When the stock market plunged in 1929 ushering in the Great Depression of the ’30s, so did many investors. Usually from about three stories up. So when the stock market dropped about 1,000 points on Monday due to Chinese finagling of net worth, whatever that means, I suspect a lot of American investors were also […]

Some don’t care about their pets I walked out the door the other morning, and to my surprise, a kitten ran out from under my truck. After a few days, my wife and I discovered that we have a mother cat and two kittens camping out in our backyard. The being said, let me speak […]

Is the state’s College Board right to have listening sessions in selecting a new chancellor at Ole Miss?

Should the airport authority consider hiring another consultant to help recruit another airline?

Tupelo Regional Airport’s commercial airline service has hit turbulence again with the requested withdrawal of SeaPort Airlines from Essential Air Service-sustained service to Nashville and Memphis by single-engine Cessna Caravan airplanes. While the size of the airplane and the number of engines contributed to a shrinking volume of passenger traffic, the main complaint lodged by […]

The civic club speech ended, the applause faded. Members formed a line to shake the speaker’s hand, assure her how much they appreciated her words. She was inspiring. She was awesome. Everyone hoped she’d come back soon. The last guy was different. He grasped her hand, looked her in the eye and said, “We thought […]

My daughter, Wesley, has a friend named Zoey who’s a few months her junior. Zoey’s dad, Brian, posted an image online last week of one of Zoey’s dolls buckled in the back seat of his car on his way to work. I never thought about this being an epidemic. Wesley often will have me buckle […]

Market scalped, but who got to order? Yesterday, there was a trillion dollar scalp of the stock market. When the Dow was down 1,100 points, and stocks were down 22 percent at the open, retail investors, the public, could not trade. Market orders did not work. Minutes later stocks moved up to almost positive…a trillion […]

Did you attend or see the impact of the Tupelo Furniture Market last week?