PATSY R. BRUMFIELD: Let’s talk: Moles and a heavy purse

By Patsy R. Brumfield/NEMS Daily Journal

Wow, did you see that video from a Florida school board meeting, where a guy came in with a gun and actually shot at board members?
Fortunately, he missed.
But tragically, the man took his own life after a security guard shot him in the leg.
The entire video is amazing and horrifying.
Perhaps the gutsiest part shows a female board member, who probably was coming back from the restroom, sling her purse at the gunman’s hand in an attempt to disarm him.
I saw her on the news Wednesday, and she said that when her purse action was insufficient for its goal, she knew it was likely the last thing she would ever do.
Oddly enough, the gunman just sort of ignored her and went back to ranting at the rest of the board, cowering behind their meeting table.
It’s hard, well impossible, to know how you’d react to a situation like that. But unless you’re living or working in an armed fortress, it could happen.
Perhaps that’s why I carry a gigantic purse that must weigh 10 pounds – surely, the torque from my own massive, well-aimed swing could bring down a buffalo, no less a gunman.
Now, let’s talk about moles.
Several weeks ago, I lamented that moles had arrived in my yard.
I got calls for days and days. Everybody had a cure, from traps and ornery boys with BB guns to trained cats and dogs.
Earlier this week, Jack Cantrell of Monroe County – a mighty spry octogenarian – brought me a bag of castor-bean pods, which he promises will run off those pesky critters, if I’ll get the hairy looking seed burrs in the ground.
I know enough about castor bean seeds to use caution. Does anybody else remember that 1978 “60 Minutes” episode about Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov, whom authorities believe was stabbed in the leg with a “killer umbrella” laden with ricin, which is poison from castor bean seeds?
I can’t tell you what happened yesterday, but that episode has stuck with me more than 30 years.
Perhaps I will just take garden guru Felder Rushing’s advice about most things annoying and take off my glasses.
It’s too good dad-blamed cold outside right now to worry about anything except staying indoors.
I’ve been using my pre-holidays time wisely, and I’ve set up my sewing machine in front of the TV so I stitch and watch all brands of whatever football is left.
Curse the snowstorm in Minnesota for vanquishing the treasured Vikings-N.Y. Giants showdown on Sunday to Detroit, after a massive snowfall ripped a big hole in the Metrodome’s roof before gametime.
The contest was played Monday night, but unless you had a specially tuned crystal ball, you couldn’t see it. Drat.
My best effort so far at the sewing machine is a really darling raincoat for my grandpuppy, Bonnie.
Perhaps I should make her a purse, too, for doggy protection on her morning walks.

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