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By NEMS Daily Journal

Will more gun rules make students safer
Since the Sandy Hook Elementary School attack the headlines have been screaming for more gun control laws but the questions need to be asked, will more gun control laws make our children safer? Is there any better way to protect our children?
We need to turn to facts rather than emotion if we want to make schools safer. Connecticut already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation and the shooter violated at least four, if not more, of them. We already know that mental health professionals do not have the ability to accurately predict who will commit one of these crimes before they strike. So where else can we look for answers?
Israeli school children had become a target for Palestinian terrorists and Israeli officials came up with a solution that worked. They trained and armed school personnel. There has not been a successful attack on an Israeli school that I can find since the Ma’alot school massacre in 1974 which brought about this solution.
Even closer to home, Luke Woodham entered Pearl High School, Pearl, MS, October 1, 1997, with a rifle and killed two and wounded seven. He returned to the parking lot while police were enroute with the intention of going to Pearl Junior High to continue his rampage. Assistant Principal Joel Myrick had gone to his vehicle, retrieved a handgun and held Woodham for police. There is no way of knowing how many more deaths were prevented by Myrick having a gun where he could get to it.
When we maintain schools as gun free zones we create defenseless victims for these deranged killers. Have you noticed that the public figures crying loudest for more laws to protect our school children are generally the same group demanding the right to kill unborn babies? How ironic.

Raymond Settle
Blue Mountain

Conservative Republicans want too much their way
Maybe we shoiuld blame those who created the fiscal cliff? Sometimes it seems like our country has turned into a hypocritical sham. We allow just half of our “Fiscal cliff problems” to be blamed on those who created them; many of our citizens use qualifying statements, like, “There is enough blame to go around;” and “Every coin has two sides.”
Through these, and many other analogies and attempts at fair and balance, we allow ourselves, temporarily, to escape the reality of pointing fingers at the truly culpable factions of our government. Moreover, the question that continues to go unanswered is, will we ever solve our problems?
Conservative Republicans have gerrymandered their district into extremely like-minded enclaves while trying to obscure their apparent interest in doing damage to America when the other party’s president is in power. This practice, however, turned the electorate against them during the most recent election and they lost. They jeer and obstruct our leaders and fight against government funding while cheering and praising our heroic military men and women who fight for our freedom; however, these so called leaders balk at paying for military benefits when soldiers return home with broken minds and bodies.
They seem to have distilled their pretentious fight to save America down to a strong active wartime military force, false moral high mindedness and to shilling and protecting those from taxes who have benefitted most from America’s freedom and free enterprise system.
These conservative Republicans created the “borrow and spend spiral” that we are in the middle of; on the other hand, “tax and spend” is the other side of the coin, but they refuse to look at it.
Arvin Mosley

High’s letter nailed the political issue
I read with interest Jim High’s letter in the Daily Journal on Monday, Dec. 10, on page 6. As his friend, the late Catherine Sadler, would say, “He hit the nail on the head.”
Betty Staub

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