YOUR OPINION: Letter to the editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Mississippi must keep its promises to retirees
America and Mississippi are both currently facing a financial debt crisis. What should be funded and what should be cut? It’s the constant battle between too much government and not enough.
Sen. Nancy Collins wants to attack the retired people of Mississippi by not allowing cost of living increases in state retirement for three years, and she also advocates a coup on the board of PERS by allowing the governor to appoint three members to the retirement board. This is the biggest fairy tale I have ever heard of and a ridiculous example of how out of touch some politicians are with the everyday Mississippian.
The Great State of Mississippi made a promise to these people that they would have a reliable retirement program when they fulfilled their years of service. Now we are saying, “Hey, appreciate what you did, but I do not care gas is $3.20 a gallon. I really do not care the cost of your living is increasing. Just be happy you have a retirement at all.” It is tough in America for many people, especially people on fixed incomes. These retirements are not gold-laced, but they are what these proud Mississippians paid into a system. They kept their end of the bargain; let Mississippi keep theirs.
Sen. Collins also wants to allow appointees on the board. This is a way of giving an inch and taking 26 miles. Once you give government a taste of power, they crave more. Allow the government a force on the board and the retirement program may see even greater changes.
I am a 21-year-old college student in Mississippi and I am majoring in Political Science at MUW. One thing I am grateful for is my grandparents and all the retired people of Mississippi. These citizens worked their entire lives to build this great state and to create a better place for my generation. I will run for office one day and I guarantee the greatest generation will always be protected. Some politicians apparently feel differently.

Clint Gannon

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