, a vibrant community that produced some of the […]

It’s not often that the Kids’ Page, a syndicated feature printed in some newspapers, inspires a grownup, but it can happen. Last week’s page focused on the Jan. 15 birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Along with a word search, crossword puzzle and brief bio of the civil rights leader, there was a game […]

I voted against the President’s health-care law when Democratic supermajorities in Congress passed it in 2010. I voted for the law’s repeal in 2015, but that legislation was vetoed by President Obama. Now Congress is presented with another opportunity to end Obamacare and put us on a path forward to lower costs and expand choices […]