Tuck speculation

adds big pressure

Speculation that Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck is backing a redistricting plan favorable to Republicans because she may be planning to switch to the GOP could hurt her politically.

Tuck denies that her Senate-backed plan is based on politics, claiming it is more fair to the state, but it can’t be denied that the plan would be more favorable to the GOP.

Last week’s special legislative session stalled after the House and Senate couldn’t agree on a new map.

At issue is how to combine parts of the 3rd District, now represented by Republican U.S. Rep. Chip Pickering, and the 4th District, represented by Democratic U.S. Rep. Ronnie Shows. If combined, they could face off next November.

Negotiators stalled over the Senate drawing the line over heavily Republican south Madison County.

If Democrats perceive her as the reason for this stalemate ending in the courts, it could hurt her politically – if she stays in the party.

Right now, the Senate is seen as the obstacle to avoiding a courtroom fight.

Tuck says she has no intention of switching. If so, she could squash the rumors by compromising on the remap.

-The Clarion-Ledger, Jackson

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