U.S. Sens. Roger Wicker and Thad Cochran, Mississippi Republicans, have joined Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, a New York Democrat, in sponsoring legislation to award the Congressional Gold Medal posthumously to Freedom Summer civil rights martyrs James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, an appropriate honor for their sacrifice for justice in Mississippi in the summer of […]

There are no gaping flaws in Mississippi elections. This Chris McDaniel stuff is just that: stuff. All that’s required for honest elections is honest people. All that’s required to pervert the process is the absence of an ethical compass. That said, Delbert Hosemann, Mississippi’s forward-looking secretary of state, says he will invite legislators to consider […]

Greetings from Mississippi’s capital city – I’m still down here “on a mission” to improve our state’s economic system with better educational opportunities for our children. But I thought I’d give you an update, since some of you are nice enough to say you enjoy my printed wanderings. Grandpup Bonnie is doing famously with her […]

Have you been taught about the civil rights struggle in your education?

It’s a long-established fact that high expectations by the community are critical for a public school system to flourish. But those high expectations can’t exist in a vacuum if the schools are to succeed in providing the best possible education. It’s just as important that they be accompanied by a level of financial support that […]

In 2013, the Census Bureau reports in their Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement that about 500,000 Mississippians or around 17.1 percent don’t have health insurance of any kind. Nothing. The report found that the number of uninsured Mississippians had climbed by about 2,000 since 2012. Here, in bureaucratese, is how the government […]

The more tidbits of information seep from the walls of Natchez Regional Medical Center, the more disappointed I become in the people at the center of the hospital’s leadership and the so-called experts purportedly helping guide the hospital out of its mess. Several Natchez Regional employees recently explained on a condition of anonymity how ridiculously […]

Public places must have public restrooms How many times have you been in this situation? You are out shopping and you or your child MUST go to the restroom? The business you are in has a sign that reads “No Public Restrooms”? Even in an Emergency, they say no. I had this happen in a […]