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By NEMS Daily Journal

Stop blaming guns for every tragedy
Now that the horror of Aurora, Colorado has dulled and we have moved into the expected phase of calling for the disarming of America, consider this: Many people are saying that if only an off duty police officer or a person licensed to be armed had been in the theater, many people could have been saved.
I carried firearms for most of my adult life but now that I am no longer a peace officer, I am usually unarmed. If I had been in that theater, and carrying illegally, I would have been a bad person with a bad gun. But what if, after the first victim had fallen, I had used my bad, illegal firearm and stopped the shooter. Eleven or twelve people would still be alive and dozens would not be hurting and bleeding. Would those people believe my gun was bad? Would you? There will always be people with badly wired brains who will maim and kill. It is time to stop blaming guns.
Jack Taylor

Obama causes most of nation’s problems
In response to letters from Alvin Mosley and Richard Wilkinson: It’s obvious they only listen to mainstream media, which never reports any bad news about President Obama.
I am sure Osama bin Laden was found and killed all by the president’s info obtained in his first two years, with no intelligence from President Bush’s administration.
Obama also said when trying to pass health care legislation that if a person was old, and in bad shape, maybe they should just take a pill and save the cost of trying to make them better. Do you want this to happen to you or your loved one?
When all this health care is going to be provided there will be health care rationing.
The only reason gas came down in price is because an election is in November and Obama wants a second term to “fundamentally” transform what he didn’t get done.
President Obama wants us off oil. He wants to push his green agenda, so the gas needs to be unaffordable.
The only reason unemployment has gone down is because they manipulate the numbers and don’t count those who who have exhausted their unemployment and are no longer looking for work.

Judy Dunaway

Please, give relief from grisly accounts
Could the media please give us a break with endless grisly accounts of the Aurora killings? I understand it was a tragedy, and our sympathies lie with the 70 innocent victims. But, we also need to appreciate that 86 Americans are killed by firearms every day, and nearly 4,000 are killed prematurely by chronic diseases linked with consumption of animal products and lack of exercise (
So, let’s replace the vacuous hand-wringing over the Aurora tragedy with constructive personal steps.
Stuart Aliche

Tim Holland hit target on gay marriage issues
The same sex marriage opinion sent in by Tim Holland of Marietta was right on! (July 8). America has become a nation that works very hard to praise the homosexual lifestyle as she spits in God’s face, slandering His word with the power of the liberal masses. Any believer couldn’t read the book of Jeremiah and not ask, “When is God’s judgment going to come down on our country?” We’ve gone from numerous presidents who openly prayed for His guidance to our present one who has proudly stated, “America is not a Christian nation anymore.” He is correct.
The news media treats and praises homosexuality as a persecuted race; it is not a race but a group having sexual desires for the same sex. That does not, in any way, qualify “homosexuality” as a race. Talk about persecution. Christians are/have been persecuted since the day of Pentecost.
God told Solomon in II Chron. 7:14, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
America, wake up!
Janice Carnathan Tindoll

Support for Chick-fil-A urged on Wednesday
Former Arkansas Gov. Gov. Mike Huckabee urges people who support natural marriage to eat at a Chick-fil-A on Aug.1 (Wednesday).
Because Chick-fil-A supports natural marriage, homosexual activists and their supporters in the liberal media want to do Chick-fil-A harm. Here is what Huckabee said about the stand supporting natural marriage Chick-fil-A has taken:
“I have been incensed at the vitriolic assaults on the Chick Fil-A company because the CEO, Dan Cathy, made comments recently in which he affirmed his view that the Biblical view of marriage should be upheld.”
Please join me in showing our appreciation to Chick-fil-A by eating at one of their restaurants on Wednesday.
Don’t carry signs or have speeches. Just go and eat a good meal.
Let us do what Huckabee is urging: “Too often, those on the left make corporate statements to show support for same sex marriage, abortion, or profanity, but if Christians affirm traditional values, we’re considered homophobic, fundamentalists, hate-mongers, and intolerant. This effort is not being launched by the Chick-fil-A company and no one from the company or family is involved in proposing or promoting it.”
Donald E. Wildmon
Founder and Chairman Emeritus
American Family Association

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