sunday letters

Deal with immigrants

now, or face failure

America must deal justly and sternly with 11 million illegal immigrants today, or deal hopelessly and helplessly with 111 million tomorrow.

Jimmy Reed


Tornado coverage

honored the memories

Thank you for the manner in which you have covered the news and the memories of so many of us about the Tupelo tornado. I have read your reports each day on my computer.

As you can see, each of us had memories that were very similar and yet each had different things we remembered about that night and the events of the days following.

My sincere thanks also for your reports about my Uncle Jim Burroughs and his family of thirteen members. They were mentioned by so many different people. I recommend a special award for your coverage.

Irma Murray Glover

Smackover, Ark.

New law targets

unlicensed catering

A new bill, signed by Gov. Barbour, will give the Mississippi Department of Health the authority to levy monetary fines against individuals that are preparing and selling food without the required food service permit.

Effective July 1, 2006, any unlicensed operator that is identified as preparing and serving food for pay will be subject to a fine of up to $1,000 for each violation. The new law does provide an exemption for businesses that generate less than $5,000 in annual sales of prepared foods.

While preserving the public health is the biggest concern, many illegal operators also do not have liability insurance to protect the consumers in the event of food poisoning.

The Mississippi Legislature should be applauded for their action on this important bill. Sen. Alan Nunnelee and Rep. Steve Holland, Chairmen of the

Public Health Committees, showed tremendous leadership in getting this bill passed.

When consumers hire a caterer, they should determine whether the caterer is in fact (has a permit).

The public can also view a list of all licensed caterers by going to the Health Department’s website, and follow the link “Restaurants and Caterers.” The restaurant industry employs over 70,000 individuals generating over $620 million in payroll.

The Mississippi Hospitality & Restaurant Association is a non-profit association composed of food service operators, lodging properties, attractions, convenience stores, casinos, suppliers and manufacturers.

Mike Cashion, Executive Director

Mississippi Hospitality & Restaurant Association


Lafayette County’s liquor

laws are all hypocrisy

Death and taxes are certain. So is change. Those that love the “status quo” avoid it like the plague.

Sadly our supervisors lack the courage, leadership, and vision to handle our rising tide. Most people think our county is”dry” for alcoholic beverages, yet the sheriff, aka supreme law of our land, let’s us “brown bag.” How noble. Actually the county is “dry” for beer. It voted that way before I was born.

It’s still dry for beer. so for gosh sakes don’t brown bag beer. But the fact is this county is “wet” for high test booze; otherwise known as alcoholic beverages over 5 percent alcoholic content. It voted itself that way August 13, 1966. Now Oxford has 43 alcoholic beverage permits. The county has none. Reckon why?

Just like the law says it provides local option and control. But since most counties had no zoning or ordinance authority to control booze outside city limits (our county still doesn’t), the law says if you are in the “wet” county but outside Oxford, you are still under prohibition. You can’t have a business permit to legally control and sell liquor unless you are first designated by the State Tax Commission as a “Qualified Resort Area” (QRA). Why aren’t there any QRA’s in Lafayette County?

Our supervisors think Sheriff East’s personal opinion is more important than his job. In fact, they think his personal opinion is more important than yours. Running scared? Perhaps. Lack of courage, leadership and vision? You bet.

Ok, so lets have another referendum. Heck, it could be the sheriff is right and we’d vote the county “dry” again. That would make booze illegal in Oxford, too. If I were one of the 43 permit holders I’d lose a little sleep over that.



Tupelo doctors failed

woman in time of need

Do we need doctors? On Monday, March 27, I was experiencing serious back and abdominal pain. I called by gynecologist and was told I could see him on April 26. I then called my internist.

Since I had not seen him for some time, I was considered a new patient and he could see me in May! I can understand a day or two, even a week, but a month or two! I did not think a trip to the emergency room was needed so I called Family Urgent Care and was able to see Lee Wallace. After an examination and X-rays I was given meds and sent home. It wasn’t a disc or serious problem, at least I don’t think.

How distressing to be established with doctors and when you are sick and need to see them they’re too busy. It seems we must need more doctors here in Tupelo. Maybe NMMC should be recruiting more doctors of general practice to fill this need. I’m sure they would not want everyone who needed to see a doctor and could not get an appointment for a month to visit the emergency room. Still hurting.

Jeanette Fandel


Support urged for law

restoring the Constitution

Yesterday I learned of bills in both House and Senate called the “Constitution Restoration Act,” HR 1070 and S. 520. In essence these bills would return to Congress the authority to make law (as originally specified in the Constitution) and prevent any court’s activist judge from altering or revoking laws or voters decisions.

Increasingly, public expressions of faith (particularly Christianity), posting of the Ten Commandments, the use of God’s name in our pledge and on our currency have been under virulent attack by courts. There have been many social changes forced upon us, unwanted by the majority, but pushed by the ACLU with the courts’ blessing. I don’t think I have to spell them all out here; if you watch or read the news, you know.

What we’ve had recently has been government, not by the people, but by unallocated, unimpeachable tyrants with a definite agenda. This is our chance to stop judges from destroying and re-engineering the America we know and love, from imposing the will of the elite over the will of the majority.

Please contact Sens. Lott (234-3774) and Cochran (236-1018), and Rep. Roger Wicker (202-224-3121) to encourage their support for these bills.

Patti C. Harris


Spiritual blindness seen

in these last days’ tie

In response to a letter by Aileen Roberts of Guntown printed on April 5. I enjoyed her letter so very much. In these last days, people are spiritually blind. Most people choose to be blind and some have not come into any type of understanding concerning Christ.

Without or without understanding, people know that adultery is wrong as well as abortion, lying, stealing, arrogance, pride and selfishness. The reason why God gave us a choice is so that we would make up our own minds and choose what we wanted to do.

Sin begins in the mind. After you think about it, you act on it. There is a high price for sin. The Bible calls it death.

Romans 12:2 tells us that we must renew our minds to the word of God so that we can know what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

God desires that we have an intimate relationship with Him. We must spend time with Him and learn His ways. He actually wants us to fall in love with Him. It is not our right to serve God, it is a privilege and an honor to serve him. We were created to praise and to worship God. All of the glory and honor belongs to Him and Him alone.

We have been saved by His grace through faith and not of ourselves. It is a gift from God, not of our works, lest any man should boast (Eph. 2:8-9). Salvation was given to us on the cross. So daily bless the name of the Lord. Psalm 103:2 tells us to bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not any of His benefits. So please, go to God and pick up your free benefit package because it is already paid for.

Minister Letitia Harding


Pastor, Life Changing Ministries

Editor’s note: Aileen Roberts’ letter on April 5 had a headline incorrectly identifying her residence as Saltillo. It is Guntown, and we regret the error.

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