Among Mississippi’s abundant blessings – and the state is abundantly blessed – is sunshine. The Magnolia State has great soil, lush forests, abundant wildlife and delicious fresh food from gardens, lakes and the Gulf of Mexico. Plentiful water is another natural asset, though there is reason to be prudent lest we find ourselves like California […]

You would think with all the flabbergasting (it’s a word, look it up) coming out of Jackson last week by our state’s elected leadership that someone had thrown a seriously large and unfair monkey wrench into our beloved and sacrosanct “democracy” here in the Magnolia State. I haven’t seen that many, including the governor, crying […]

Should Gov. Phil Bryant veto a bill establishing a commission to recommend new academic standards for Mississippi schools?

The bill that would create an 11-member commission to propose new state academic standards for Mississippi’s K-12 schools sits on the desk of Gov. Phil Bryant, who hasn’t indicated whether he’ll sign it. A veto wouldn’t be a bad idea, but not for the reasons that most people who want one would cite. Tea Party-oriented […]

Much has changed since early November when then-Higher Education Commissioner Hank Bounds spoke to the Mississippi State University Stennis Institute/Capitol press corps luncheon. By coincidence, only hours before that long-scheduled speech, news broke that Bounds was a finalist for the presidency of the University of Nebraska. And weeks before that speech, information began to come […]

Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator, once said, “Follow the child, they will show you what they need to do, what they need to develop in themselves.” Somewhere along the No Child Left Behind route, we have forgotten that education is about children. Instead, we have made education about other things: political agendas, arguments […]

Candidates offering little about solving problems Lloyd Gray’s article Sunday, April 12 was an excellent article on politics and the pending congressional race in the First District of Mississippi. I hope that the voters read the article, and in particular the candidates for the congressional seat. Mr. Gray uses as his title “Lessons from Lott,” […]

Mississippi’s Commissioner of Higher Education-elect Jim Borsig took the unusual step last week of backing away from a job with more authority and a higher salary to keep the one he already had. Borsig, in the latest surprise announcement involving the state’s public universities, told a convocation at Mississippi University for Women on Thursday he […]

Despite the objections of skilled attorney Jim Keith and the Better Schools, Better Jobs group to a prior column pointing out that one Hinds County judge usurped the will of the majority of state legislators in rewriting the legislative alternative language lawmakers adopted to appear on the ballot alongside Initiative 42, that’s just what happened. […]