PATSY BRUMFIELD: It’s more ‘adieu’ than goodbye



Sometimes opportunity just comes out of the blue.

Today, I move on to a new adventure.

It all started late this fall, when I talked to my boss, editor Lloyd Gray, about creeping thoughts of retirement.

While I retain those amazing 40-something looks, the real clock on the wall says something rather different.

Lloyd, I said to him, I thought I’d wait until I’m 66, but now, I’m thinking I’ll do this at 65, which means this summer. He took it pretty well although he was a little surprised. People like you don’t retire, he said he suspected about me.

Noooooo, I said. I’ve got a son and daughter-in-law in Jackson, a daughter and almost son-in-law in New Orleans, and my sister’s in Pensacola. I’d like to get closer to them and maybe work part time for some Journal enterprise down in our Capital City, I suggested.

When I ran into some friends at a pre-Thanksgiving wedding, one thing led to another, which led to my contacting an old friend who was working on a project for something good.

He was entirely surprised that I would relocate to Jackson, but I told him that for the right cause, I was ready to pack and drive.

Ultimately, he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. What we’ll be doing is in its early development, but I’m excited and you’ll be hearing more about it as it grows from a flower into a strong, handsome tree in the coming months.

Of course, that means I am leaving good friends and other good folks I’ve come to know in the past 101⁄2 years in Tupelo. There are many good times to remember, and I hope, dear readers, you feel much the same way.

I’ll miss my friends at All Saints’ Episcopal Church, and I’ll especially miss the wonderful men at Goodyear on West Main Street, where they have taken scrupulous care of me and my Honda Fit. One of them was kind enough to recommend a colleague and his shop in Jackson, when I need more oil and tires.

The missing list includes my best buddy, Pamela, my sweet neighbor, Tina, and the kind folks at MidSouth Nursery, who’ve carried me through all my gardening days here.

Of course, I won’t forget my colleagues at the Daily Journal and all the fine work we’ve done together.

I’m grateful to Lloyd and our big-boss Clay Foster for allowing me to sink my teeth into serious subjects. And I deeply appreciate all the judges who’ve granted me and the Journal permission to bring our laptop computers into the courtrooms to provide our readers with in-depth coverage about cases. I hope the Journal will continue to promote that kind of reporting.

And so, it’s with a bit of a heavy heart that I wave “adieu,” safe journey, to you from my Thursday column. New Year’s Day was my last day on the job.

But take heart in knowing I’ll be around and certainly through here on occasions across the next couple of years to bring you information about my adventure.

Have a very Happy New Year, and many more happy years to come.

Patsy R. Brumfield goes off intothe Mississippi sunset today,but you can still reach her at and read her blog, “Southfacin’ Cook,” on

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