YOUR OPINION: Letter to the editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Ads mischaracterize Miss. Supreme Court candidate ‘Flip’ Phillips
Many of you may not know the candidates for the Mississippi Supreme Court. I know both of the candidates and ask you to consider ‘Flip’ Phillips.
Flip Phillips is very well qualified to be on the Court. I have known him since law school and have been in cases against his law firm. My practice has been primarily civil defense, representing businesses, insurance companies and their insureds. Most of the defense lawyers I know are supporting Flip. He is highly regarded in our profession. Although Flip has represented plaintiffs, he has also represented and defended businesses, local governments and a bank. His finance committee and supporters include prominent defense lawyers, bank presidents, business owners and doctors.
Unfortunately, outside special interest groups have been running negative ads about Flip that are inaccurate and misleading. We do not need justices on the Mississippi Supreme Court who were elected because of inaccurate negative ads and who are dependent on special interest groups. Flip has stated that he will serve one eight-year term and will not seek a second term. He will not be obligated to any special interest. He will follow the law.
According to an article in the Daily Journal on Oct. 22, 2012, Flip’s opponent has never been lead counsel in any case and other attorneys have confirmed his lack of experience. No one would want a surgeon who has not previously performed surgery. It is essential that justices on the Supreme Court have substantial trial experience and significant experience arguing cases before the court, which is not the place for “on the job training.” Flip has argued many cases before the Supreme Court and has been lead counsel in many cases that have gone to trial during his 40 years of practice.
We need fair and competent judges who have the necessary experience to serve on the Supreme Court.
Claude F. Clayton Jr.

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