PATSY R. BRUMFIELD: So amazing: Skypin' pup, stinkin' vote

By Patsy R. Brumfield/NEMS Daily Journal

The marvels of modern technology never fail. My precious engineer daughter just moved to The Crescent City, and while she and her techno-savvy beau were here at Christmas, he fixed me up to use Skype on the Internet.
For you not-so-techno folks, Skype is some kind of hook-up that lets your computer connect with another Skyper so that the two of you can see each other and talk.
It’s almost like being together, just no hand-holding or hugging possible.
This is how good and real it is:
Tuesday night, Margaret and I were chatting for the first time over Skype when I heard this pitty-pat, pitty-pat and wondered what it was.
Then, I heard this thump, thump, thump of Grandpup Bonnie speedily coming down the stairs.
That’s odd, I thought.
The very intelligent Bonnie has a habit of climbing to the second stair and staring at me, on the couch, when she wants to go outside. But this little exercise seemed different.
That’s because it was – Bonnie heard me talking to Margaret, her “Mama,” and heard Margaret talking to me. Bonnie apparently figured Margaret must be upstairs, so she went to find her.
When she didn’t, Bonnie came back downstairs, surely a bit confused.
As the pup started making plaintive squeeking noises, I picked her up and put her in my lap so that she, too, could Skype with Margaret.
For you blessed readers who have been keeping up with my exploits with the Grandpuppy, we believe she absolutely, positively will be moving to The Big Easy by early March when I will drive down there for a federal court hearing.
I know, I’ve thought this was happening before – through much of the past 20 months the sweet dumpling has been living with Nana. But, it’s going to work this time.
Oh, aren’t you going to miss her? people ask me. Well, sure, I have feelings.
But, as I respond, if I wanted a dog, I’d have a dog. This way, I can visit the Grandpup and then come home to a clean house.
Now, I must not let this moment pass as the 10-millionth person to publicly castigate (that’s a good word, isn’t it?) one of Mississippi’s congressmen, Rep. Steven Palazzo of the Gulf Coast.
Mr. Palazzo, as you may have heard, had the hypocritical gall to vote against federal aid for the victims of 2012’s Superstorm Sandy, after years and years of our state’s sucking through the FEMA straw from our own natural disasters.
Dare I say, with Hurricane Katrina, Mississippians suffered greatly from seriously strong winds at least as far north as Starkville.
We all watched in horror back last Halloween as Sandy tore apart thousands of people’s homes and lives. These people lost everything and rightfully looked to their federal and state governments for help.
As loud criticism rose toward Palazzo’s no-vote on a $6-billion aid package, his office scrambled to make excuses. He said the deal should have included “spending offsets.”
I don’t recall any financial strings being attached to Katrina relief.
Shame on you, Mr. Palazzo. You embarrass all the rest of us who believe we help our countrymen, then figure out what to do next.
What a real stinker.
Patsy R. Brumfield writes a Thursday column. Contact her at (662) 678-1596 or Follow her on Twitter @realnewsqueen.

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