YOUR OPINION: Letter to the Editor October 8, 2012

By NEMS Daily Journal

NASCAR fans don’t watch for the wrecks
Marty Russell – there he goes again. Having proved he is unfit to own a dog, he ventured into the world of automobile racing. Marty, demonstrating his lack of wisdom or even ability to fact-check, commented that “we” watch car races not to see who is the better driver, not to see who has the better machine, etc. Marty states, as an unsupported fact, “We watch them to see who is going to crash and burn.”
How ignorant can one be? I have attended stock car and open wheel races all over this country. I have yet to witness any fan that was happy that a car had crash and burned. True fans do not like to see crashes and the thing that drivers fear the most – fire. Has Marty ever attended a race and witnessed a serious crash? The crowd gets silent, many of them praying for the driver’s safety. Does he think that anyone in his right mind who witnessed the death of Dale Earnhardt shouted “Yea boy, that was a thrilling wreck!”
No. Most of us were heart sick. Marty needs to stay away from topics about which he knows little or nothing.
Ken Patterson

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