Your Opinion: Letter to the Editor

Convert Tupelo airport for luxury bus shuttle
I don’t know about you, but I’m not flying to Memphis or Nashville on any small nine seat, single engine Cessna airplane, not even if it is a free trip, which it wouldn’t be.
Let’s run the numbers. Sea Port is offering 18 weekly flights to Memphis and 26 to Nashville. A total of 44 flights a week, times 52 weeks, times 9 seats, means if the planes fly 100 percent full every flight that’s 20,592 passengers. And with a $2.64 million gift from the federal government that is $128 for each person or times nine people, $1,152 for each flight. And, is anyone foolish enough to believe that the little places will fly full for each flight?
I have a much better solution. Turn our airport terminal into a bus terminal and run luxury buses to the Memphis Airport several times a day. Let’s see we get $2.64 million and after spending say $640,000 on a luxury bus that will carry many more than 9 people we will have $2 million left. Hire two full time drivers at a $75,000 annual salary each, and buy 43,800 gallons of diesel fuel at $4 a gallon for another $175,200 and we still have $1,674,800 left over.
That should be ample money to cover any other expenses of this operation, plus maybe a second bus for more and better service. Plus, guess what, we don’t even have to charge for the trips from Tupelo to the Memphis Airport, they would be free.
Where do I sign up to run this business? We should never have built a new terminal at our airport because we are too close to Memphis and don’t have enough passengers to justify longer trips to Atlanta or Dallas or St. Louis, for example.
The Lee County Library should take note of this in their planning. They have heard about and seen a Kindle or and Nook in operation I hope. When the world changes those who don’t change with it are always left behind.
Jim High

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