Your Opinion July 25, 2012

By NEMS Daily Journal

Houston there is a problem; we’re it
Death at a Batman movie. Killings at a high school. Murder at an elite Army installation. A bar fight. A woman beaten and raped. Children drowned. Wow. I want to watch that TV Show. With the commercials, of course. Buy a Dodge RAM Truck, and be Somebody. Tough, Redneck, a real motorcycle gang member. I love it.
The shows are there, and so are the commercials. They make them based on what people watch. They like this stuff. We like this stuff. They are us. We are them.
God, save me from the outcome of this indifference. It will only go one way. Death. Death to growth, death to freedom, death to belief. Death to thinking. CNN/FOX wins.
Houston, there is a problem. Our support systems are failing, our air is polluted, and there is no one to rescue us.
Fritz Crytzer

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