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By NEMS Daily Journal

Postal service fudges on the facts of move
Again I find the truth hard to find in statements made by folks and printed in your paper. This time it is statements made by the U.S. Postal Service. First, they stated that as of the end of this week all mail will be processed in Memphis. The truth is that all mail has been processed in Memphis as of last week. I suppose that they felt that little falsehood would not matter. It follows along with other little bits of false info that has been released by them. For instance, they are now saying that they will save $400,000-plus by this change. About two years ago or maybe three, the word they gave out was $186,000 would be saved. It could be that they had to increase the amount saved because it was pointed out to them that they could have saved $96,000 in one year that was paid for 20 postal officials elsewhere to have a Christmas party.
They said one would be laid off. Let me tell you about one employee who has been a loyal employee of the postal service – born, raised and has lived his life in this area except for his time in service. After 23 years with the postal service he is being put in the position of having to move his family off to another state and lose his seniority. If a job should be open in this area he would be dropped down several pay grades which would reduce his income severely.
Where have our U.S. representatives and senators been while all this has been going on? Were they not elected to look after our interests? If they needed suggestions, I believe that among people that they are supposed to represent, they could have found many that could have helped them.
Maybe if they would do something now, it might not be too late.
Tom Hewitt

Gun facts are essential in the nationwide debate
There have been several letters and articles recently “to do something about guns.” This includes bashing of the NRA (Rep. Holland, Dec. 28, 2012) and either ignorance about guns or ignoring facts. I suppose in the future I will have to address Holland as “Sir Holland” since he states: “Semi-automatic guns don’t need to be available to common citizens.” A semi-automatic rifle or shotgun is the choice of many hunters. I have been a proud member of the NRA over 50 years and will continue my support in annual dues and additional contributions for the rest of my life.
The focus should be twofold: Enforcement of gun laws already on the books and on individuals whose actions pose a threat to others. The evidence almost without exception has revealed evidence after the fact that could and should have been reported before the fact.
The following facts are from chapter 10 of Larry Elder’s book “Ten Things You Can’t Say in America.”
Less than 1 percent of all guns are ever involved in crimes. Thirty-one states allow concealed weapons; nearly all require a permit and training. In all 31 states, the murder rate declined. Britain removed all registered guns a few years ago and the crime rate is increasing.
Everyone is entitled to have an opinion, but that opinion to be valid must be accurate.
The NRA is not an irresponsible organization. We do focus on the Second Amendment and the enforcement of gun laws already on the books. We abide by the law.
Ken PIckens

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