According to the Career Readiness Institute, “Most schools today are necessarily focused on preparing students for three ‘big things’ – achievement on state tests, earning a diploma, and readiness for college. When schools struggle with these three traditional but essential objectives, school leaders typically engage in various leadership practices to improve student performance. Focusing exclusively […]

I was running late but it’s always good policy to take care of personal business before attending a meeting. So I was in the men’s room and heard some of the worst blowin’ and goin’ that I’ve heard in a while. A guy was forcing heroic blasts of air through his nasal cavity. To get […]

It must have been a harried parent trying to cope while youngsters protested a long drive who invented that car game where you try to spot license plates from all the 50 states. In this the season of school tour groups and cherry blossoms, it’s almost too easy. “There’s a Utah,” Emma says, and sure […]

Have you given money to a university’s endowment campaign?

Were Mississippi State among the nation’s wealthiest universities, its new “Infinite Impact” campaign total announced this week would not be quite so impressive, but $503 million toward a $600 million goal by a land-grant school in the nation’s poorest state provides its own exclamation point. The campaign total as late as January was below $500 […]

There are classic films, like the ones on TCM and AMC, and there are modern films. There are few modern classics. “Little Boy,” in theaters April 24, could be a modern classic. The film is set in a Southern California town during World War II. A couple’s oldest son, London Busbee (David Henrie), is drafted, […]

Some people love bellyaching so much that, sitting in their car atop Pikes Peak, they would rather complain about a single bug-gut spattering on their windshield instead of marveling at the rest of the view. (Or, on a highway, would so focus on the insect entrails that they wouldn’t notice they’d crossed into the path […]

Does your community school use volunteer tutors?

Four volunteer tutors who help students at Shannon Elementary School each Tuesday afternoon may seem a small cadre in a school with hundreds of students, but their work with six students represents an often-overlooked but widely used resource in public schools across the nation. The volunteers at Shannon Elementary are all members of Brewer United […]