The Tupelo City Council’s ban on public use of e-cigarettes logically follows an older ban on regular cigarette, cigar and pipe smoking in public venues like bars, restaurants and other public places. The e-cigarette ban, which has drawn strong comments from proponents and opponents, makes an exception for use in stores making at least 50 […]

The school funds lawsuit former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove is spearheading isn’t complicated. It’s simple litigation – a petition for a declaratory judgment. He and a cohort of attorneys will ask the court what “shall” means. If it means “must” or “not optional,” then the Legislature may have to cough up $1.5 billion for K-12 education. […]

Could a wealthy white man from Memphis have a plan that could help improve Natchez’s mostly black public schools? And, more important, does the man’s skin color or wealth actually matter? Those questions bubbled up last week after a seemingly successful commodities investor, Charlie McVean, came to Natchez with an idea for how to improve […]

Through the years, Tupelo leaders and community development experts across the nation have touted and studied what’s been called “the Tupelo way.” It’s shorthand for the consensus-building approach to improving the community that has set Tupelo apart from towns that are fragmented, factionalized and always fighting. It’s a solutions-oriented mind-set that puts the good of […]

Smacked by reality in the Middle East This is what the complete collapse of a foreign policy doctrine looks like. Responding to the horrifying murder of photojournalist James Foley, Secretary of State John Kerry declared, “ISIL [the Islamic State] and the wickedness it represents must be destroyed.” President Obama said, “people like this ultimately fail.” […]


Organizations that regularly announce “national searches” to replace CEOs tend to have internal management problems. High performing organizations tend to promote from within. Consider our universities. The IHL Board has long been the king of national searches, with mixed results. Community colleges, on the other hand, are noted for promotion from within, with generally good […]

What is the current state of “the Tupelo way” of building consensus in the community rather than yielding to divisive factionalism?

Last week, going on three months after the June 3 first ballot of the Republican primary voting for a U.S. Senate nomination started, a special state judge set a trial date for the contested outcome of the primary, narrowly won June 24 in a runoff by incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran over state Sen. Chris McDaniel. […]

With statewide elections looming next year and federal elections a year later, Mississippi voters can prepare for another round of electioneering that focuses on the question of illegal immigration. The success that conservative candidates who take a hard line on immigration have enjoyed since 2010 makes immigration an A-list issue in the 2016 federal races. […]