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By NEMS Daily Journal

Neither side on guns has idea that’ll work
Neither side of the gun debate seems to realize that their pet solutions for mass shootings won’t work. The reason is simple enough. Each group insists on lumping the shooters in with common, garden variety criminals and street thugs, and shooters are very different from average criminals. Shooters could not care less about things, they just want to kill people, and they don’t care where, when or who as long as they kill somebody. No gun control law that exists or is proposed will have any impact on the shooters. The mass shooters at Fort Hood, Tucson, the Aurora theater and the school in Newtown all had clean criminal records and got their guns legally. No law would have stopped them.
As for the gun lobbyists’ idea to put armed guards in all the schools, that would just make the hunt for victims more fun and more of a challenge for the mass shooter.
I have seen many people on both sides suggest more mental health help to intercept misfit kids or disturbed adults before they explode. Agreed, but where is the money to pay for treatment or incarceration of these people supposed to come from? The country is broke, remember? As for the idea of the more guns in homes the better, have you seen any of the mass shooters attack anybody in their homes (aside from the Newtown shooter’s mother)?
Frankly, I don’t see anything from either side that has a prayer of stopping future shooters.
Richard Wilkinson

DNA identity could change abortion issue
After reading all the opinions on abortions, I am having trouble understanding why many are blaming the administration in Washington for so many people having irresponsble sex. There is no way to legislate sex.
Now, if we want more coat-hanger abortions and to build more orphanages for the unwanted children, just do what these people desire.
Now that we have DNA we can locate the people involved and both should be held responsible for all costs. There should be some strict laws on payback.
Allen Thomas

Parents, families in TPSD should attend orientation
There are a lot of good things happening in our schools right now. Beginning this week, the staff at our PreK-6th schools will be hosting orientations to showcase some of these exciting opportunities. I invite you and your family to come and take a look at what our schools have to offer and what we are diligently working on for the next school year.
Our orientations will include some great activities including visiting life labs, playing parachute games in the gym, taking a peek in “a day in the life” of a student, getting your “passport” stamped while visiting classrooms, and meeting our dedicated staff. You can also view short videos on school offerings and take home helpful materials for prospective students. These orientations will be valuable whether your child is getting ready for school for the very first time or preparing for a new grade.
Please visit for details on dates and hours. We look forward to seeing you and your family in our schools soon. And while you’re there, I hope you will pick up a TPSD pride yard sign to take home.
Gearl Loden, Ph.D.
Tupelo Public School District

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