POINT-COUNTERPOINT: Who’s best for Mississippi?



After years of criticizing Democratic Party government, and promising things would be different, the Mississippi Republican Party has shown us why the most logical choice in this November’s Senate election is former Congressman Travis Childers from Booneville. Just look at the choices they have given themselves in the primary.

On the one hand we have a venerable – some would say beloved – statesman in the man of Thad Cochran, who has totally outlived his productive years in Washington and grown, sadly, out of touch.

And on the other hand, there is Republican state Sen. Chris McDaniel, who is willfully out of touch, and thrives on extremist views.

The GOP knows that Sen. Cochran can’t possibly endure another six years of Washington’s intense pace, so they have a contingency plan to hold on to his seat, but first they must deal with that pesky McDaniel. McDaniel and the Tea Party faithful say Sen. Cochran hasn’t been conservative enough, but a look at his record would suggest otherwise.

Most of Sen. Cochran’s votes, I find myself opposed to, yet not the gentleman himself. But, respectfully, the years he’s toiled in the Senate and his health have become liabilities in his effectiveness as a strong senator.

Mainstream Mississippi Republicans, on the other hand, shudder at the thought of McDaniel taking his anti-establishment philosophy of conservatism to Washington.

So the Republicans have a choice in their June primary of someone who’s out of touch or someone who’s out of tune.

That’s why the real and only choice in November is Childers. Not because he’s a Democrat – well, maybe a little – but because he can pick up where Cochran leaves off.

In temperament, judgment and support of legislative policies which benefit constituent’s lives, Travis Childers is the heir apparent to Thad Cochran, not Chris McDaniel.




James, you have a distorted dream. Have you smoked anything in Colorado lately? Either Republican candidate will defeat Travis Childers in November. The fact that the Republicans are having a primary battle demonstrates the strength of diverse ideas within their party – you support diversity.

Democrats are like wind-up dolls repeating the leadership’s mantra. Take Mississippi, for example, where well over 80 percent of the voters amended our state constitution to protect traditional marriage. The Democratic Party has driven marriage equality and Mississippi Democrats have just bowed down to the agenda without any pushback. Notice I didn’t say same-sex marriage because their agenda goes much further than that. And yet in 2015 many Mississippians will have to decide if they want to run for county offices under the banner of this far-left party.

Now as to the two Republican candidates, McDaniel is a strong challenger. But the way you describe Thad as a weak warrior who has outlived his political strengths is so erroneous that it would be more likely for the Mississippi Gulf to freeze solid before he could ever be called weak and ineffective. Ask the negotiators of the recently passed farm bill who worked the hardest. And when Mississippi needs a leader to deliver disaster aid like after Hurricane Katrina who does that best?

Now how about the possibility of Mississippi losing our National Guard’s 155th. When it comes to batting at the plate and swinging to keep our 155th and other important issues who would you rather have in the batter’s box? Travis Childers? Chris McDaniel? Or Thad “the Babe Ruth of appropriations negotiations” Cochran? Mississippi has bases loaded, voters will choose who swings the bat. Choose wisely Mississippi, we need a grand slam!

Dr. Ed Holliday is a Tupelo dentist who has written two successful books. Contact him at ed@teaparty.ms. The Rev. James Hull is an award-wining journalist and a political consultant. You may contact him at hullmultimediams@aol.com.

  • barney fife

    The GOP presents as the party looking back to the past and as such is out of touch with today’s society.

  • 1941641

    After reading the Holliday-Hull debate minutes ago, I would vote for Mr. Hull as winner of the debate. As for who I will support in the Senate campaign, Mr. Childers is starting to look more like the candidate for Cochran’s senate seat. Subject to Childers’ support of Obama Care.

  • Ells Worth

    The problem with our past in Mississippi is 100 years of democrat control has left us in last place. The election of Travis Childers as a democrat gives Dirty. Harry Reid more power, therefore helps the Obama agenda no matter how conservative Travis would vote. The best hope for Mississippi and America is to remove Reid as senate majority leader.
    The democrat party supports abortion, gay marriage and voted to eliminate the inclusion of any reference to God from their party platform. A democrat is a democrat, is a democrat no matter what color dog he represents.

    • FrereJocques

      Democrats, Shmemocrats. What has held MS back in last place for the past 100 years is not a political party, but what lies in the hearts and minds of its citizens. And discrimination is not indigenous to one particular political party.

      “The democrat party supports abortion, gay marriage and voted to
      eliminate the inclusion of any reference to God from their party
      platform.” Thank you for making my point for me. These are all issues that I support. Abortion rights in the law of the land. And besides, it is NOBODY ELSE’S BUSINESS what a woman chooses to do with her own body. The decision to have an abortion is between the woman, her Doctor, and her God. Period.

      Gay marriage is already the law in some states, and soon will be nationwide. Get over it.

      Only extremists believe that God, religion, and politics should be mingled. A mixture of these three elements leads to totalitarianism, death, destruction, loss of individual freedom and the lack of growth of economic industrial development, and education of the individual. One need look no further than the Middle East (with the exception of Israel) for proof positive of that statement.

      • Ells Worth

        The democrat party IS the party of PARASITES. And PERVERTS, just because some states seem to wallow in immorality does not mean that it will continue. Murder of a baby is murder regardless of whether in or out of the womb. You should equate the barbaric murder of babies to the middle east killings. At least you have a fighting chance if you are grown people.
        The. Only proof you offer is your own sick logic.
        One thing for sure, you do not post with your true identity and I would not either if I was ashamed of my self.

        • FrereJocques

          Parasites and perverts can be found in both conservative and liberal ranks. Immorality is in the eye of the beholder. A majority of people in this nation now believe that being homosexual is no more immoral than having green eyes. Babies are not being murdered. In the womb it is a zygote or a fetus.

          The only proof you offer for your beliefs is your own stuck-in-the-past 19th Century logic.

          And I am not ashamed of myself or my beliefs. It is necessary to protect one’s identity when you live in a place where many people disagree with you and are willing to do harm to you or your property to express their disagreement.

          • Ells Worth

            Now that is funny, I don’t care what anybody says. Opps, thought you were in the majority.

        • 1941641

          I don’t post with my true identity either. It was my choice. Like abortion is legally a woman’s choice here in America this very minute in time. This is still a Free Country, Ells. It sounds to me like you may have joined up with those who desire a theocratic form of government, for example: The “Dark Side Talibani” headquartered in Tupelo sounds a lot like they could be your mentors. They hate Gays, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Muslims, Democrats, Secularists, Atheists, Liberals, Progressives, Holly Wood and on and on…

          I don’t have any real problems with how you think. I’m aware, as are the majority of people out there, that sometimes, inevitably, **it h****ns!

    • 1941641

      “The problem with our past in Mississippi is 100 years of democrat control has left us in last place.” –Ells

      How totally dumb can you get, Ells? Nobody pays any attention to you. Why should they? You stink Ells. That’s why you attract so many green flies wherever you venture to go!

      I sincerely hope life starts to improve for you! You deserve it. Big time!

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