PATSY BRUMFIELD: News brings new details on behavior

Patsy BrumfieldThis week, Singapore’s Scoot Airlines announced it will institute a $14 fee if you want to avoid sitting next to an under-12 child or infant. They’re calling it a “kids-free zone.”

Genius, but who is the genius?

The budget airlines is banking that none of us is a genius but wants to get away from the crying or whining. I think customers should be the smarter for realizing that $14 doesn’t get them out of earshot, just out of immediate proximity.

I’m not sure that’s a decent trade.

Frankly, I’ve often wanted to volunteer to sit by those crying babies, instead of forcing some younger person or non-childrened person to do so. I figure that after all the wailing and chattering I’ve endured in my own kids’ early lives, I can just tune it out.

Wonder if they will pay me the $14 for such a gesture? Really, though, it ought to be more – like a free ticket somewhere. That’s the ticket!

Also this week, I continue to be reminded that I am not as “hip” as I sometimes think I am … that it takes more than tweeting and blogging or whatever to make one a part of the 21st century, other than just living in it.

After Sunday’s Video Music Awards show on television, which I did not watch, I observed all the crazy “buzz” about poor Miley Cyrus’ performance with singer Robin Thicke, observed her trashy, minimalist outfit(s) and wondered at all that aggressive tongue action. But chiefly, I wondered what the news heads were talking about when they made references to “twerking.”

At first, I thought maybe it was something like tweeting, which is what you do when you post messages on

No, oh, no. Twerking has nothing to do with tweeting, I learned, although certainly I could tweet about twerking, if I could gain a new skeletal-muscular system.

I actually went on YouTube for a visual lesson after I studied a Wikipedia explanation of twerking. Well, I surely got my answer.

Yet, it seems to me that there’s nothing particularly new about this crouch-like, hip-slamming dance action. One report about poor Cyrus’ behavior said the activity is just old news anyway.

OK, so I didn’t even know what was old when I thought it might be new. At least I know well enough now not to bring it up if I belonged to any sort of polite society.

Way back in the recesses of my brain, I seem to recall seeing MC Hammer doing something like twerking years ago. Anybody who can remember Hammer Time should be thinking about retirement.

Whatever happened to MC anyway? That’s another question for the Internet, where many questions have answers.

Then there is the weeks-old hew and cry from political people to demand that President Barack Obama order some kind of military strike against Syria, whose government is strongly believed to have launched chemical weapons against its own people.

So when Obama decides rather abruptly that our Armed Forces are locked and loaded, some say to get congressional approval first.

Are you kidding me? We can’t even get a congressional vote to avoid crashing the stock market, much less launch a missile strike.

I say let’s put these folks on a very long Scoot Airlines flight full of crying babies and see how they like it. The Syrian government, too.

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