A few minutes after I was named editor-in-chief of the Ole Miss student newspaper, The Daily Mississippian, my friend Joy put her arm around me and asked, “Are you scared or excited?” I paused. “A little bit of both,” I said. She nodded. “Good answer.” Being editor-in-chief of a daily newspaper while you’re a full-time […]

Mississippi in 1982 became the next-to-last state in the nation to require local public school districts to offer kindergarten classes. It was the biggest piece of the historic Education Reform Act, passed in a special legislative session at the urging of then-Gov. William Winter. One of the political tradeoffs was not to make attendance mandatory. […]

As part of his final months in office, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has continued to beat the political drums for restoration of voting rights to felons in states like Mississippi that make it difficult if not impossible for convicted felons to vote. Holder said earlier this year in a speech at the Georgetown University […]

North Lee County Water Association’s internal reconsideration of its corporate direction could mean a change of plans and normalizing of business relations with the city of Tupelo, whose recent annexation has brought some North Lee customers into the city limits and the possibility of a new water provider. The city administration, under terms of its […]

Sometimes it can be discouraging to be a Mississippian. You look at all the statistics – poverty, teen pregnancy, educational achievement, general health of the population – and the problems can seem overwhelming. We are last or near-last in so much, and have been for so long. Those statistics are far from the whole story […]

What happens when an American plan for limited war against the Islamic State meets the savage reality of combat, as happened last week when the extremists pounded Kurdish fighters just inside Syria’s border with Turkey? The cry rose in Washington and abroad for more American military involvement. This is how conflicts that start off contained […]

Domestic violence also can involve victims’ pets In a time when more American households have pets than children, the connection between domestic violence and pets is a growing concern. Domestic violence often affects all members of a household, including the four-legged ones. According to www.ASPCA.org, a Texas study found that batterers who also abuse pets […]

“Mine heritage is unto me as a speckled bird…” – Jeremiah 12:9 In the 50’s, I would visit with Mammy (it’s complicated – but you can read “Grandmother”) and her second husband, Uncle John, for a few one-week visits at their home on the Cheairs Place, a plantation in Coahoma County – in what James […]