TIM WILDMON: Assessing the stories rising from popular culture

Let’s see what is happening on the corner of politics and popular culture. Well, we have the queen of cooking, Paula Deen, apologizing to anyone who will listen for using a racial slur somewhere back there in time. During the course of a court deposition, Deen, 66, said that “of course” she had used the N-word to describe black people – but stressed that it had been long ago. That news became public and what followed was the loss of her television program on the Food Network and some business sponsorships.

Next use of the N-word was a key witness for the Trayvon Martin legal team in the George Zimmerman trial. Rachel Jeantel, who went on the CNN talk show hosted by Piers Morgan, said there is a difference between the “N” word that ends in “er” and the word “nigga.” Many people have wondered why black rappers use the term “nigga” in their songs to describe themselves and other black males. According to Jeantel, it is just a general, non-offensive term to describe males of any kind, even Chinese. For the record, the NAACP condemns the use of both words.

Speaking of the Zimmerman trial, I don’t believe it should have been a national story. It only became so because of the potential seen by some to create controversy and division between blacks and whites. This was an altercation that went bad, not a purposeful killing of a person because he was a certain skin color. Charles Barkley and Bill Cosby were two celebrities who went public saying, while their sympathies went with the Martin family for the loss of their son, there was not enough evidence presented to convict Zimmerman of murder.

Then we have the spectacle of New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner apologizing a second time for sending sexually explicit photos of himself to a woman who wasn’t his wife. Remember he resigned from Congress last year after it was revealed he had been exposing himself to other women on the Internet. But he is not going to bow out of the race in New York, it doesn’t appear. Concerning his second offense he said: “I want to bring my vision to the people of the city of New York. I hope they are willing to still continue to give me a second chance.”

Huh? Someone needs to talk with Anthony about second chances. You only get one second chance. You don’t get a third chance by calling it a second-second chance…

Moving on, we have actress and singer Jennifer Lopez in the news. According to the Washington Post: “Jennifer Lopez is apologizing for singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Turkmenistan’s strongman dictator. The pop diva performed for President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow in his home country Saturday night despite his oppressive record of human rights violations.”

This is really strange. If you were going to get on a plane to travel to a country you never heard of to sing to man who, by the way, has way, way, way exceeded the number of letters any human being should be allowed to have in their name – wouldn’t you want to know just a little about him before you sing Happy Birthday? That must have been one huge pay day for Lopez …

Say, I wonder if Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow has ever been an answer to a word puzzle on Wheel of Fortune? Look how many vowels you would have to buy. Also, makes you wonder what kind of parent –who already has the last name Berdimuhamedow – would intentionally saddle their boy for life with the first name Gurbanguly? No wonder he has a dictator complex …

Community columnist TIM WILDMON is a Lee County resident. He is president of the American Family Association, but the column represents his personal opinion unless otherwise noted. Contact him at twildmon@afa.net.

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    Two points on Wildmon’s Column:

    First off, Tim Wildmon loves to criticize Black People. Michael Jackson was one of his favorite subjects to appear in his right-wing, DJ Sunday Community Column. It was then that Tim showed up in the news along side the infamous Council Of Conservative Citizens , a White Supremacist Group dedicated to hate-mongering Blacks, especially Black Teen Girls and Black Hollywood personalities like Michael Jackson. Black Teen Pregnancy was at the top of his favorite columns. Today, his favorite Black target is America’s first Black President, Obama. The AFA war on Obama is alive and well straight from the “Dark Side” of Tupelo, MS. Daddy Wildmon made a personal appeal to DJ readers through a story printed in the paper a few days before the election asking for journal readers to refrain from voting for Mr. Obama. A violation of separation of church and state. Even so, Wildmon accomplished nothing from his rant. And, for all I know, he went on to vote/support Mitt Romney, the Mormon candidate! LOL!

    Second, Wildmon’s Commentary today on Jennifer Lopez is a case-in-point for “hypocrisy” at its finest:

    Wildmon: “The pop diva [Jennifer Lopez] performed for President Gurbanguly (?) Berdimuhamedow(?) in his home country Saturday night despite his oppressive record of human rights violations.”

    And, furthermore, because of Tim Wildmon’s oppressive record of human rights violations in America, he and his AFA earned the honor of being listed in the SPLC’s hate group file.

    So, now you know the rest of that story!