TIM WILDMON: Solve the problem of fatherlessness, greatly reduce crime

“I think there’s fear of intimidation, harassment being legitimized by the fact that there is a high rate of crime, especially among young black men,” Williams said. “No. 1 cause of death, young black men 15 to 34 – murder. Who’s committing the murder? Not police. Other black men.” – Juan Williams




Juan Williams, an African-American journalist, was commenting on the death of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old killed in an apparent confrontation with a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, recently. The story garnered national attention, leading to riots, looting, protest and the United States Justice Department deploying 40 FBI agents to find out if the officer shot Brown because he was black. The case is before a grand jury.

Specifically, Williams was saying that there are serious problems with young black males committing crime at a ratio well beyond their numbers and that is the reason they are “racially profiled.” We are human and when people see a certain kind of person doing something – anything, good or bad – at a much higher rate than other types of people we naturally develop a mental profile of the kind of person who does such things.

For example, without knowing skin color, when someone tells me they saw an awesome basketball player I immediately think he is black. Why is that? Because most awesome basketball players in America are indeed black. Does that make me a racist? In the same way, when I hear of a convenience store robbery, without knowing the skin color, I immediately think it was a young black male who committed the crime. Why is that? Because night after night I see the faces of young black males on the news arrested for crimes. Does that make me a racist? Which begs another question: does a stereotype only become racist when it is negative? Or can one have a positive stereotype based on race? What about the idea that “white men can’t jump?” Is that racist?

The primary reason for the crime problems among young black males is because so many of them never had a dad at home. Babies born out of wedlock have now become the norm in the black community. Kids need a married mom and dad in the home. That is the biblical model and that is common sense. Solve the problem of fatherlessness and you greatly reduce crime and incarceration while at the same time increasing success educationally and in the workplace.

I’ve heard many, many testimonies of men of all colors who grew up without their dad in the home and how they felt a sense of abandonment, which often led to emotional pain, rebellion and troubled lives. That is not always the case, but there does seem to be a common theme when you hear these stories.

Horace Cooper is co-chairman of the Project 21 National Advisory Board. Project 21 describes itself as the “National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives.” He made some interesting comments recently: “In 1950, 1955 and 1960, when you look at the data points, here’s what you see: Black Americans are far less likely to be convicted and incarcerated as felons than the broader community. Today, that number is exactly the opposite. We also see that in 1950, 1955 and 1960, that the out-of-wedlock birthrate was lower in the black community than it was in the rest of the community. Today, that number is entirely going in the wrong direction. Some two-thirds to 70 percent of all black children are born out of wedlock. You can’t continue down that pathway.”

A reversal of these numbers is possible. But change will have to come from within the black community itself. Hopefully, for future generations of young black males we will see this start to happen soon.

Community columnist Tim Wildmon is a Lee County resident. He is president of the American Family Association, but the column represents his personal opinion unless otherwise noted. Contact him at twildmon@afa.net.

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    I agree with Tim Wildmon. There I said it. I agree specifically with the excerpt, “But change will have to come from within the black community itself. “ I also agree that increasing the number of children growing up with positive parental role models of both sexes is crucial. And finally, I agree with the goal of decreasing teenage pregnancy, unplanned pregnancy in general and the exploitation of sex in general. I believe MS could lead the nation in this direction and I believe people like Tim Wildmon could contribute to this change in MS in an incredibly productive manner. I believe the people of MS should put this challenge to Mr Wildmon. Consider the proposals of the NAACP, consider their call to change the priorities from incarceration to education.

    When one injects education into the statistics inferred in this article, those stats begin to become color neutral. Teen pregnancy and crime rates normalize. Income disparities begin to normalize. Racism, black or white, erodes. I’m not just talking about an ‘adequate’ education but one that far exceeds adequacy.

