YOUR OPINION: A few points about fallacy of the GOP

By Richard Wilkinson/Amory

Time to separate fact from fiction and identify the real culprits for our economic mess with the following few points:
(1) Neither Obama nor Romney can raise or cut taxes. Strange but true, your local congressman can tax you but the president can’t.
(2) Neither presidents nor Congress have any control over gas prices. The prices are set by the traders on the world oil market.
(3) Obama hasn’t waved his magic wand and healed the economy in four years. Did everybody sleep through their history and civics classes? In all of American history the only president who achieved every goal he set for his administration in a single four year term was James Polk back in the 1840s, and Polk literally worked himself to death doing it.
(4) Obamacare will destroy America? Oh, get real. I’m not scared of Obamacare. Like every other law, after it goes into effect, the good parts will be kept and the parts that are bad or don’t work will be tweaked until they do work or are weeded out over time.
(5) An experienced businessman in the White House will solve all our problems. We tried that with Herbert Hoover. When the Depression hit all of Hoover’s expertise was worthless. I’m supposed to forget Romney spent most of his adult life putting Americans in the unemployment line to enrich himself? I don’t think so!
(6) If we give the rich big tax cuts they will, out of the goodness of their noble hearts, create jobs for all us poor, suffering, unwashed peons. This is the GOP’s beloved “Trickle Down” economic theory.
(7) Social Security and Medicare are entitlements? What nonsense, it’s our money, not the government’s.
(8) We always seem to find the money to do ‘nation building’ overseas. Why don’t we do some nation building in our own country for a change?
Enough already, throw out all these do-nothing congressmen.
Obama isn’t the problem, Romney isn’t the problem, Congress is!
Richard Wilkinson

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