YOUR OPINION: Letters to the editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Stories fly in with every UAM airliner
The planes out at UAM are not junk !
They are proud aircraft that have taken off and landed as many as 15,000 times and carried up to two decades of passengers and cargo all around this country and all over the world.
Three of the jumbo B-747s came there from the German airline, Lufthansa. I contacted a planespotter in Germany and he asked me to photograph and e-mail him the last day of each of them.
I did that, registration number D-ABVA, on July 11. He has been photographing those planes since they first went into service in 1989. If it does not violate acquisition agreements, UAM would do well to share some of this history with the city by publishing at least the maker and model and the registration number when they arrive .
All kinds of information is available on the internet, using only the registration number as a key. An RIP notification when they are destroyed would be nice as well. The Airport Authority might loosen up a bit as well. Wake up Tupelo.
There is a lot of interesting stuff going on at the airport and all you can think to do is fuss about it.
Tom Logan

Darwinism’s idea can’tmatch Bible’s prediction
Gay genes are infertility genes. If evolutionism were true, natural selection would have “selected against” gay genes in sexual orientations scores of years ago, hence David Barash’s question (page 10A, Aug. 18, 2012) “Why does homosexuality persist?”
Dr. Barash and his fellow Darwinians need to get this: The best test of a theory is not “Does it explain the facts?” but “Does it predict the facts?” Elemental periodicity zoomed from theory to law because it prophesied the existence of elements such as radium long before their actual discovery. By contrast, evolutionism predicts the emergence of more and more living species, not our ongoing extinction of over 100 species each day. Fact is, evolutionist fossil studies confirm the extinction of over 99 percent of all the species that have ever (allegedly) “evolved” into existence.
The Bible, by contrast, prophesies death in the Cosmos … and each day the Bible’s prediction is verifiably confirmed in obituaries and falling stars.
Recently a tsunami busted loose a mass of lumber that drifted from Japan to the U. S. west coast. This driftwood was covered with all sorts of “invasive species” prompting the question, “If the earth has been here billions of years (along with millions of tsunamis and hurricanes), how come every species has not invaded every island and continent?” Coyotes, fire ants, armadillos, nutrias, etc. just “happened” to get here within the last 40-odd years, not millions of years ago. Evolution has no prophetic power so Darwin is a false prophet. No wonder evolutionists such as David Barrash love mysticism more than science.
Bob Craig

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