PATSY R. BRUMFIELD: Isn't our beer mug half full?

By Patsy R. Brumfield/NEMS Daily Journal

If not Friday, then Saturday, NASA scientists expect a very large, once orbiting satellite to come crashing back to Earth.
They are seriously concerned that big pieces of it may survive a fiery entry and fall into a congested, heavily populated area and cause severe destruction.
They advise anyone who finds a piece not to touch it. Radioactivity or some such menace.
So, these scientists are busily calculating where the satellite will end up.
They say that if they miss the timing, even by just a few seconds, the falling boxcar-sized deal could wind up thousands of miles from where they predict.
This news caused me to wonder if they still have any way to steer this potentially destructive machine.
Perhaps the safest place for everybody would be if it came down in Ole Miss’ Vaught-Hemingway Stadium on Saturday.
Besides the Mojave Desert, it may be the sparcest populated zone anywhere in the United States.
Oooooh, Patsy! Bad one there!

• • •

Sorry for the cheap shot. I remain a Rebel fan, despite the current football difficulties.
As old as I am, I’ve seen deja vu all over again. Up and bowl games. Down and screaming for human sacrifice.
Well, at least the Ed Orgeron Era is over.
Some of us even remember the bumper sticker, “Will Rogers Never Met Billy Kinard.”
Perhaps, sadly, it’s just time to stop worrying about this stuff. I don’t know what repairs are necessary, except that the offensive line should stop reading its pre-season press releases.
Even Eli has his bad days, uh, seasons.
I think some of this sting comes from the obvious success by Mississippi State. Clearly, if they were floating around in the proverbial cellar with the Rebs, it wouldn’t feel so lonely.
Misery loves company and all that.
As I said, maybe we should just concentrate on academics. Ole Miss just received major kudos by national publications for offering some programs on par with top-flight Ivy League institutions.
The Oxford campus also gained recognition as the country’s most beautiful.
Maybe our approach should be like those people who read Playboy “for the articles.”
Maybe they’ll just say to each other on football weekends, “I really just come here for The Grove.”
Perhaps the UM-based Southern Foodways Alliance could host televised weekend cooking shows from the oak-shaded grounds.
I’d be willing to pit my gumbo or red beans and rice against all comers.
Let’s just tell ourselves the beer mug is half full.
I bet that’ll work.
Patsy R. Brumfield, UM Class of ’71 (She and Archie are the same age), writes a Thursday column for the Daily Journal. Contact her at

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