POINT-COUNTERPOINT: Applying moral lessons in public policy



Before this year is out, hundreds of thousands of Mississippians – literally – will flock to emergency rooms across this state, as a last gap measure to receive badly needed health care.

Thousands of others will not even make the trek to emergency rooms, for fear they will be turned away or subjected to harsh treatment because they have no health insurance.

Almost all of these would not have had to undergo such trepidations and indignation if Mississippi lawmakers would just do the right thing and expand Medicaid, and even further, participate in the Affordable Care Act. But as we all know, the mind-set in our state is to fight those things which make us more inclusive and support those policies which make us more exclusive (more on that in my March diversity column in the Daily Journal).

We are such hypocrites in this state. We tout ourselves as being the state that gives more per capita to charities, yet thousands of babies in this state go to bed sick each night. We bandy the phrase “fiscal conservative” about as a badge of honor, but what we really mean is we care more about protecting the privileged and affluent than caring for the poor, sick and elderly.

Mississippi lawmakers should expand health care for our people in this state if for no other reason than to affirm our faith in the Christian ethic of “love thy neighbor.”Admittedly, I have vast differences with our conservative lawmakers on matters of public policy and fiscal administration. But I just can’t believe we differ vastly on the affirmation of our common faith.

As Christians – especially Christian lawmakers and policymakers – we are supposed to find ways to affirm our faith – help the poor, care for the sick.

All of our Mississippi leaders who are in the position to lead should lead. They should put their professions of faith before politics. Otherwise, they are turning our professions of Christianfaith, and love for the needy, squarely on their heads. See Matthew 25:36.




James, Proverbs says give instruction to the wise and the wise become wiser. Our leaders in D.C. can help our poor, sick and elderly more than our leaders in Jackson. Before we expand Medicaid let us expand our economy. Expanding Medicaid is like adding chairs to the deck of the Titanic! The Affordable Care Act is sinking! To help our citizens in need we must expand our economy. But leaders in D.C. are blocking prosperity’s doorway. Experts tell us that with fracking technology America can become the top exporter of energy on this planet. Boneheaded decisions have stalled efforts to create jobs – which hurt the poor the most! I say build the Keystone Pipeline, drill, baby, drill, in Alaska’s ANWAR region, explore for oil on public lands, and reduce the outrageously high corporate tax rate so that our international businesses can bring home the bacon! Expand our economy! Create jobs!

Liberals like to play on emotions, but all Mississippi citizens under the age of 19 in need have had taxpayer supported CHIPS and Medicaid for years. Medicaid expansion disasters are brewing in other states. Let’s see what happens there before expanding.

I am so glad that you brought up the scripture. You must read scripture in its context. Jesus is talking about the poor but he is talking about the poor at the end of the age – those who refuse to wear the mark of the beast! Those who do not bow down and worship the antichrist will not be allowed to buy or sell jobless! These verses may apply more about Christians persecuted today who lose their jobs because they refuse to bow down and worship at the altar of political correctness than they do any other group. Before we obligate taxpayers to bear another burden please read 1 Timothy chapter 5 – compassionate but responsible.

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    MS 1st in virtually every life-threatening health
    care metric and dead last in economic growth: and this is how you debate today’s politics
    with phrases like ‘mark of the beast’!?
    You do a lot of finger-pointing but where are the solutions gentlemen? I’d seriously question a Dr who points to
    Medicare expansion for kids when he knows full well early detection /
    preventative care benefits the middle age demographic the most.

  • barney fife

    Yeah … when all else fails, do attempt to out-guilt one another with quotes from that fine old book of fiction. That solves everything.
    Meanwhile, the poor continue to get screwed. Excellent work, gents.
    Good christians indeed.

  • 1941641

    Let the Battle Begin between theists and non-theists. It must begin and end sooner or later. The time is right!