PATSY R. BRUMFIELD: Oops, good to remember Newton’s third law of motion

Dear Gen. Stanley McChrystal,
Advice good for anybody: Do not grant interviews to Rolling Stone magazine.
Of course, I am a very big supporter of the First Amendment. Freedom of Speech/Press and all that.
Certainly, we Americans have the right to say whatever we want to say, or write whatever we want to write. It’s just that the “whatever” comes with consequences.
If you say something bad or defamatory, or write something libelous, be prepared for the derision, the loss of your job, the lawsuit. I think you get my drift.
General, you were the Big Guy in the Afghan-Pakistan war. The only one left to replace you with was Gen. Petraeus, and he fainted last week.
What ever possessed you or your aides to speak on the record with such derision about the guys who write your checks?
Sure, there’s nothing wrong with thinking as much.
Few people get into trouble for their thoughts, except for Jimmy Carter. But that’s because he told Playboy magazine, that at times, he actually “lusted” and “committed adultery” in his heart for women other than dear Rosalynn.
Being out there in the public domain all day is a scary place. You gotta be on guard every minute against saying something inappropriate or that can be taken out of context to seem like something else.
One time, when I was very much less important than you, General, I made a conscious decision to do something pretty outlandish during a political campaign.
I decided that when I was at an event for the opposing candidate and he said something that wasn’t true, or if he asked a question he really didn’t want an answer for, I was going to step up and respond.
So, that occasion came. And I did. I raised my hand and said whatever he had said wasn’t true.
It just so happens that this was a Law-and-Order event attended by about 300 armed policemen. You would have thought I was a skunk because they all just peeled away and held onto the walls, as I stood defiantly in the middle of the room.
Of course, after the candidate’s initial shock and his insistence that we get into a shouting match, I was politely asked to leave the room, which I did with great dignity.
But I knew I was going to get kicked out.
Gen. McChrystal, you obviously didn’t think you’d get kicked out because of those remarks about your Commander in Chief or his associates.
For the life of me, I can’t imagine why you didn’t.
Just goes to show the danger in the Danger Zone may be yourself.

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Patsy R. Brumfield/NEMS Daily Journal

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