Is it important for rank-and-file alumni of state universities to participate in the search for new presidents and chancellors?

Mississippi’s public universities’ Board of Trustees last week formed two committees important in the search for the University of Mississippi’s new chancellor, and several months of intense work are ahead for them. The role of rank-and-file Ole Miss alumni and supporters is not finished either, because important campus meetings are final planning stages to hear […]

In two years, Mississippi has moved from 29th place to 19th, but it isn’t good news. The ranking is for average debt of people who leave college with a bachelor’s degree and student loans to repay. The topic comes up from time to time. There were headlines when combined student debt hit $1.2 trillion, more […]

In a historic moment, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley called late Monday for removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the Statehouse grounds. It was the right thing to do and, to many of us, long overdue. Whatever arguments have been offered in the past for its prominent placement on government property, the massacre of […]

War’s nothing but a racket for nation Our dear leader wishes to spend a few billion dollars re-equipping and training the Iraqi Army. For what? How to run faster? Even though they heavily out-numbered the enemy, the first time they saw an ISIL,they ran, abandoning everything except their American sun-glasses, without firing a shot. Also, […]

Tupelo’s downtown is one of the healthiest, most vibrant and most economically diverse of any city its size or larger in Mississippi and the wider region. Its mix of retail, government, professional offices, dining, entertainment and residential venues is extraordinary for a city of 37,000 or so. It didn’t happen by accident. It has taken […]

In the wake of the stunningly senseless murders of nine worshipers at one of the nation’s most historically significant black churches in Charleston, South Carolina, the debate again rages over the cause of this tragic crime. So where does the debate begin? Racism? Access to guns? Mental illness? More to the point, should the shooter […]

When all is said and done and the board votes in December, we will finally have a set of Mississippi-centric college- and career-ready standards that every person in the state has had an opportunity to comment on,” touted state Superintendent of Education Carey Wright. Not exactly. The input tool provided by the Mississippi Department of […]