The memory is a bit fuzzy, but it was the mid-1980s and I recall the voice on the other end of the phone telling me his teenage nephew was a promising, up-and-coming area boxer who should be written about by the Daily Journal. Not wanting to tell him we were busy and didn’t have time […]

If I offer you $15 to vote for my candidate in a political race, as was alleged during the Cochran/McDaniel Republican primary circus, then Mississippi law states that the candidate I was representing could be disqualified from running or removed from office if already elected. But if I’m a candidate for office and run on […]

Does your community have a Community Thanksgiving Service?

Should Lee County’s supervisors reconsider a countywide building code meeting state standards?

Lee County’s Board of Supervisors opted out of Mississippi’s newly enacted building code law in a unanimous vote Monday morning, a legal action that we hope the board will revisit. The Legislature passed and Gov. Bryant signed a law in the 2014 session requiring counties statewide to choose from a list of approved building codes, […]

Mississippians will be able to tell whether the criminal indictment faced by Christopher Epps means anything by how the 2015 edition of the Mississippi Legislature reacts. A smattering of tsk-tsking over what appears to be a provable years-long practice and pattern of bribery and extortion at the pinnacle of state prison operations will mean very […]

In its struggle to improve educational performance, Mississippi has tried many things. The long-term answer may lie, more than anywhere else, in making sure all children get off to a good start, the subject of the Daily Journal’s series this week on pre-K. In the meantime, an assortment of strategies is necessary, the most important […]

There are five 2014 House races still to be decided before we can answer a question of historical interest: Was this the worst election for House Democrats since 1928? Or merely their worst since 1946? Either way, the results do not reflect well on the House Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi – a conclusion that seems […]


The good politician cares for all his constituents. He knows them and they know him (or her). He understands their needs. They understand he is willing to put his political life on the line for their benefit. The hired hand politician has no such relationship. His interests are money and power. When pressured he readily […]