PATSY R. BRUMFIELD: Wrap/wrap, I'd better get moving

By Patsy R. Brumfield/NEMS Daily Journal

Grandpup’s getting a groom, I’ve re-arranged the living room furniture and the kitchen cabinets are organized.
It must be almost Christmas.
Actually, I’ve done a most dangerous thing – I’ve hardly bought a single gift and I’m wondering how long I can put this off.
Still, I’ve got to ship my brother’s stuff, but I’ve got an unexpected road trip to my sister’s, which means I can take hers.
Really, I think I can take care of this under-tree vacancy without much trouble.
(Really, she said to herself 10 days out from the holiday.)
I think this is all about my telling myself not to go crazy, as I’ve done years before. Frankly, I don’t know anybody who can afford to go crazy any more.
We also had a wedding in our family this past fall, so it’s just defused some of my holiday madness.
Don’t worry, the house is decorated and the heating system filters are new. That’s a lot.
I think I’m more interested in the holiday menu.
Giada got me all worked up earlier this week with a garlic-and-thyme coated prime-rib roast.
Got me to thinking about that pot roast and veggies Margaret asked for, and then there’s that great Coq au Vin recipe from Martha’s magazine.
Garlic mashed potatoes with edamame, or tangy sweet potato baked “fries.”
And a big ole pot of vegetable soup.
Grandpup Bonnie will keep praying, as always, that something drops inadvertently from the dining room table. She always does. It always doesn’t.
She’s hardly deprived, though, with nutritious treats and a little dollop of peanut butter to coax that antihistamine down for her allergies.
This dosing’s gotten so crazy that all I have to say is “medicine” and she jumps up and heads to the kitchen. She sits patiently beside the cabinet as I rig up the spoon-tip of peanut butter with the pill.
She also likes popcorn. Well, who doesn’t, although I don’t put any salt on hers. I consider that it’s probably good ruffage for both of us, in moderation.
One more good reason Bonnie doesn’t go to the movies. She would be completely distracted by the concessions.
And finally, we’ve got a nice little thing on my street, with porch Christmas lights. My neighbors Tina and Melanie have decked brightly, and I’ve got my “Blue Christmas” thing going.
But we are all put to shame by a fully bedecked house just a block over in Highland Circle District on Madison Street just north of Jackson Avenue.
I hope that’s good enough directions to get you there.
The all-white-lighted house on the east is nice but it doesn’t compared to the glow to its west. If you drive on Madison, you can’t miss it.
It’s utterly fabulous with zillions of colored lights wrapping the whole house.
I’m sure to take my house guests by there for a view, in between shopping and eating.
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