PATSY R. BRUMFIELD: Doggies, fear the li’l acorn

By Patsy R. Brumfield/NEMS Daily Journal

It’s a difficult time of year for Nana and Grandpup Bonnie. Finally, after weeks of just lying there, the neighborhood acorns beg for Bonnie’s attention like flora Sirens.
And just like those mythological taunters to sailors, The Googles say acorns are bad for dogs.
Frankly, Miss Bon appears to take great care in selecting just the right one. She is a discriminating acorn-eater.
We’ve been living a fairly simple life these past 16 months while Bon awaits the right moment to join her mother, who’s making plans to move to The Big Easy.
We walk around the few blocks in the morning, she goes to Doggie Care during the day, we repeat the blocks-walk at dusk, then one more jaunt outside before bedtime.
Miss Bon is a genial companion. She doesn’t vocalize about my TV shows, even the loud football games or the zombie screams on The Walking Dead.
In the evenings, she alternates between lying across her half of the sofa asleep and cooling her tummy on the stone hearth asleep. At bedtime, she’s most amiable and only takes up three-quarters of my queen-size bed while she sleeps. Occasionally, she emits some rather impressive snores. It’s better than a white-noise machine.
And so, it’s our second fall to address the acorn situation. They don’t look like much lying there on the sidewalk or crowded into the street gutters. But Bonnie will sniff across many while apparently looking for the bon-bon of oakdom. She’s careful to crack the shell then spit it out and go after whatever allegedly tasty morsels are offered up. For the past two weeks, we’ve walked past a veritable sea of acorns and Bon hasn’t paid them any mind – until now. Ring the bell. It must be acorn harvest time!
Monday night, Bon’s Mama asked for some squash on the Thanksgiving dinner table.
The Pilgrims may have worked out an acorn pie or perhaps a tasty little chutney with wild onions. But Bonnie need not suggest an acorn doggie treat – as I’ve said, The Googles say acorns are bad for dogs. Perhaps that’s why I’ve noticed a few gaseous emissions coming from Miss Princess “sur la sofa” the past few nights.
We all have our gastronomic cravings that can prove socially difficult. My failings come with red beans and rice or what we call Tuna Bean Salad, with lots of garlic, tuna, vinegar, green onions, celery, olive oil and kidney beans. Yummy on tomato wedges or just atop a good ole cracker. My son admits he has trouble with lentils, which his health-conscious wife told him he’d adjust to. Au contraire, my darling daughter-in-law.
If that weren’t bad enough, now we’ve got to worry about Bonnie and those acorns.
My research on the Googles advises that acorn poisoning has proved serious, especially for cattle, especially if they intake as much as 6 percent of their body weight in acorns. I did a small calculation, remarkable for a journalism major, and determined that Bonnie will have to eat at least a pound of acorns to cause bloody stools and renal failure.
Perhaps I’m being a little too cautious, but Miss Bon is quite cute the precious pup.
Guess we’ll avoid that nice stretch of Robins Street until the pesky squirrels have done their worst.
Patsy R. Brumfield writes a Thursday column. Contact her at (662) 678-1596 or Follow her on Twitter @realnewsqueen.

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