Published 4/17/96



Published 4/17/96

To the Editor:

This may be the only way someone will hear about Jesus.

There was a trailer park ministry in Plantersville. One Sunday during class at New Hope, it was mentioned that a youth from the trailer park had never seen a Bible before. How sad. I also read an article in the Daily Journal in which a woman stated that Easter was getting to be like Christmas, meaning receiving gifts. We’re putting too much commercialism in our holy holidays and leaving out the true meaning. This Easter I made a cross to put in my yard representing the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. I also made another cross for my niece, Marie, who lives in Pontotoc. A friend of hers not active in church come by her house for a visit. Seeing the cross in Marie’s yard, the friend asked what’s that? My niece said it’s a cross. The friend said I know, but why is it here? Marie said because it represents the crucifixion of Jesus. The friend said oh, I thought the klan had been here. What a shame that the first thought that came to mind was associated with violence instead of the true meaning the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ. A lady drove past my trailer one day and stopped. She made mention that she liked my cross and said that it’s thing like this that let’s us know the true meaning. So don’t take prayer and Bible out of our schools. Children need to know about Jesus.

Shirley Hall


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