Policy decisions in board of supervisors’ politics across Mississippi is a nuanced skill because the office is like the U.S. House of Representatives – close to the people, with voters having face-to-face contact possibilities on an almost routine basis. Supervisors, with expected political acumen, keep their ears close to the ground when discussing top-tier issues […]

An unusual rift has developed between groups that purport to have in common the support of Mississippi’s public education system. Currently, there is a group called Better Schools, Better Jobs garnering signatures in hopes of placing on the November 2015 ballot an initiative calling for the eventual full funding of public education. This group, which […]

“The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is keeping them ignorant.” – Maximilien Robespierre ––––– Well, you have to hand it to Mississippi, at least we’re consistent. Consistently bad, that is. And sometime you just have to wonder if the powers that be in this state like it that […]

Should setting road maintenance priorities countywide be a board of supervisors policy?

A downturn in the number of non-martial births and birth rates reported this month by the National Center for Health Statistics offers encouraging news that some adults and adolescents have responded positively to a variety of evidence and entreaties to avoid unmarried parenthood and its avalanche of negative consequences. The NCHS, which works with the […]

A problem with public outrage when citizens – especially young citizens – are shot and killed by police is that no two situations are alike. Or at least not exactly alike. As the saying goes, any is too many. But there are differences. And they are important. The St. Louis, Missouri, suburb of Ferguson has […]

It’s been eight years since I was a student, but back-to-school season still excites me. My nerdy side loves the fresh packs of pencils and packs of paper waiting to be filled with class notes. I’m also a little jealous of kids who get to take a Guardians of the Galaxy lunchbox to school, although […]

Do you agree that non-marital births in Mississippi pose a major problem for family stability and long-term prospects?

Which best describes the current talk by leaders of a state tax cut in the 2015 session?