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By NEMS Daily Journal

Silver Airways’ lack of service left potential visitor stranded

Tupelo Regional Airport is about to lose all its customers unless something is done about the newly named “Silver Airways.”
My mother turned 90 years old in December and has dementia. Since my family is scattered all around the U.S., brothers and sisters are trying to come visit while Mom still remembers them. My brother Dan tried to fly here this weekend from Albuquerque, N.M.
He left on Friday for an expected 8-hour travel day. Today, Sunday, he is on his way back to Albuquerque from Atlanta, having spent over 50 hours in airports and cheap hotels, but never having set foot in Tupelo.
I don’t understand all the excuses and delays and postponed flights, the rudeness and total lack of concern on the part of Silver Airways and its employees. I only understand that Silver Air could not get him from Atlanta to Tupelo for two days and two nights, and he finally had to take a flight back to Albuquerque. This is amazing.
He will never try to fly to Tupelo again. He will either drive, take a bus, or fly to Memphis. No compensation was offered other than a voucher to be used on the same airline that failed this time.
Tupelo City Council wants the airport to help this area grow. With service like this, that is never going to happen.
Judy Land

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