PATSY R. BRUMFIELD: Sunshine brings joy, gardening

By Patsy R. Brumfield/NEMS Daily Journal

Quick advice to anybody anticipating publication of your name: Get a good alias.
Just saw this one on a new federal charge – “justamalelkn4ababe.”
My attorney son admonishes colleagues to be wary of including aliases when they file appeals. His latest notice: “Two Pistols” for a man convicted of armed robbery.


Did everybody just forget about winter this past weekend?
By late Sunday, I think the folks at the region’s garden centers were forced to take medicine for their aching shoulders because so many people just rushed out of their winter incarcerations for some much-longed-for yard time.
I could barely contain myself, and on Sunday even got out the tiller for some serious lower-garden time when I realized the earth looked just right for the task.
I’d already picked up 10 bags of compost, so I got started by breaking up the winter-overed soil and improving it with the cotton-burr product.
I’ve realized that all this hard work and augmentation is paying off – I saw quite a few red worms amongst the dirt as I sent it spinning. Garden guy Felder Rushing would agreed indeed that the worms’ presence is a good sign.
Boy, did I have fun. My little equipment is electric, so it doesn’t wake up the entire neighborhood.
But my latest acquisition probably made up for the purring tiller. I got that 6-foot long galvanized metal water trough in which to grow my expanded hops crop.
Of course, I had to punch some holes in the bottom for drainage. Good thing I had a stout metal spike and a strong mallet, which got the job done despite its ringing noise.
Now, I can look forward to building some trellises on which the vines can run.
I’ve still got the “upper” garden to till and amend, but that won’t take too much time. Hopefully, the weather gods will be kind again this weekend.
What was most wonderful about the experience, notwithstanding being out in the warm sunshine for hours, was the sitting.
I pulled out my best yard chair, after the tilling was done, and sat to admire the work.
Then there’s the corn, cucumbers, egg plants, tomatoes, bell pepper, hot peppers, okra and melons. I’ve given up on squash.
The gardening life takes more than a strong back. It takes a little courage and a lot of dreaming. It’s also the best entertainment I’ve ever found – just me and the seeds and the plants.
Oh sure, it’s going to get cold a time or two again. We gardeners will make some educated decisions.
But what joy that we’re finally there again.

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