From an area World War II veteran receiving a surprise ceremony to an event aimed at bringing law enforcement officials closer to the community, there was plenty of good news to share last week throughout Northeast Mississippi. Before we prepare for the week ahead, let’s take a look back at some of the highlights from […]

My wife and I are in our 50s and chase grandchildren. So, in my health insurance, do I need maternity coverage? Does my wife need prostate exam coverage? While the answers to both questions would seem an obvious “no” – the questions are worth examining both in the halls of Congress and around family dinner […]

Sausage is being made in Washington. But you don’t want to watch. Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, liberal or conservative, watching Washington’s sausage being made will make you lose your appetite for democracy. Whether it’s rewriting tax policy or repealing and replacing Obamacare, I’ve always imagined the process starts somewhere in the basement […]

As odd as it might seem to celebrate something so routine, education administrators were likely doing just that – or at least breathing a sigh of relief – last week after Senate leaders decided to move ahead with the funding of Mississippi’s kindergarten through 12th-grade education budget. In a somewhat surprising move, the Senate leadership […]

Dad. Last month, that three-letter word became the most important title I will ever have associated with my name. Friends and family had already started using it with me since my wife and I began sharing the news that we were expecting and for most of the time throughout the pregnancy. “Are you ready, dad?” […]

Rural communities in the South can succeed. Thomasville, a small town in Alabama’s poor “Black Belt,” has thrived under the leadership of Mayor Sheldon Day. Indeed, Day has his folks believing it is “cool to be rural.” Census data shows Thomasville with 4,209 residents and a low family poverty rate of 13 percent compared to […]

They say you can’t go home again, and that’s true for Pope Francis, who hasn’t returned to Argentina once during the four years of his papacy. For comparison, Francis’ predecessor St. John Paul II made nine visits to his native Poland, the first under a year after his election. Though there have been many opportunities, […]

Our third and youngest is graduating from high school in May. The only reason we know this is she wrote it on our calendar. I guess she expects us to be there or something. So demanding, this third one. Parenting styles change between children, don’t they? On the drive home from the hospital with our […]

We’re all going to die, so, in the end, the national argument over health care is meaningless. What’s the best it can do? Help someone preserve life for a few years? A few decades? Who will care in 1,000 years, after wind and rain have worn the name off your tombstone? When put that way, […]