Stretching some 234 miles, the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway connects the Tennessee and Tombigbee rivers and is the heart of a 1,300-mile navigable water system that links the Ohio River to the Gulf of Mexico. Since 1985, the Tenn-Tom has been transforming northeast Mississippi and west central Alabama. A new study compiled by the National Strategic Planning […]

One woman was standing on the parade route in Central Park when Pope Francis passed by in his pope mobile – a refitted Jeep – and waved a blessing to her. “I felt like I had been touched by God,” she told an interviewer. That was the way it went for six days as Francis […]

Do you know adolescents who have considered what their careers will be?

Few people, even experts in jobs development, would or could have predicted how fast and in which directions career paths have changed since the beginning of the century a mere 15 years ago. Next week – Oct. 6-7 at BancorpSouth Arena in Tupelo – nearly 3,000 eighth graders from seven counties will be presented options […]

A lot of people are making a lot of bold predictions about what would happen if the citizen-sponsored Initiative 42, which attempts to enhance the state’s commitment to public education, is passed by voters in November Many, including many in the media, claim a victory for Initiative 42 would result in immediate full funding of […]

If there is life on Mars I hope it’s not ants. If it is, then that’s two planets in our solar system that have become unfit for human habitation, Earth and Mars. As you may have heard by now, NASA announced this week it has found flowing, briny water on Mars. The flows seem to […]

Columnist, physicist need to have coffee In an op-ed in this past Saturday’s Journal, columnist Jay Ambrose exhausts all critical ammunition in roundly throttling the author of a New Yorker article he found offensive. The writer of the New Yorker piece, a physicist named Lawrence Krauss, apparently holds that religion should let science do what […]

Will you visit Veterans Park to see the F-105 Thunderchief mounted monument?

Years of volunteer work and intense searching by military veterans in Northeast Mississippi were rewarded Monday morning when a Vietnam-era F-105 Thunderchief fighter-bomber was mounted on a pedestal at Veterans Park in east Tupelo, a major new landmark in the long-term aspirations for the park site. The airplane, rescued and reclaimed from certain demolition at […]