Post-election analysis falls somewhere between amusing and clueless.In the amusing camp are Democratic strategists who intone that more Democrats would have won if only more people had voted. The gods surely blush with envy. And of course, there’s the conventional wisdom that Democrats always suffer in midterms because they lack “intensity,” meaning they don’t care, […]

Do you express your opinions about public issues to your legislators?

Did you learn about the civil rights era in Mississippi during your time in school or college?

President Obama on Monday named three martyrs of the civil rights movement who were murdered in Mississippi 50 years ago recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor. The medals will be presented in a Nov. 24 White House ceremony, along with others. The posthumous honorees – James Chaney, Andrew Goodman […]

Chris Epps, talking about his unusually long tenure as commissioner of the Mississippi Department of Corrections, once joked that it would have been even longer if former Democratic Gov. Ronnie Musgrove had not made the mistake of appointing someone else to the post at the beginning of his term. Of course, that long tenure ended […]

I’m sure former Mississippi Corrections Commissioner Christopher Epps must be having second thoughts about the state’s decision, in which he was charged with administering, to turn operation of most of the state’s prisons over to private contractors. Why? Because he could wind up in one. Epps resigned last week after 12 years at the helm […]

Tupelo Public Schools are more a detention center I’m aware that Tupelo Public School District is a zero-tolerance school system. What the district seems unaware of is that no one is perfect. I never thought in my wildest dreams that my child would get into an altercation at an after-school event, but she did. My […]

Does anyone in your family use the Veterans Administration health care system?

Veterans Day observances today across the United States will coincide with many other events in Canada (as Remembrance Day) and the nations of northern Europe which honor Nov. 11 as Armistice Day or by other names – the date, month and hour in 1918 when the guns of World War I went silent on the […]