TIM WILDMON: Ban correctness in pursuit of facts

By Tim Wildmon

While standing in line at a food establishment Wednesday evening someone said if you couple the recent elephant shooting in Tupelo with a local man having been arrested for sending letters containing poison to President Obama and U.S. Senator Roger Wicker – northeast Mississippi’s image has taken a hit recently. I guess you call that dark humor.
Sometimes you hear these news stories and you just wonder how anyone could do the things.
There are two reasons why people commit acts such as these. Either they are screwed up in the head (professionally this is called being “mentally ill”) or they seemingly just don’t have a soul or conscience. God gives man a conscience but it can be seared over time.
Then we had the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing Monday. Three people died and hundreds were injured, many seriously. Although we were advised not to jump to conclusions about who was responsible for this murder and mayhem I went ahead and jumped to conclusions anyway. My guess was it was an act of Islamic jihad. I would guess a majority of Americans thought the same thing, but are waiting for confirmation. Jihad is what this appears to be at this time.
Most Americans do not realize how many of these jihadist attacks have been thwarted by police and the FBI the last several years. Anyone of them would have been as bad, or worse, than what happened in Boston. But they are one day news stories because they individuals or people were apprehended before they were able to carry out their acts of terror.
According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary Jihad is a teaching inside the Islamic religion that it is the duty of Muslims to carry out a “holy war” against the enemies of Allah. To some Muslims, America is enemy of Allah and therefore Americans are the target. Thus when these people commit an act of jihad – even against innocent people like the those attending the Boston Marathon – they think they are doing so in order to please Allah.
Obviously the vast majority of Muslims in the world do not practice acts of jihad or what we call terrorism. But still, it is a part of the religion that does exists and to pretend like it does not exists as many who subscribe to political correctness do, is to deny reality. And the problem is we generally have no way of knowing the peaceful Muslims from the jihadist Muslims because part of the practice of the jihadist is to deceive and blend in with society so that they are not discovered until after they have carried out their acts of terror.
We will see how this all plays out over the next few days and weeks. No one wants to see our government officials being unnecessarily provocative or accusatory with their words,, Especially a president. But at the same time, to pretend something is not a threat when you know it is, as in the case Islamic jihad, because of a commitment to political correctness is unpatriotic, a dereliction of duty and puts lives at risk.
Community columnist TIM WILDMON is a Lee County resident. He is president of the American Family Association, but the column represents his personal opinion unless otherwise noted. Contact him at twildmon@afa.net.

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