Do you avoid the Crosstown Intersection because of its traffic problems?

For the better part of a decade, Tupelo leaders have been stepping up efforts to expand and broaden the entertainment options available in the city. Recent and upcoming events underscore what that can look like. It used to be that the festival season, such as it was, didn’t start in Tupelo until May with the […]

From the state that gave us Katherine Harris and Mark Foley came news last week that a vampire is running for Congress. This particular bloodsucker – actually, he does role-playing as a vampire after dark – is trying to defeat Rep. Ted Yoho in a Republican primary in western Florida. The fanged contender believes Yoho […]

Competent leaders seeking to sustain quality of life and spur economic growth appreciate the importance of physical infrastructure. The American Society of Civil Engineers grades physical infrastructure in each state annually. In 2012, Mississippi grades were: dams and levees – D; drinking water – C-; roads and bridges – C; wastewater – C. Hold on, […]

Should Tupelo continue to look for new events, activities and businesses that attract younger people interested in a broader range of entertainment options?

Mississippi’s 2014 legislative session late Wednesday left a debris field of unfinished and botched work in the wake of adjournment – with some good measures brought to within minutes of enactment and that should be revisited next session or in a special session, which can be called only by Gov. Phil Bryant. Legislators obviously became […]

Rush Limbaugh can relax. The popular “demon of the right” has been replaced at least through the midterms by the Koch brothers, Charles and David. Who? Exactly. Though cable and online news junkies know the names, the vast majority of Americans probably have no idea who the Kochs are. They’re about to find out. For […]

Only a decade ago, Christian social conservatives were a commanding force in American politics. They helped elect one of their own, George W. Bush, to two terms. They were a cornerstone of a GOP coalition that appeared to hold a permanent electoral majority. But today, the movement has lost its momentum – in part because […]

Mama peacefully closed her eyes for the last time and transitioned into eternity on Thursday, March 13th. Pastor Hayes Long (son-in-law) said in his eulogy, “The Lord decided to “call in” Mama’s “loan.” Her “loan” time on earth was up. For me, how do I say goodbye to Mama, who loved her children unconditionally despite […]