TIM WILDMON: History doesn't favor Obama

By Tim Wildmon

If history is any indicator, Mitt Romney will defeat Barack Obama on Nov. 6. The American people will give a president four years to “get the job done” and if that president is not able to do that – whatever excuses they may give for not accomplishing what they promised when they were elected – they vote to give the next guy a shot. See Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. See George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.
The number one issue during every presidential election is how stable the economy is. “Pocketbook issues,” as they say. Second would likely be national security matters. Social issues are on down the list. But Obama’s policies have not been able to improve the economic situation in our country and in many respects things have gotten worse.
Most Americans agree with President Obama that he did inherit a bad situation. The problem is he came in promising to fix things. And generally speaking in this country, if you promise something and you don’t deliver – you get fired.
I believe the hardest part of Obama’s argument that all this is George Bush’s fault is the fact that he, Obama, and the Democrats, had total and complete control of Congress for the first two years of his administration. They did anything and everything they wanted for two years and the economy did not respond positively.
The situation Obama faces is eerily similar to that of Carter. Bad economy, Americans worried about the near future and a crisis in the Islamic world. With Carter it was the Iranian hostage crisis, for Obama it is the deaths of four Americans, including our ambassador in Libya, and the attempt to mislead the public that this was somehow a riotous act in reaction to a video tape and not a premeditated terrorist attack by Islamic jihadists. The White House tried to sell the idea that the attack happening on Sept. 11 was purely coincidental.
Why Obama concocted this video explanation is still a mystery to many. No one that I have seen on the political left is even trying to defend it. The only plausible explanation I’ve seen is that this president just cannot bring himself to admit that we are in a war with Islamic jihadists for fear of offending Muslims. (Ironically, a few days after the president condemned the video seven times at the United Nations, a jihadist attempted to set off a massive bomb in lower Manhattan at a Federal Reserve facility which was only prevented by undercover FBI work.)
Another possible explanation is that the Obama team did not want the news to get out, which is out now anyway, that our consulate was not protected in Libya, despite repeated requests for more security, and that it was his State Department which failed to provide enough armed security and because of this failure now four Americans are dead.
Romney has the wind at his back. The question is will history repeat itself? In nine more days we will know who has won what many believe is one of the most important presidential elections in our country’s history.
Community columnist Tim Wildmon is a Lee County resident. He is president of the American Family Association, but the column represents his personal opinion unless otherwise noted. Contact him at twildmon@afa.net.

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