YOUR OPINION: Letter to the NEMS Daily Journal

By NEMS Daily Journal

US Supreme Court decided for the people
The United States Supreme Court, in its infinite wisdom, and defying all the experts’ predictions, has upheld the Affordable Care Act, a/k/a Obamacare.
Many of these same experts have declared this a great victory for President Obama, which it is.
But the real winners are ordinary Americans like you and me.
Come November, don’t let the rich and powerful take this away from us.
Alfred Cohen

Use of drones shows Obama’s wise leadership
Bob Keller’s syndicated column in the Aug. 7 Daily Journal is so off base and confusing as to be absurd.
Does he not remember September 11, 2001? Has he been blind to the so called War on Terror
that President Bush waged on two countries, one of which had nothing to do with 9/11? Does he not remember the trillion dollars our country has wasted on these wars, or the enormous loss of life among the civilian populations of Iraq and Afghanistan, plus the loss of almost 5,000 American lives and nearly 35,000 wounded and scarred for life soldiers?
Is the War on Terror over? As I see it President Obama has decided to fight the War on Terror in a new modern way, and with devastating results on al Qaeda’s leadership, I might add. So what is Bob Keller’s problem?
We can invade other countries with troops on the ground with huge costs and death tolls, or use the Drones effectively, or do nothing. What does Bob Keller offer as an alternative? Nothing.
I want Keller to know I’ll support the Drone attacks every day over what we did in the past. This is just one more example of President Obama’s wise leadership in my opinion.

Jim High

Wildmon’s arrogance cited seen in his Aug. 5 column
I would like to comment on Tim Wildmon’s recent commentary concerning our bound for destruction lifestyle. I don’t see it. His commentary told me that God has a favorite land mass and we are his chosen ones. Other nations and peoples might disagree with this. Also, this nation was not founded on freedom from forced religion or people seeking a better life. It was founded by evangelical cowboys looking for a place to ride and spread the word to the native heathens and force them to their religion. Oh, and we will take your land as long as we are here. That would not violate the Ten Commandments.
Then there was a one sentence slam against evolution. Got to get that in there. And to wrap it up, Tim pulls one from Chairman Mao and the little red book. Christians of the world, unite. The height of his arrogance is equal to the width of his ignorance.
M.A. Dorman

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