PATSY BRUMFIELD: Sometimes, some things have purpose



Some people believe that for all things, there is a higher purpose.Sometimes, it’s hard to disagree with that faith.

Take for example, Ashland attorney John Booth Farese, a man who has survived at least two private plane crashes.

Recently, he and I were talking about a lawsuit I was interested in. But John Booth had a better story.

Seems that he and some friends were spending Thanksgiving holidays in northern California, that gorgeous place of blue water, rolling landscape, wineries, great food, you name it.

As they drove down the scenic highway, they came upon a line of nearly halted traffic.

Bad wreck up ahead.

Apparently, a driver had pulled out in front of a motorcyclist and his cycle, and they collided, sending the bike 12 inches into the side-rear of the vehicle and the cyclist straight up into the air.

When he came down, it was a serious impact with the highway.

Someone got out of his vehicle and began directing traffic to stop, as well as trying to keep the traffic away from the seriously injured cyclist.

By the time John Booth and his friends arrived minutes later, things had gotten dire.

John Booth, who says he’s represented hundreds, perhaps thousands of accident clients, climbed out of his vehicle with one of his traveling companions. And they went to see if they could help.

John Booth automatically began an assessment of the scene, and he heard the helpful motorist say he thought the motorcyclist had stopped breathing. The hurt man’s color looked bad.

What happened next was nothing short of miraculous or a remarkable coincidence: John Booth’s traveling companion is a thoracic surgeon.

The doctor immediately began chest compressions on the injured man. Nothing. More compressions.

Suddenly, the bleeding cyclist heaved a quantity of fluid and began to breathe again.

John Booth began to take photographs of the scene and directed the ambulance for the emergency personnel to take care of the injured cyclist.

I can’t remember whether he said the doctor rode in the ambulance with the man, but in any case, the man was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of his serious injuries.

The next day or so, John Booth said he and his doctor friend called the hospital and spoke with the man’s father.

The dad reported his son was badly hurt but alive and on the mend. His thanks were profuse.

Later, they went by the hospital to check on the mending man.

John Booth never will believe that their coincidental arrival on the wreck scene was anything but an act of God.

A lawyer and a doctor, what more could anyone need at the scene of a serious accident?

“We were meant to be there,” he said.

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  • Mikoma

    God works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform.