PATSY R. BRUMFIELD: Too much rain makes Nana nuts

By Patsy R. Brumfield/NEMS Daily Journal

Labor Day weekend was a joy and a misery. Folks with small children may have looked to their DVD collections, the local movie houses or some other amusement.
It made me recall the days when my mother would break out the card table, put a blanket over it – voila! a playhouse or a fort for us.
Other times, she’d pull out a wool blanket, spread it across the floor and mix up a big ole bowl of soap suds. We’d use bare thread spools for blowers, and my, it was a great time.
You younger readers are probably rolling your eyes at such primitive methods of entertainment.
But you gotta remember, few people had TVs back then.
So, a rainy day could turn into a fun day, despite the bleak world outside.
This past weekend, Mother Nature made up for all those dry, hot days. But she did so, at my house, mostly in a gentle way, although it was absolutely constant.
Thus came my greatest challenge with Grandpup Bonnie.
Hey, Sweet Bonnie, I’d say to her. Looks like it’s time for us to go out and take care of things, you know? Let’s get your harness on, Sweet Bonnie, and we’ll just pop out for a quickie.
As I’ve mentioned, Cavalier Bonnie is a most agreeable pup most of the time. I think she’d leave with Adolph Hitler, if he had the right approach.
But Sweet Bonnie has a tiny stubborn streak, especially when it comes to rain.
We’d walk to the back door and she’d dig her front paws into the floor like, “Nana, are you kidding? I’m not going out there!”
I’d try to remain calm, so as not to let her know she was annoying me, and then I’d grab my umbrella, scoop her up and take off outside, praying for any kind of appealing slice of grass to coax her into the obvious.
I’m sure drivers-by found it most amusing to see a poor creature such as I begging a small white dog for any sort of positive response, all the while the rain coming down.
Sometimes it worked. Sometimes not.
Regardless, we’d return to the house and dry off. Words of encouragement were meted out appropriately. Treats were meted out as deserved.
Thanks to Tropical Storm Lee, this in-and-out begging routine went on Saturday through Monday.
Thank heavens, I said to myself on Tuesday as I got ready for work.
Much to my horror, Doggie Day Care was closed to day-girls like Bonnie. I’d forgotten they still were jammed with holiday boarders.
Back home we went. Much thanks to a sweet neighbor who likes Bonnie a whole lot. They spent a nice day together, napping as often as possible, I think.
So, welcome sunshine. And welcome cooler temps.
Let’s just try to even out some of this climate stuff so Nana and Grandpup can stay on good terms a bit longer.
Patsy R. Brumfield writes a Thursday column for the Daily Journal. Contact her at (662) 678-1596.

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