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Weird things have happened, but nothing that couldn’t be explained away.

If I saw something out of the corner of my eye, it was a trick of the light. Isn’t every weird noise just “the house settling?” And that creepy feeling is there more because I want to feel it, not because I actually do.

I love ghost stories, and therefore, Halloween. As a kid I believed any and all ghost stories, no questions asked.

As I grew up, my investigative nature found me researching some of my favorite stories – but that, like a lot of things that happen when you grow up, kinda killed the magic. In just about every case I learned the story that led to the ghost’s death and haunting was mostly fluff or not true at all. My heart broke just a little each time.

In just the last year or so, I’ve settled from a gullible believer to a bit of a skeptic. One thing still hasn’t changed: I still love a good ghost story, true or not.

I’ve seen folks from all walks of life tell their own personal ghost stories on segments of “Unsolved Mysteries” or “My Ghost Story.”

I think there are some who go on shows like that for five minutes of fame. But there are some folks – hard-working, have-no-interest-in-gaining-notoriety kind of people – who tell their story and you just can’t help but wonder, what exactly did these people experience?

They weren’t out in an old cemetery or an abandoned house. They weren’t holding seances or also claiming they saw UFOs or Bigfoot. They were everyday people who claimed something was in their home.

That’s where you come in, gentle readers.

The South is full of famous ghost tales, some of which have some truth to them, a lot of them don’t. A lot of them are famous tales; I think everyone in Tupelo is familiar with Antoine, The Lyric’s resident spook.

But what about the ghosts – or at least, unexplained phenomena – no one knows about, or goes unreported?

I’m looking to explore the less well-known haunts in town for a story. If you believe there’s something in your house or business, email me. If you’re a paranormal investigator, email me.

I’d love to talk to people who honestly believe – and aren’t just looking to get some ink in the local paper – that they’ve seen a ghost, heard a ghost, captured one on video.

If you believe your house is haunted, I’d like to interview you.

If you have conducted paranormal investigations, I’d like to interview you.

I don’t know quite yet how this story will shape up, but I’m interested in the possibilities.

Turn this bit of a skeptic back into a believer.

Contact Sheena Barnett aboutyour ghosts at (662) 678-1580

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  • Kevin

    I don’t understand how this is relevant to anything that’s going on in the country, region, state, or in Tupelo these days.

    • Amal

      You might wanna skip the Cook of the Week feature for sure.

      • Kevin

        Kind of wondering, did the DJ put this in the print edition? If so, they’ll print anything!