Many in Congress run for money and power Amen to Mr. Wilkinson of Amory for his concern about our Congress. I feel the same way. I wish more people would realize “that is why most candidates run for Congress.” It’s for the money, power, and prestige. I vote against some candidates because they have been […]

Should Mississippi expand Medicaid eligibility to provide health insurance for approximately 300,000 additional Mississippians?

Did the April 2014 Tupelo tornado change the way the City Council should go about planning?

Six months after Tupelo’s most damaging tornado since the deadly twister of 1936, the City Council, mayor and other leaders are set to resume work on a 53-item to-do list developed during a 2013 retreat. That gathering came a month before the April 28 storm that required a refocus of energies on immediate emergency priorities. […]

It will happen in Mississippi. Sooner or later – probably a lot sooner than anyone thinks – this state will join the 30 others where, as of last week, men may marry men and women may marry women. The societal shift has been at lightning speed. (Actually, it has taken 18 years, but that’s lightning […]

A few minutes after I was named editor-in-chief of the Ole Miss student newspaper, The Daily Mississippian, my friend Joy put her arm around me and asked, “Are you scared or excited?” I paused. “A little bit of both,” I said. She nodded. “Good answer.” Being editor-in-chief of a daily newspaper while you’re a full-time […]

Mississippi in 1982 became the next-to-last state in the nation to require local public school districts to offer kindergarten classes. It was the biggest piece of the historic Education Reform Act, passed in a special legislative session at the urging of then-Gov. William Winter. One of the political tradeoffs was not to make attendance mandatory. […]

As part of his final months in office, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has continued to beat the political drums for restoration of voting rights to felons in states like Mississippi that make it difficult if not impossible for convicted felons to vote. Holder said earlier this year in a speech at the Georgetown University […]