In its struggle to improve educational performance, Mississippi has tried many things. The long-term answer may lie, more than anywhere else, in making sure all children get off to a good start, the subject of the Daily Journal’s series this week on pre-K. In the meantime, an assortment of strategies is necessary, the most important […]

There are five 2014 House races still to be decided before we can answer a question of historical interest: Was this the worst election for House Democrats since 1928? Or merely their worst since 1946? Either way, the results do not reflect well on the House Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi – a conclusion that seems […]


The good politician cares for all his constituents. He knows them and they know him (or her). He understands their needs. They understand he is willing to put his political life on the line for their benefit. The hired hand politician has no such relationship. His interests are money and power. When pressured he readily […]

Citizens will get stuck regardless of election As noted by Cal Thomas in his column the other day in your paper, a government bureaucrat, a Mr. Gruber, who helped design Obamacare called Americans stupid. Well, we all think everybody in government is stupid, too, so it’s a perfect relationship, isn’t it? So, how stupid are […]

Mississippi’s education deficits lead to discouraging educational attainment liabilities long term for many people, but no other shortfall of investment in individual opportunity is greater than the woeful neglect of educating pre-kindergarten children in the years of greatest brain development. While a consensus is emerging in Mississippi on the importance of pre-K, funding t has […]

Go to a supermarket or big box discount store on any busy day and watch the circus. If the day you choose is a cold or rainy day, prepare to watch a three-ring circus. Pay particular attention to the parking spaces designated for the handicapped – and take a look and see what passes for […]

The photograph on Tuesday from Beijing was as carefully arranged as a display of Ming china: Presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping discussing the world’s business as they walked, side by side, across a bridge with ornate, brilliantly illuminated guideposts. The artfully staged image conveyed a message: China has arrived as a great power. The […]

Mississippians don’t know who won Senate vote The final verdict in the contested Senate runoff election has been rendered. Senator Cochran was declared the winner but was he? Judge Hollis McGehee and the Mississippi Supreme Court both ruled McDaniel missed a deadline for contesting the election but what about the evidence of voting irregularities that […]