PATSY R. BRUMFIELD: Miss Bonnie returns for holiday visit

What delights this past Mother’s Day weekend brought – Grandpup Bonnie came to visit Nana, and of equal importance, her mama was wearing some very nice bling on her left-hand ring finger.

What more can a Nana want than a lapful of Bonnie and a wedding in the distance?

I expected the Crescent City couple mid-way through Friday evening, and as the appointed time approached, I heard familiar barking outside.

Humans aside, Bonnie appears to be fitting in nicely back home with her mama after a lengthy spell with me in Tupelo. She’s lost a little of those extra ounces so lovingly acquired from at-home and at-day care treats.

She and her mama also have stepped up the exercise with a Pooch to 5k regime, which brings them three days a week to fabled St. Charles Avenue with some running, then walking patterns.

So, it was a mighty nice reunion for me and the Grandpup, although I didn’t mind so much the goodbye on Sunday. Miss Bon is back where she belongs.

As for her mama’s plans, it looks like the engaged couple looks toward spring 2014 with some importance placed on a crawfish boil for the rehearsal dinner. I await further instructions.

It’s mighty nice, for a second time, to have adults making their own decisions about a wedding and just letting me know what kind of assistance, if any, they require from the “mother of.”

Gardenwise, Mother Nature did not get a card from me.

And, as Monty Python is fond of saying, now for something completely different.

Bless their hearts, really, actress Angelina Jolie and CNN anchor Zoraida Sambolin have brought it home, front and center, about their issues with breast cancer.

We all appreciate Jolie’s candor in her decision to have preventive double mastectomy surgery, facing very high odds she’d develop the disease.

As Sambolin came to work this week to report Jolie’s story, she also reports she has breast cancer and will have double mastectomy surgery.

Goodness, they have my prayers for their good health.

While their very public announcements remind us about this potential killer, other issues come to my mind.

Of course, Jolie and probably Sambolin can afford the best treatment and reconstructive surgeries available. For many other women, these options may not be so readily available, and so their decision-making and choices may be different.

I also hope CNN has not “struck gold” for a new medical series with Sambolin’s surgery and recovery, a la ABC’s continuing coverage of Mississippian Robin Roberts’ battles with cancer.

While I appreciate the good these projects do, it makes me squirm a little bit to see mass media profiting in a way from the travails of their employees.

Such coverage can become a reality soap opera, which makes me a little nauseated with its lack of privacy and discretion under difficult circumstances.

I certainly wish these folks well, but I really don’t want to see it unfold over breakfast. Guess that’s what the “off” button is for, huh?

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