Society seeks sites of veterans’ graves



Society seeks sites of veterans’ graves

The Mississippi Society, Sons of the American Revolution, is seeking the help of ancestors of Revolutionary War veterans who are buried in Mississippi, and of cemetery custodians who may be knowledgeable of such.

We want to compile a complete list of those buried in our state who fought to gain our independence. Secondly, we especially want to learn of any such patriot whose grave may not have a marker. Lastly, we want to know those who may have markers, but tombstones that do not expressly identify their having fought in our Revolution.

If you should have such knowledge, please pass to me the veteran’s name, the name of the cemetery in which he is buried, the location of that cemetery, whether the grave is marked, and if so, whether the marker expressly credits his Revolutionary War service.

Joseph L. Fant

MSSAR Graves and Landmarks Committee


GOP increases the money gap

In recent weeks, it has been reported that the gap between rich and poor has been growing in Mississippi. Is anyone surprised? I’m not. I could have predicted it would happen. It happens whenever the Republican Party has been in power for a while. The Republican Party exists for one purpose: to make the rich richer and the middle class poorer.

In recent years, Mississippi has become a Republican state. Before more people in Northeast Mississippi join the stampede to vote Republican, I would recommend that they consider what the Republican Party really stands for.

Shortly after the death of Abraham Lincoln, the “Grand Old Party” was taken over by big business and the special interest groups. Since then, practically every set of the party has favored the rich and powerful while working against the interests of the middle class and the working class.

Not only that, but every time the Republicans have been in power for a few years, the country has gone into a depression or a recession. This is not just political rhetoric. This can be proven by history.

There is one further statistic that is significant. After eight years of Reagan and four years of Bush, the millionaires were making more money and paying less taxes while the middle class and the working class were making less money and paying more taxes. That is what the Republican Party really stands for.

M. Joseph Emmons


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