Mayor Jason Shelton’s still-developing proposal to establish a citywide outreach task force to nurture the Tupelo Spirit, engage issues before they become problems, and encourage the kind of intentional communication that helps communities thrive at all levels is an excellent idea with strong potential. Shelton informally proposed the task force at a City Council work […]

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has announced a Justice Department investigation to determine whether the Baltimore Police Department’s practices are unconstitutional and violate civil rights; in short, whether or not the police force there is racist. It will come as no surprise if the investigation concludes that it is, because accusing the department of racism diverts […]

Random thoughts as the pages peel off the calendar: • A friend wondered aloud why none of the people who staged the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” protest last summer on the Lafayette County Courthouse lawn in response to Michael Brown’s death seemed to be at the National Peace Officers Day ceremony on Thursday. They would […]

Daily Journal needs tougher questions The only true test we have of our so-called representatives is their actions. Their words are vague, misleading, and often outright untruthful. Do you intend to ask the hard questions of the two survivors of the 13-person clown train headed to Washington? Saying they want to “stand up to Obama […]

Have you decided for whom you will vote in the runoff congressional special election June 2?

Have you decided for whom you will vote in the runoff congressional special election June 2?

The 1st Congressional District’s special nonpartisan election campaign moved toward a June 2 runoff with Tuesday’s vote, but few people would have predicted a contest between the lone Democrat, Howard Zinn, against Trent Kelly, a high-profile Republican who was widely expected to be one of the top two. Kelly, district attorney in the 1st Circuit […]

On the eve of a meeting between Arab leaders and President Obama to discuss Middle East security, developments in Syria could bolster the opposition’s campaign to topple the regime there. Driving the opposition push in Syria is a new working relationship between Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, the key backers of the rebels in northern […]

We had known for years about dirty tricks in politics. Now, in Mississippi we’re seeing dirty tricks in the most sensitive area of state services – namely public education. The Republicans, who have been especially noted for political dirty tricks, now are trying to play them on the state’s basic school funding formula known as […]