President Barack Obama certainly didn’t go looking for another war in the Middle East. Indeed, he contorted himself almost to the breaking point to avoid one. But as he explained to the country Wednesday night, he had no choice but to respond with “strength and resolve” to the barbarous Islamic State that is ravaging Iraq […]

Houston resident protests funeral policy This letter is concerning the Houston School District policy on not allowing the usage of the school facilities by teachers and former administrators for events of personal and public interest. I, Zora B. Cousin, requested the usage of the Houston High School Auditorium to hold my husband, Warren G. Cousin […]

I’m a failed poet. Maybe every novelist wants to write poetry first, finds he can’t and then tries the short story which is the most demanding form after poetry. And failing at that, only then does he take up novel writing. – William Faulkner The most thankless task is teaching language to teenagers – more […]

Tucking into a dish of Scottish haggis is not a task for the fainthearted. There are various haggis recipes, but basically it is sheep’s pluck – the heart, lungs and liver – cooked together, then mixed with suet and oatmeal and boiled in a sheep’s stomach, then served, sometimes drenched with Scotch. People who pour […]

Much has been written the last few days about the life of legendary sports announcer Jack Cristil. I’ve really enjoyed all the coverage in the Daily Journal about Cristil and his remarkable career. As they say, he made his mark. Most everything I’ve read has been about Jack behind the radio microphone. That, obviously, is […]

This tired old world almost daily pushes itself to the edge of self-destruction in ways too numerous to list, but certain among them are the widespread acts of terror and abuse by one set of people against others, individually and in small and large groups, destroying true humanity with every drop of bloodshed. Faithful people […]

Mississippi is not a stranger when it comes to government action and subsidies to fight global warming. If you drive to Kemper County you can see the $5 billion power plant that has received federal help (taxpayer money) and aggressive state laws that take the burden of failure off the back of the utility company […]

When I was a kid, my dad and I watched “The Lone Ranger” and “The Cisco Kid” on Sunday mornings. I’m not a drummer – and never will be, according to a test in middle school – but I learned to beat out “The William Tell Overture” from listening to the intro to “The Lone […]

While thousands were touring Graceland during Elvis Week last month, a retired English professor from Baton Rouge sat at legendary Sun Studio and signed copies of her quiet but fascinating book. “I signed a book for a woman from Greece,” Barbara Barnes Sims said. “Leave Greece for Memphis in August?” It’s that kind of practical […]