The Indians were holding an important meeting of the Tribal Council. All of their big chiefs were in attendance as well as their most trusted advisers and their most learned, the medicine men and spirit talkers. It was the brain trust of the Wampanoag Nation, elected to represent the thousands who had thrived on the […]

Can Tupelo learn valuable lessons about hospitality management by hosting a conference for 10,000 people spread over four days?

Tupelo traffic patterns in the downtown area may be substantially more congested beginning this morning as 10,000 Mennonites (Church of God In Christ) begin the church’s international conference at the BancorpSouth Arena and adjacent BancorpSouth Conference Center. Hotels in Tupelo and for a 90-mile radius around the city are reportedly filled with people attending the […]

Everything that follows assumes people of good will, who believe in equality of opportunity and rejoice when any person has a happy and successful life, outnumber everybody else. Although rarely seen in the media, there is reason to believe such people are the majority. Yet a test of their ability to maintain balance is coming. […]

“With the holidays approaching” is now a sentence that starts getting uttered around the same time as children start school in August. And it almost seems cliché to start in on complaining about how things like Christmas music and decorations start coming out earlier and earlier each year – but it seems to always be […]

Our community had plenty to be proud of last week as the good news poured in from across Northeast Mississippi. Before we start the week head, let’s take a moment to highlight some of the great things that happened last week: • A number of events in communities across the region were hosted to honor […]

Last week’s inaugural column established that I recently returned to Mississippi – after a 27-year adventure that included a full quarter-century in Alabama. It’s important to me that Journal readers know I was a good ambassador for my home state during the hiatus. To paraphrase the state’s slogan from a few years back, I spoke […]

Did you celebrate Veterans Day last week by honoring military service members?

As the current membership of the Mississippi Public Service Commission nears a decision on the initial rate hike requested by Mississippi Power Company for its Kemper power plant, speculation runs rampant on what the new membership will do on next year’s full funding request. Speculation spiked last week when Moody’s downgraded the company’s credit rating […]