At the Mississippi State University Mitchell Memorial Library’s John Grisham Suite for the next three months, Mississippians have an opportunity to experience one of the most important private African- American art and history exhibits in the world in the form of the Kinsey Collection – the life’s work of Bernard and Shirley Kinsey of Pacific […]

As every legislator knows, no bill is really dead until the Legislature leaves town…especially if the governor wants it to live. But as this column was written late last week, major tax cut bills were dead. The House voted 67 to 52 along party lines for the $555 million compromise tax cut devised by Lt. […]

Politics hurting education at every level in our state Recently, politics has taken the main stage in the education debate in Mississippi, neglecting what should be the true focus – educating our children and young adults. The debate to fully fund our public elementary and secondary schools has raged on in the Legislature, leaving our […]

U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker’s plan to provide more funding and control for local governments needing transportation construction funds is generating wide support, but Wicker and most other principals in the discussions about highway and transportation funds also are working on a long-term program to keep the Transportation Trust Fund solvent for several years. The trust […]

The juxtaposition was stark: On the same day last week that the Mississippi Legislature’s school funding bill went to Gov. Phil Bryant $211 million short of what the law requires, the Senate passed a tax cut that would reduce state revenues by $555 million over 15 years. Since the Great Recession kicked in with a […]

It’s March Madness in the Middle East: The U.S. and Israel are trading private barbs and public reassurances after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s defiant re-election victory, just as the U.S. is nearing a nuclear deal with Israel’s chief adversary, Iran. It’s a volatile situation, with the Obama administration signaling its opposition to Netanyahu’s campaign statements […]

Has our Legislature lost its collective mind? The two headlines on the front page of last Wednesday’s Daily Journal tell a sad, sad story for the state of Mississippi, and one that does not have to happen. The first story reported that “MAEP Funding Sent to Governor $211 Million Short” and the story just below […]

I come from a long line of neutrals – neither Republican nor Democrat. I vote for a person based on how he or she responds to issues important to me. Public education is one of those issues. I believe in public schools because they open doors to all children, all colors, all religions, all incomes. […]