IHL Commissioner Hank Bounds has accepted the job as president of the University of Nebraska system. Eric Clark, executive director of the Mississippi Community College system, has announced he will retire this year. So both the IHL Board of Trustees and the Mississippi Community College Board (MCCB) find themselves seeking new leaders. The IHL Board […]

Journal criticized for school coverage In 1787, the British parliamentarian Edmund Burke was claimed to have said of the press, according to Thomas Carlyle, that “…there were Three Estates in Parliament; but, in the Reporters’ Gallery yonder, there sat a Fourth Estate more important far than they all.” At this time, the press was making […]

Mississippians long ago should have learned that even encouraging news about our poor state’s economic outlook is qualified by sobering facts tamping down the cycle whenever growth and encouraging news are discussed. So, while State Economist Darrin Webb provided some encouraging assessments last week. Webb, at his annual fiscal briefing, noted that Mississippi is growing […]

MLK holiday weekend events are in full swing, and many people will have a day off Monday. Anyone looking for a meaningful way to commemorate the day and the man it honors couldn’t do better than going to see the movie “Selma.” Remarkably, this is the first Hollywood movie ever to focus fully on the […]

What’s the relationship between the Internet and the surge of jihadist violence in Paris and around the world? That’s the puzzle examined by Marc Sageman, a psychiatrist and former CIA officer whose contrarian views on terrorism are worth a careful look. “Blaming the Internet for radicalization is really blaming any form of communication for radicalization,” […]

Reader finds change in Obama Some critics, friends and foes alike, in the U.S. and abroad say the president of the USA is a weak leader. I somewhat have agreed but due to the current events, especially after the Nov. 6 election, I have to totally disagree. In the beginning of his career, especially at […]

Tomorrow we commemorate another Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday.In the almost 47 years since Dr. King’s death that April day in 1968, the tradition has been to commemorate the holiday by remembering his words of unity, respect, reconciliation and performing some act of community service. Dr. King’s words, when uttered by him during those […]

Public education funding in Mississippi has historically been accomplished as an intricate dance between the Legislature and the constituencies of the three major education branches – K-12 elementary and secondary education, the state’s 15 community colleges, and the state’s eight public universities. The process has been rather predictable. Annually, lawmakers struggled to cobble together a […]

This week, the Mississippi Legislature voted to offer an alternative amendment to Initiative 42, a ballot referendum that would move our state towards fully funding our public schools. This cynical measure preserves the educational status quo and does nothing to advance school funding. What’s more is that this vote subverts the will of more than […]