    I envision a future, not that distant, where when a white minister from MS thinks of an African American the images which come to mind are physician, scientist, veterinarian, community business leader, president, and perhaps most importantly friend and colleague. I envision a future where when people outside of MS think of people from MS their image is truly one of a person who brings together the good in people. I envision a future where no one has to question what is racist and what is not, it is apparent to all.

    To do that, it will most definitely take hard work, higher expectations, and personal growth from within the African American community and it will take a great change within the communities represented by men like Tim Wildmon too. So, I challenge Mr Wildmon to consider what he and his rather influential organization can do to redirect their efforts toward this goal and away from divisiveness.

    • 1941641

      LOL! Is it ok to respond with a 3 letter word?

      • TWBDB

        I hear you loud and clear buddy. I know what I propose is ridiculously far fetched.

        • 1941641

          It’s called a “pipe dream” I believe. At any rate, my most inner thoughts go out to you!

          • TWBDB

            You’re absolutely correct, it is a pipe dream., but nonetheless a sincere suggestion,.

  • 1941641

    There’s one thing for sure and certain this Sunday Aug. 31, 2014: Racism is Alive& Well at the Tupelo Daily Journal in the Tim Wildmon opinion pages where they were written for all to see, by both black & white readers and others! No doubt, the man is obsessed with bigotry and racism. I tend to doubt that Jesus Christ is approving of this racism and accompanying bigotry. Jesus was a lover of mankind, not a hater!

    Wildmon goes clear back to his active days of racism that can be found today in the archives of the (Cof CC) Council Of Conservative Citizen Racist Organization of the South. Typical of the old times, he blames black females for unwed pregnancies and ultimately the deaths and violence found in America’s Black Communities. I noticed right away the comparison to unwed black female pregnancy in Black Communities to violence and other social problems. And I was also reminded that Tim was not raised “fatherless” which he says is the boog a- boo of the of black social problems. His father, a preacher, unintentionally perhaps, raised him to be a certified dyed-in-the-wool, bigot and taught him such evil activity as donating $500, 000 AFA dollars to deny American citizens in California their civil rights, the same rights he enjoys for himself. And all under the questionable cover of benevolent, tax-exempt, Christian activities.

    Wildmon: “The primary reason for the crime problems among young black males is because so many of them never had a dad at home. Babies born out of wedlock have now become the norm in the black community. Kids need a married mom and dad in the home. That is the biblical model and that is common sense. Solve the problem of fatherlessness and you greatly reduce crime and incarceration while at the same time increasing success educationally and in the workplace.”

    More knowledgeable analysts simply say poverty and lack of a proper education are the real boog-a-boos standing in the way of improvement for black American communities. You know, I believe most southerners shed their racism eventually. Wildmon just seems to get worse and worse and stands on the reputation of the Tupelo Daily Journal to support his ugly biases.(plural biases).

    Would the America we witness today really be a more tolerable nation after Jesus returns? You tell me, neighbor!

  • charlie

    Heaven forbid that we would teach meaningful sex education in the public schools. Abstinence is not working very well as Mississippi leads the nation in teenage pregnancies.

    • TWBDB

      Does MS still maintain it’s stance on abstinence-only, gender separated reproductive health education? Is so, that’s in direct conflict to what Wildmon recommends as abstinence-only education has proven to be the worst at promoting reduction in teen pregnancy. I realize the retort is abstinence is the sure-fire preventative if heeded, there’s no doubt of that, but obviously it isn’t being heeded. Both genders should be taught comprehensive reproductive health in the same room, no secrets.


  • 1941641

    Thanks to DJ Editor Joe Rutherford

    for an extremely appropriate article during the Labor Day Holidays which are enjoyed by all Tupeloans, Mississippians, etc. and including Black People, Brown People, White People, etc.,etc..
    Great achievement as a Jr. editor for the last …. well since before Sallis if my memory serves me right.

