The latest jobs report delivered more bad news about the Obama Economy: Only 160,000 jobs were created during the month of April, the lowest gain in months. Even more telling is that the percentage of working-age Americans in the labor force continues near record lows. Long-term unemployment, in particular, has become a troubling new normal. […]

Did you participate in any events related to the Gum Tree Arts Festival?

From a 911 dispatcher who was credited with saving a man’s life to 50 students recognized for their academic achievements, plenty of good news took place throughout Northeast Mississippi last week. Before we prepare for the week ahead, let’s take a look back at some of the highlights from last week: • More than 20 […]

Both my parents graduated high school in 1957, so my youth included a lot of Elvis music around the house. After Dad bought a couple of 8-tracks, including the famous Christmas album, I was hooked and have been an unabashed fan ever since. And so it was with quite a measure of satisfaction that I […]

The evolution of presidential and congressional politics over the last decade in the U.S. and the growing impacts that evolution is having in state politics in Mississippi has led me to revisit the writings of French sociologist, law professor and member of the European Parliament the late Maurice Duverger, who died in 2014 at the […]

Trump, like other rich candidates, connects I see all the “experts” saying Hillary Clinton should beat Donald Trump in a landslide this fall, and their reasoning would make perfect sense in any normal election year, but what has made any sense so far this year? It doesn’t matter what outrageous things Trump has said or […]

Anything in Mississippi related to legal consumption of alcohol in any of its many forms stirs a significant amount of interest, even 50 years after it first became legally possible to consume or possess became beer, wine and spirits in our state. That’s certainly been the case with a new law signed late last week […]

If you had an opportunity to help just one of 7,500 eighth-graders in 17 counties throughout Northeast Mississippi, would you? That’s the question leaders with the CREATE Foundation are hoping residents in the region will overwhelming say “yes” to during the next several months as planning for the second Imagine the Possibilities Career Expo kicks […]

Legislative leaders, having passed one of the largest tax cuts in state history, now say they will conduct a comprehensive study of Mississippi’s tax structure. “This session we had proposals that were just all over the map – proposals to reduce the grocery tax, proposals to eliminate the franchise tax – sales taxes, corporate income […]