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By NEMS Daily Journal

Consider all the jobs in ‘advertising’ mail
To all of you good people who complain about receiving lots of unsolicited advertisement mail in a time when many people find it difficult to get a job, consider this:
All of the following have jobs: the people who planted the trees, people who logged the trees, people who made the paper, people who designed the ads, printed the ads, took the ads to the postal service and delivered the mail to you. All these steps gave someone a job.
Also, the company sending the mail had to pay many dollars to get it to you. My solution to your problem is to designate a container to hold this mail and give it to your recycling people. The trees it saves and the people mentioned above will thank you.
Jim Crouch

‘Venting’ expressed about teachers and ‘charters’
I have been reading and listening to all the talk of the charter schools and the public schools we have here.
I want to know why it would not, in the long run, make better sense to send these teachers who can not teach reading in the kindergarten, first and second grades to summer school to classes that teach them to teach children.
They have extended the school year from the first part of August into May, so teachers can have classes during the school year. Seems like it is not working or we would not have children failing the lower grades.
I have taken children who were failing in kindergarten and second grade to tutors who teach them to read. Their teachers should be doing this. One of the teachers sent a note telling me to tell the tutor what to teach the child. What nerve, what was she doing!
And don’t tell me they have too many children in classes. My mother taught school for 40 years and went to summer school for her college and taught all of us to read as well as science, geography, history, English, arithmetic, writing and spelling, and had nearly all the eight grades in her classroom together each year.
So let’s go back to school starting after Labor Day and send the teachers to summer school so the kids don’t have to.
It won’t cost any more for that than to get the charter schools and try to find better teachers for them.
I am just venting from all the charter school talk going on.
If charter schools are so darn good, why aren’t all of our public schools charters?
Donna Patterson

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