SOUTHERN SENTINEL: Someone’s getting away with murder

Unsolved mysteries aren’t only on television.

A Tippah homicide earlier this year remains unsolved. Hopefully, a $10,000 reward now being offered by the family of the victim will change that. Hopefully, that money will cause someone to step forward, tell what they know, and give authorities the evidence they need to make an arrest in the case.

Anyone with information about the fatal shooting of Brian Little, who was then 30, at his home in late January of this year is asked to call Crime Stoppers of Northeast Mississippi, at 1-800-773-TIPS, or the Tippah County Sheriff’s Department at 837-9336. Those who call Crime Stoppers aren’t asked their names, and no caller ID is used. The group’s website is

Money can work miracles in terms of getting people to talk. The money won’t bring Brian back, but it will be worth it if it gets someone to give authorities the information that leads to a conviction in the case

Little was shot to death at his County Road 512 residence Monday, Jan. 26. Deputies found his body inside his mobile home.

Witnesses reported two white males fleeing Little’s mobile home in a 2007 silver Nissan. The car was found abandoned about eight miles away.

The car was owned by a female acquaintance of Little’s, Investigators say Little and the woman came back to the mobile home earlier that night. Two masked suspects in the home then tied up the woman in a bedroom. Witnesses heard two gunshots, and then the two men left the scene in the Nissan.

No arrests have been made in the case.

Put yourself in the family’s shoes. You, like they, would feel a sense of numbness, of loss. It would be hard to believe this really happened, and harder yet to believe that no one knows anything. Someone’s walking around that committed this crime. Regardless of the reason behind it, someone should be held accountable.

The old song goes: “The night has a thousand eyes.” So does the day. And with those thousand eyes are two thousand ears. Someone, somewhere, knows crucial information that can put a killer behind bars, and help bring closure to Little’s family and friends.

Until that person steps forward, a killer walks free, perhaps rubbing shoulders with you or your family or friends, free to kill again.

Until someone tells what they know, someone else has committed the perfect crime.

They’ve literally gotten away with murder.

This editorial originally appeared in the Southern Sentinel newspaper.

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