SHEENA BARNETT: New geek show much needed

By Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

Kermit said it’s not easy being green. I’m sure it’s not, but I know it’s not easy being another G-word: geek.
That’s especially true if you’re in the South. The South is full of sweet tea and mud-ridin’ and horses, not Star Trek and Muggles and Bad Horse.
Come to think of it, the South doen’t play into geekiness much, either: I’m pretty sure “y’all” doesn’t translate to Kryptonian, Klingon or Elvish (and I said Elvish, not Elvis).
But it’s easier to be a geek if you’re a guy, even in the South, than it is to be a geek girl.
The South still loves that sweet, Scarlett O’Hara Southern belle stereotype.
Let’s face it: the South is more comfortable with a girl who dons designer dresses for a football game than a girl who creates costumes from thrift store clothes.
But we’re probably not paying much attention to all of that side-eyeing, because we’re too busy geeking out and having fun.
Like the Firefly crew, we geeks tend to stick together.
And we have our heroes, like Buffy, Sarah Connor or Princess Leia, to keep us company.
So we’ll keep geeking out, and maybe the rest of the South will catch up with us one day – assuming the South is ready to boldly go where it hasn’t before.

That’s a short version of the audition I gave last week to host the new web series, “Geek South,” created by Mississippi Public Broadcasting.
A few weeks ago, MPB asked all geeks to come forth and audition to host the show, which would run as 15 10-minute webisodes.
I don’t know yet if I got it, but I had so much fun auditioning, that was almost worth it all entirely.
Sure, I was grilled on my geeky knowledge – forgive me if I forgot the song playing at the end of that one “Supernatural” season finale! I stand by my defense of She-Ra! – but more importantly, I got to geek out with a roomful of, I assume, geeks who work for MPB.
We didn’t all love the same things, but we could appreciate the passion for our favorite things, whether it was Joss Whedon, My Little Pony or “Supernatural.”
And I hope that same passion and geekiness comes across on the show when it airs.
As we discussed in my audition, the South has always had a love affair with a good story, and isn’t that what geekiness is all about? We are so passionate about our stories, whether they’re about a young wizard and his friends, a 15-year-old girl chosen to slay demons or an alien baby who grows up to be the world’s greatest superhero.
We’re known for telling stories in the South, just not being obsessed with them. I guess there’s a difference in there for most, but not for me.
I’m just waiting on the rest of the South to get clued into the geekiness that brings me so much joy. Hopefully “Geek South” will be a good place to start.
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