PATSY BRUMFIELD: What feeds Mr. Danger’s crazy ways?

Patsy BrumfieldWhat is it about risky, inappropriate behavior that is so appealing to some people?

Perhaps you are like I am – constantly amazed, but I guess not surprised, that some people in the public spotlight cannot help themselves from doing ridiculously bad things.

Take Carlos Danger, for instance. Who, you ask?

Carlos Danger is the electronic communication name chosen by former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner when he dispatched his own overly revealing photos and racy texts to various women, whom I guess he knew.

Carlos Danger. You gotta wonder where that came from. Surely that is a story, too.

This is a man, whose political ambition and personal gumption have no bounds. He’s making an aggressive campaign for mayor of New York City, after his abrupt departure from the U.S. House when his titillating tweets came to light.

When he announced for the mayor’s race, he correctly sought to “inoculate” himself from the extreme likelihood that other indiscretions would surface.

No kidding.

Carlos Danger. I just keep saying it over and over in my head. How ridiculous is that? If his campaign is successful, will the public address him as Mayor Danger? What a temptation. Oops, wrong word.

And Lawdy, his wife is steadfastly defending him as the man she loves, has forgiven and believes in. You almost wonder if she knows he is the secret heir to financial guru Warren Buffett or something.

Truthfully, she’s probably got a lot of herself invested in their relationship. I believe they had a child between the House departure and the mayor run, so you’d have to think she cares about keeping her family together.

But don’t you wonder if she’s taken away all his electronic devices, like families of alcoholics clean out the liquor cabinet?

Perhaps she’s just hoping to ride this thing out the way Hillary Clinton did. After all that crazy scandal with President Bill Clinton, years and good deeds have gone by until some polls show he is one of the world’s most admired people. But Carlos is no Clinton, although redemption is possible. We love to forgive a sinner.

It’s possible, though, that forgiveness fails to be extended to a serial sinner, especially one with a massively hilarious screen name like Carlos Danger.

Years ago, I once worked in physical proximity, not worked for, to a political person whom I overheard lying frequently. Some of it was very minuscule kind of stuff.

He just loved to behave in a risky manner, it seemed.

Later the behavior escalated to more serious areas of his life. His marriage blew up and his political chances fell to practically zero. But I’m sure he still harbors ideas of a grand return.

Perhaps he should watch Anthony/Carlos’ attempted comeback. Perhaps we all should watch it with the shock and head-shaking it deserves. Oh, you might say, Anthony/Carlos lives in New York City – what do you expect?

As a voter, I expect my elected officials and candidates for office to behave themselves.

They should be people to be admired, who’ve lived solid lives worth the reward of public trust.

Forgiveness is one thing. Respect is quite another.

Carlos Danger, how ridiculous.

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