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By NEMS Daily Journal

Look at the GOP record to see why Obama’s best
David Masters’ letter of July 9 asks if people have had enough of Obama.
No, I have not. I voted for Obama, I’m proud of that vote, I have never regretted it for one moment, and I’m going to vote for him again! How about that? I had to put up with George W. Bush for eight years, so I won’t lose a moment’s sleep if somone else has to put up with Obama for another term.
In foreign policy, terrorists have been on the run ever since Obama took office as one after another of them is knocked off, including mass murderer Osama bin Laden. And, by the way, Obama did not divide America. The country was split apart long before Obama entered politics, and the big shots in both parties who make their money and wield their power by keeping us divided are equally to blame for that state of affairs.
Republicans love to ask, “Where are the jobs?” The answer is simple enough, “Overseas, where your corporate sponsors sent them, of course.”
Creating jobs overseas doesn’t count, sorry. What use to working people here, or people who wish they were working, are overseas jobs done by people working for pennies an hour? How does that pay our bills or put food on our tables, Republicans?
This recession happened because American businesses deliberately stabbed American workers in the back and laughed all the way to the bank while they did it.
Have people had their fill of Obama? Well, I’ve had my fill of the junk the Republicans have been shoveling at us, day after day, year after year, for the last decade!! If they are the only alternative to Obama, then I’ll stick with Obama.
Richard Wilkinson

Standing in unity leads to working for success
Individuals can articulate that education is one of the most important issues of a lifetime. God is the No. 1 decision a person can make in his or her lifetime that can give the maximum impact in their existence.
Education is the mainstay that will facilitate anyone to have the American dream of ownership in their life journey, yet there are numerous that will not observe this American dream because of selections they make and the choices that schools craft, also.
Being black is one strike against you in this great country that we live in, and I know many will articulate that we need to garner ourselves and do better, which I deem is right, but we need the help of the school system to make this a certainty for all. We need each other, both black and white, and brown, to make this a reality for all children of Shannon to stand tall and do well in this great state of Mississippi.
What affects me will eventually affect you because we can assist each other right now to make this county and state great; however, if one thinks that if a black person is detained, that everything is going to be OK, then they are sorrowfully mistaken. We along with the Hispanics will one day be the major group in America along with other men and women of color. The need to labor together right now is the solution to success of this county, state and nation that scores of us adore so much. Do we want this county, state and nation to continue to be great?
At Shannon High the need for working together is most important for us right now. The time for saying this is a black school is in the past. We should not, will not and cannot let our children fail as a group.. Together we stand; divided we fall, and that means all of us. I need you and you need me for this area to be the best that it can be. Are you with me or against me?
Willie Bob Gates

National immigrant work permit helps
I deeply appreciated the editorial in the Daily Journal July 2. The topic was legislation in Mississippi regarding immigration.
For over 20 years as a Catholic priest, I have worked with Hispanics in Alabama and Mississippi. Most have lived in the state between 10 to 20 years. Many have become legal residents. Most of the young adults and children see themselves as Americans and consider the U.S. as their home. The great majority are law-abiding and hard working.
It is true that U.S. has an immigration problem. President Obama announced recently that he is authorizing a legal work permit for the undocumented who entered the U.S. before the age of 16 and are under 30 years old.
According to the Daily Journal of June 26, Department of Homeland Security officials elaborated Monday with a field directive ordering officers to retain their current enforcement priorities which focus on criminal aliens. Practically speaking, this means an illegal immigrant caught up by a routine I.D. check probably won’t be deported unless he has another serious crime. It’s a reason we don’t need an immigration law in Mississippi.
Last year Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves listened to several groups that opposed the anti-immigrant bill of 2011: Business groups, like Vardaman sweet potato growers, numerous religious leaders, law enforcement officials, the association of county commissioners. These same reasons are valid for 2013 leglation.
Rev. Gerald “Pete” Peterson

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