    Great blend of conservative pundits, too: featuring Fox News’ Black Racist, Juan Williams embedded with Tupelo’s Dark Side White Racist, Tim Wildmon. The result: an article basically about hanging-out Black Men ,Women and their illegal offspring for their negative contributions to our society and blaming them for a “society in need of direction and reform.” BUT, actually created as such by Conservative Politicians and their supporters on the Pseudo-Christian Right. (aka, Tim Wildmon and his Dark Side American Family Association joke on the world. In recent years, Tim has been active against those old sinful GLBT people: donating $ 500,000 to deny them their civil rights in California in a campaign inundated with the worst lies ever told by a Christian Organization in the history of America. And, I can never forget Don Wildmon and his AFA comrades calling Ellen Degeneres “Ellen Degenerate” on the Internet. (In my proposed New Book “Dark Side” I will feature a quote by Ellen directed to all her fans and foes alike across the world.)

    Finally, you know, it’s ludicrous for Christians to claim that God created all men in His Own Image,and then turn right around and say GLBT people are the products of Satan! And Black People are causing all this murder and stealing in America because so many of them were born fatherless. It’s good for a LOL! and in my opinion that’s all!

  • Winston Smith

    I’m one of Tim’s biggest detractors, but I actually agree with his point here. I think anyone of any race who grows up in broken home is going to be more likely to get into trouble as they grow older. And he’s right about the change having to come from within the community itself.

    • 1941641

      Many a fatherless home in America with only a mother, be it black or white, remaining to carry on, has survived and done very well considering the circumstances. How many do you think of these fatherless families who lost a father in the Iraq War are still marching on across America every single day? There are millions of examples waiting out there to be investigated as proof. Tim’s long-held dislike for the presence of Black Men/Women in our society be it, gay football players to bank executives to janitors, is indicative of his mind-set. Is it Arrogance or Ignorance? Decide for yourself!

      • Winston Smith

        I’m not trying to argue that coming from a single parent household is the sole problem, but it is quite a burden for a child to bear and I think it’s a huge part of the issue. Combine that with growing up in poverty, exposure to crime or violence or drugs, and just the feeling of being marginalized by society because you’re a minority and that’s the reason why we have “crime problems among young black males.” And some children find success anyway, even with all the odds against them, but those kids are the exception not the rule.

        • 1941641

          Winston, I appreciate your comments on my posts. It’s the best opportunity I have to continue learning about the world out there. Thanks a million!

    • TWBDB

      Winston, I agree with these points in general. I think it’s fairly obvious that self-destructive behavior stems from a lack of self-worth. So, the question becomes how do we help build a sense of self-worth in the most affected communities? How do we recognize when people seek to devalue the humanity of others?

      • Winston Smith

        Now that’s the golden question, while it’s somewhat easy to identify the problem coming up with an acceptable solution is beyond me. Honestly, I don’t think there is a quick fix that we as Americans would be willing to live with. If you wanted to go the ruthless pragmatist route you could issue some form of mandatory state sponsored birth control Chinese style. Other than that it’s just the slow process of building up these communities, educating people and providing them more opportunities for social and economic advancement.


    The trend is to accept these particular statistics on face value. After re-reading Wildmon’s article, something stood out. He’s careful to compare unwed birth rates in the 50’s to today. Birth rates to unwed mothers aren’t the only things that have changed — for all demographics. For instance, 20% of 18-29 year old were married in 2010 as compared to 59% in 1960. The average marriage age for this group has also risen significantly during this time.

    Now, birth rates to unwed mothers have always trended higher in the African American community compared to other demographics. But what Wildmon doesn’t mention is these rates declined in the black community from 1960 through about 1985 : while they rose sharply in the white community during that time. Along about 1985 – things started to level off – what happened then ?

    I maintain – the significant difference and where this issue can be addressed most efficiently is in the area of education, and not just reproductive health, but education opportunity overall. If we really want to address this matter as a society, we have to address the disparity in the way we view educational opportunities for all peoples. regardless of race.

    I go back to my original challenge to Tim Wildmon and his group. Why don’t you actually try to do some good in this world rather than target hate.